Clarke Quay dinner deals

Clarke Quay is home to undoubtedly the biggest concentration of nightlife establishments in the whole of Singapore, and most people would associate “Happy Hour” with deals on drinks.

Having cemented its well-deserved reputation as a clubbing hotspot, Clarke Quay also has gourmet food aplenty. You won’t have to break the bank to delight both your tummy and your taste buds, though – ‘cause we’ve found 6 restaurants and bars offering food deals as part of Happy Hour.

1. Kushikatsu Tanaka – kushikatsu, appetisers and free-flow DIY takoyaki for $25++/pax

If you’ve ever marvelled at the nimble skills of takoyaki masters, now’s your chance to try your hand at creating your own takoyaki balls.

Kushikatsu Tanaka offers a 2-hour free-flow session where you can have a ball of a time (pun intended) whipping up endless chewy orbs of goodness, complete with octopus bits tucked like treasure within.

While waiting for the special takoyaki griddle to do its thing, you can also munch on a wide array of side dishes like Edamame Peas (U.P. $5) and Karashi Renkon (U.P. $7) – a unique lotus root fritter stuffed with spicy mustard and miso filling.

We especially love the DIY Potato Salad (U.P. $8), which lets you control how chunky or smooth and creamy you want the finished product to be. It also comes with crunchy bacon bits and a delicious onsen egg, elevating the flavour beyond any basic potato salad we’ve had before.

Needless to say, no trip to Kushikatsu Tanaka is complete without sampling their signature fried skewers.

Each diner ordering the free-flow Tako-Pa set (short for Takoyaki Party) gets a 4-piece Kushikatsu platter containing Beef, Pork, Lotus Root and Onion (U.P. $6.60 altogether).

Happy Hour: Monday to Friday after 5PM, Saturday and Sunday all-day
Deal: 2-hour free-flow Tako-Pa set for $25/pax

Each pax gets 1 appetiser (with 9 possible dishes to choose from), 4 Kushikatsu skewers of fixed flavours (Beef, Pork, Lotus Root and Onion) and 1 scoop of ice cream.
1 DIY Potato Salad for every 2 pax.

Reservation required, minimum 2 pax. Children below 12 pay $15/pax, children below 6 dine for free.

Bonus: Top up $35++ per pax for free-flow alcohol

Knock yourself out on an endless supply of refreshing Highballs (U.P. $6.80), premium Suntory Beers (U.P. $9.80), Osaka Cocktails (U.P. $7) and more.

Kushikatsu Tanaka
Address: Block A, 01-01B, 3A River Valley Road, Clarke Quay, Singapore 179020
Opening hours: Mon to Thur 12PM-2.30PM, 5PM-12AM | Fri 12PM-2.15PM, 5PM-2.30PM | Sat 12PM-1AM | Sun 12PM-12AM
Telephone: 6258 3789

2. Holey Moley – 1-for-1 food, drinks and golf sessions

Holey Moley is the perfect hangout spot for those who can’t sit still in a chair. In between rounds of mini-golfing on their quirky and highly picturesque courses, you’ll get to dig into 1-for-1 food and drinks every Tuesday from 8PM onwards.

Nothing hits the spot like a classic cheeseburger, and their Hole In One Burger ($25) – featuring a juicy beef patty topped with pulled beef brisket and melted cheddar – certainly didn’t miss the mark.

Veering away from the traditional is the cheekily named Motherclucker Pizza ($21). The mammoth serving comes with tender slivers of well-marinated peri peri chicken, complete with a drizzle of spiced aioli.

To quench your thirst after putting up a storm, sip on one of their visually spectacular cocktails. The red concoction’s called Fresh As A Birdie ($19), containing Pampero White Rum, elderflower liqueur and fresh watermelon and lime juice.

Those yearning for a more sinful sugar high can opt for the Electric Blue ($21), comprising of blue curacao, Ketel One Citroen, Don Julio Blanco Tequila and Cointreau mixed with a splash of lemonade.

The 1-for-1 deal also includes golf sessions, meaning you and your putt-putt pals can enjoy the full experience at half the price.

Happy Hour: 8PM onwards every Tuesday
Deal: 1-for-1 on all food, drink and golf sessions

Complimentary menu item will be the exact same dish, i.e. order one Motherclucker pizza and get another Motherclucker pizza free.

Complimentary golf session will also be identical as the one paid for. Rates start from $20/person for a 9-hole session.

