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Many of us fear the pain of hair removal: we’ve all heard horror stories of waxing gone wrong and we’re not comfortable with a stranger getting that close either. But with IPL, a permanent hair removal method that uses light waves to zap away hair follicles, it’s entirely pain-free.

With Japan IPL Express range of IPL treatments, from Brazillian treatments to underarm hair removal, you’ll be silky smooth all over. Unlike other beauty salons, there’s no need to buy a package or book an appointment either – you can just head on down. Good riddance to ingrown hair bumps and stubbly leg hair!

P.S. Read to the end to find out how to score free Brazilian and Boyzilian IPL treatments on 9th June 2019!


Brazilian IPL with Japan IPL Express




Brazilian IPL with Japan IPL express

There’ll first be a consultation session where you can choose specific areas for hair removal. Refer to the map below – it shows how many shots each area needs for thorough and permanent hair removal.

Japan IPL map Image credit: Japan IPL Express

As a guide, you’ll need 6 to 10 shots for your upper lip, and 20 to 30 shots for each underarm. Their Brazilian treatment needs approximately 60 to 150 shots. Use this as a rough gauge since each individual is different – you’ll be assigned a therapist to help assess your hair type and growth rate.




IPL treatment room

For the treatment itself, you’ll be led to a small room where there’s a robe for you to change into. Here’s your chance to ask the therapist all questions you have, anything from the session duration to the pain level. Thankfully, the therapist was friendly and went out of her way to assure me that there’s hardly any pain whatsoever.

Therapist explaining the IPL treatment to a customerNo harmful laser rays will be reaching your eyes – you’ll be given a pair of shades before the treatment starts.

The therapist also gave a thorough explanation on how IPL works – FYI, it involves a device that shoots light and heat in pulsating waves to zap away each individual hair follicle.

IPL machine keeps track of the number of shots given The machine will keep count of the total number of shots given

First off, the therapist will gently trim your nether regions with an electric shaver. There’ll be some soothing cream applied too. Once the treatment starts, you’ll see a flashing light with each zap, but don’t worry: it doesn’t hurt one bit. At most, you’ll feel a short, tingling buzz.




The treatment was over in just 30 minutes – thanks to the comfy bed, time flew by super quickly. You’ll then be briefed on after-care procedures so that the results are more long-lasting.

IPL after care bookletThey’ll even give you a small aftercare pamphlet on what you should avoid doing post treatment – this includes doing heat-inducing exercises like running or swimming.

I was also told to avoid bathing in hot water, and instead, use warm water to avoid overheating regions that was exposed to intense heat waves.


Free IPL treatments on 69 Brazilian Day


Free IPL treatment

For those looking to be smooth all over, head down to Japan IPL Express’ 69 Brazilian Day where you can score 100 free IPL shots. This promo is valid for Brazilian and Boyzilian* treatments at all outlets on 9th June 2019. Find out more details and RSVP to 69 Brazilian Day here

With 10 outlets all around Singapore, Japan IPL Express is located in convenient locations – they’re all near MRT stations, heartland malls, and even central areas like Somerset or Raffles Place. Office workers can pop by easily after work or even during lunch since the treatment takes 45 minutes, tops!

You can also get a further 169 shots for $69 after completing the free treatment. Appointments are made on a first come first serve basis, so be sure to chope your spot fast.

But if you can’t make it to 69 Brazilian Day, there’s still a ton of other promos you can look forward to. First-timers can get 100 shots at just $65, and others can get 50% off with a purchase of 200 shots or more.

*Boyzilian IPL treatment on 9th June is valid at Raffles Place outlet only. 

Find out more about Japan IPL Express’ 69 Brazilian Day

Japan IPL Express (Raffles Place):
Opening hours: Daily, 10.30AM-9PM
Address: 1 Raffles Place, #B1-51, Singapore 048618
Telephone: 6636 0550

View all outlets here.

This post was brought to you by Japan IPL Express
Photography by Adria Tham

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