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Steigen - automated laundry rack

Steigen’s Automated Laundry Rack Will Complete Your Smart Home Because Bamboo Poles Are 2018

Steigen’s automated laundry rack

Steigen - automated laundry rack

I’ve been dreading doing the laundry these days: not so much the act of washing, but the unpredictable downpour on my freshly-laundered clothes. It is monsoon season, after all. Enter Steigen, an automated laundry rack so your clothes will never get drenched in the rain again.

With remote-controlled adjustable height and a heating system that mimics Singapore’s weather, there’s no doubt that Steigen’s new Solar Ultra is a game changer.

Remote control to customise the height

Steigen - customisable height

One of the most tech-savvy aspects of this laundry rack is that you can customise the height – super useful, since you can bring it all the way down to waist-level to comfortably hang your laundry. And once it’s not in use? Simply bring it all the way up – out of sight, out of mind.

Steigen - remote

Use the remote to adjust the height – there are easy-to-use “up” and “down” arrows.

Heating system that mimics Singapore’s weather

Steigen - heating system

It automatically turns off after 3 hours so there’s no need to constantly remind yourself to collect your laundry.

This model uses a heating and fan system that’s so clever, that it directly mimics Singapore’s weather in real life. They’ve been programmed with weather stats all year-round so that the heat is just as effective as the sun rays from outside your window – it doesn’t use ultraviolet light either, which might be harmful for you and your clothes.

Instead, Steigen uses self-regulating ceramic heaters that reach up to 50°C – the same temperature as a professional laundromat. But even with such intense heat, it still uses 9 times less energy than a tumble dryer! Solar Ultra also has a wind speed up to 2 metres per second, which is slightly breezier than the wind outdoors.

Smell ioniser with dust mite repellent

Steigen - smell ioniser

For eczema-ridden folks like me, Steigen’s laundry rack is extremely thoughtful since it comes with a dust mite repellent built into its system. This creates ultrasonic waves that interfere with the reproductive cycles of dust mites, paving the way for dust-free laundry.

It also has an ioniser to keep your laundry smelling fresh and clean – even if your rack’s installed in the kitchen and you’re always using the deep fryer. By neutralising surrounding air particles, this ioniser prevents all musty odours and gets rid of allergens like pollen, bacteria, and dust mites.

Smart indoors laundry rack with Steigen

Steigen - smart indoors laundry rack

This Chinese New Year, upgrade your home with Steigen’s automated laundry rack. It not only has a heating system that dries your clothes in record-breaking time, but it also adds a sleek aesthetic to any home – it’ll look perfect in a new BTO or recently-renovated home.

While the measurements are sure to fit any space, Steigen will make doubly sure by sending their technicians down to see if the installation works for your home. You can book your free onsite assessment here.

Prices range between $700 to $1,000, but it’s sure to be an investment you can use for years. And if not, all parts come with 2 years warranty while the lifting mechanism comes with 5 years warranty.

Steigen - automated laundry rack

Head down to Steigen’s showroom at AZ@Paya Lebar to see their laundry racks in action – they’ve got several models including the Solar, Solar Mini, Flexi, and of course, the newest model Solar Ultra.

Steigen - gold and rose gold

Choose between colours like Gold and Rose Gold.
Image credit: Steigen

For TSL readers, get your own Solar (Gold or Rose Gold) for $888 simply by quoting “TheSmartLocal” – this promotion price includes installation too. To order, you can either call or WhatsApp 8877 005.

*Limited to first 188 units.

You can also buy other models online or through WhatsApp.

Next Generation Automatic Laundry System From Steigen

Steigen Singapore just launched a next-generation laundry system that is fully automated! Equipped with a heating and fan system alongside other futuristic features, find out more here:

Posted by on Thursday, 10 January 2019

Steigen Showroom
Address: 140 Paya Lebar Road, #08-26 AZ@Paya Lebar, Singapore 409015
Opening hours: Mon to Fri: 10AM-6PM, Sat to Sun: 12PM-6PM (Closed on PHs)
Telephone: 8877 0005 (WhatsApp here to order)

Find out more about Steigen’s automated laundry racks here!

This post was brought to you by Steigen.
Photography by Pichan Cruz.