Bonus: Ladies Night – free pink visor and 9 holes of golf, 1-for-1 food and drinks

Wrangle up the girls and swing by on Wednesdays from 8PM onwards for 9 holes of golf absolutely FREE. You’ll also get to don a cute pink visor complimentary for all female guests, a lovely accessory as you strike a pose on the Insta-worthy golf courses.

This is on top of 1-for-1 food and drink deals!

Read our full guide to Holey Moley here.

Holey Moley
Address: Block B, 01-01, 3B River Valley Road, Clarke Quay, Singapore 179021
Opening hours: Mon to Wed 12PM-1AM | Thur to Fri 12PM-2AM | Sat 10AM-2AM | Sun 10AM-10PM
Telephone: 800 492 2410

3. PONG Singapore – $12 pastas and pizzas (U.P. up to $22)

I’m not particularly fond of experimental cross-cuisine mish-mashes, but PONG Singapore’s offerings are what you’d call fusion done right. As a bar that specialises in the game of beer pong, I was blown away by the taste and ingenuity behind each dish.

All their pizzas are hand-rolled, and the Smoked Duck Breast ($22) is a definite showstopper. Glazed with sweet Hoisin sauce that usually accompanies peking duck rolls, the pizza also contains succulent duck breast slices, melted mozzarella plus cheddar and crispy wanton skin resembling flakes of gold.

While a traditional vongole pasta already makes for a nourishing carbo-load, PONG Singapore’s version takes it up a notch with chopped chilli padi giving the Spicy Vongole ($18) a lethal kick.

Marrying Japanese and Italian flavours is the Wagyu Beef Pasta ($21), tossed in an addictive teriyaki sauce and chock full of mushrooms, sesame seeds, seaweed shreds and bonito flakes. The wagyu slices are uber tender, and the entire dish is just bursting with umami.

Besides getting to savour their range of innovative pastas and pizzas for just $12 each and getting to save up to ten bucks per dish, PONG Singapore also slashes the drink prices every start of the week.

Bid Monday blues farewell with $10 house spirits, house wines and draught beer. You can also get a Pong beer jug for $22 and battle each other to victory – and ultimate bragging rights.

Happy Hour: Tuesdays to Sundays, 7PM to 9PM
Deal: $12 for any pasta or pizza

Happy Hour: Mondays, all-day
Deal: $10 house spirits, $10 house wines, $10 draught beers or $22 Pong beer jugs

PONG Singapore
Address: Block B, #01-17, 3B River Valley Road, Clarke Quay, Singapore 179021
Opening hours: Sun to Thur 7PM-2AM | Fri to Sat 7PM-3AM
Telephone: 8808 7664

4. Deutschlander – daily pairing of beer and main meal for $35++

If you’re on the lookout for authentic German nosh on our sunny little island, look no further than Deutschlander. You can tell it’s nothing short of the real deal based on how many Europeans flock there, a trusted go-to whenever they need a taste of home.

Their daily combos let you pair a 0.5 litre glass of beer with a different main course from Monday to Sunday. $35++ in total for a sumptuous meal and tailored beverage accompaniments, what’s not to love?

Choose from a Munich-style pork schnitzel (U.P. $26) or a Vienna-style veal schnitzel (U.P. $28), both equally delicious crispy slabs of deep-fried goodness.

The Bavarian Sausage Platter (U.P. $26) is right up the alley for anyone who craves variety. Featuring 5 different sausage varieties, it’s served with mustard, sauerkraut, your choice of mashed potatoes or a potato salad, and a nice toothsome pretzel to make the meal complete.

A crackling pork knuckle is to German food what nasi lemak, chicken rice and roti prata are to local cuisine, so make sure to try Deutschlander’s Crispy Pork Knuckle (U.P. $23). The accompanying homemade beer gravy is to die for.

Happy Hour: Daily, 5PM onwards

  • Mon – Munich style schnitzel + 0.5L Munich dunkel bier
  • Tue – Bavarian sausage platter + 0.5L Hefe weissbier
  • Wed – Half crispy pork knuckle + 0.5L Hefe weissbier
  • Thur – Viena style veal schnitzel + 0.5L Munich dunkel bier
  • Fri – Half roasted chicken + 0.5L Munich lager
  • Sat – Nurnburger sausages + 0.5L Hefe weissbier
  • Sun – Any of the above choices

Address: Block B, #01-12, 3B River Valley Road, Clarke Quay, Singapore 179021
Opening hours: Sun to Fri 5PM-3AM | Fri 5PM-4AM
Telephone: 6338 0480

5. Señor Taco – all main dishes $19.90++ (U.P. up to $28++)

I’ve had my fair share of Mexican food both in Singapore and abroad, but Señor Taco still manages to capture my heart with its incredible food, good value and unbeatable service. Setting foot within the cosy establishment is like joining a friend’s house party; the atmosphere is infectiously rowdy and everyone’s jovial.

Their daily Happy Hour food deals are not to be missed: $19.90++ for any main dish that tickles your fancy.

To maximise savings, it only makes sense to zone in on the priciest items on the menu, which include the drool-inducing Sizzling Fajitas (U.P. $28), starring your choice of chicken, beef or veggies.

For pork fiends, the Carnitas (U.P. $28) will send your mind into a whirl. Think melt-in-your-mouth pork collar and belly chunks lovingly braised over 14 hours, served with fresh steaming tortillas and an arsenal of sauce and pico de gallo salsa to construct your own perfect bites.

Wash it all down with selected drinks going for $9.90++, including house spirits, house wine and bottled beers of your choosing. We recommend the Michelada (U.P. $16.90), a Mexican favourite of beer and lime juice spiked with salsa for an unexpected twist.

Happy Hour: Daily, 5.30PM to 7.30PM
Deal: All mains are $19.90++, selected drinks are $9.90++

Bonus: 50% off selected tacos every Tuesday

Scarf down as many tacos as your tummy can fit, ‘cause they’re half-price on Tuesdays. Priced from $7 to $9 each (U.P.), you can take your pick from spit-roasted pork to beer-battered fish, and loads more other fillings.

Señor Taco
Address: Block A, #01-07, 3A River Valley Road, Clarke Quay, Singapore 179020
Opening hours: Sun to Tue 6PM-1.30AM | Wed to Sat 6PM-3.30AM
Telephone: 6337 6376

6. McGettigan’s – daily promos on burgers, tacos and chicken wings from $12++

Any time you’re hankering for some good ol’ bar grub, McGettigan’s is where it’s at. They offer a sumptuous selection of all the timeless favourites, guaranteed to leave you satiated at the end of a long, stressful day.

Serving up comfort food at its finest, the charming Irish pub also has a slew of daily food promos. This means you’ll have something to look forward to throughout the week, giving you ample fuel to take on the daily grind.

On Mondays, you’ll be able to pair a Burger (Wagyu Beef, Portobello Mushroom, Chicken Parmigiana or Smokey Hog) with a pint of any Draft Beer for just $25++. Considering the ala carte burgers are already priced at $22 to $24 each, this is a massive steal.

Tuesday is taco time, and you’ll be able to order exclusive Pulled Pork, Smoked Brisket or Vegetarian Tacos ($12++) that aren’t available on the menu any time else. You can also top up $14++ for a refreshing house pour.

Kick TGIF evenings off with 4 ice cold beers and McGettigan’s Signature Buffalo Wings for $60 nett. Coated in a tangy sauce packing some serious heat, the wings are served with crudités and a tantalising blue cheese dip to quell the flames.

Happy Hour: From 6PM onwards

  • Mon – Burger and a pint for $25++
  • Tue – Taco for $12++ each
  • Fri – 4 bottles of Beer Of The Month with large bowl of Signature Buffalo Chicken Wings for $60 nett

Address: Block A, 01-01C/01D, 3A River Valley Road, Clarke Quay, Singapore 179020
Opening hours: Mon & Tue 12PM – 1AM | Wed to Fri 12PM – 3AM | Sat 10AM – 3AM | Sun 10AM – 1AM
Telephone: 6837 0577

Clarke Quay food promos

Whether you’re having a catch-up sesh over dinner in a conveniently central location or pre-gaming before an unforgettable night out at Clarke Quay’s stellar lineup of bars and clubs, these eateries will have your squad spoilt for choice.

There are dozens of cuisines from all around the globe situated right within Clarke Quay – from classic Japanese and Mexican to new-age fusion and exotic German staples. This means no more squabbling over lack of options, and goodbye to revisiting the same old restaurants over and over again.

The Happy Hour deals also allow you to indulge to your heart’s content without the worry of burning a hole in your pocket.

Find out more about Clarke Quay’s Happy Hour deals here

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