Your inner child’s dream come true



Take one step into Churn Creamery and you’ll realise they’re not like most cafes and dessert parlours in the scene – the rather tiny space doesn’t rely on industrial-chic brick walls and random fanciful decorations to make ice cream look good on Instagram. With a completely no-frills setting, it’s clear the owners have are letting their ice cream do the talking.


The Ice Cream



Single scoops are $4.80 for Premium flavours and $5.80 for Supreme. Spoilt for choice on which flavour to get? First-timers can give their Gelato Sampler ($16.80) a try. Consisting of four flavours, you’re free to pick whichever you fancy. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, ask the friendly store owners for their recommendations!

Tip: Like any other artisan gelato store in Singapore, if you’re on a budget, you can ask for small samples before deciding which flavours to get.


Our flavours were Rum & Raisin, Valrhona Manjari, Ivoire Coffee and Mint Stracciatella. Made from 64% dark chocolate from France, the Valrhona has a super intense flavour and aftertaste that takes some getting used to – even for a chocolate lover like myself!

The star of the show? A simple but satisfying ice cream cone. Specially coated to have a choco-tip, you can now enjoy the familiar thrill of finishing off a Cornetto cone, munching heartily on crunchy wafer encasing rich and delicious premium chocolate.

It all gets topped off with a marvellous Molten Chocolate Cone, filled with decadent chocolate sauce. You can choose to drink it straight from the cone – a dream come true for me – like a sugar-crazed maniac or drizzle it all over, breaking your cone apart for a nice biscuit-y crunch.


Upon contact with the freezing cold gelato surface, the sauce SOLIDIFIES into a chocolate shell that you can shatter with a hard tap of your spoon. Magic!!

At a top-up of $1, the special cone is available with every ala carte scoop of gelato. We dare you not to succumb to the temptation, especially after catching sight of the intriguing “chocolate tap” that lies behind the ice cream counter.

With a never ending stream of premium chocolate flowing through, be mesmerised as they take your cone and swirl it around gingerly to ensure every last millimetre is coated by deliciousness.



Other Desserts



Their warm Sticky Date Pudding ($8.80) went incredibly well with the gelato, a scoop which was colossal. Super soft and dense, the richness of the pudding does nicely to balance out the flavours. It was also not too sweet, which I appreciated.


We asked for recommendations on which flavours go best with the pudding, and the exotic sounding Baileys Milo sounded perfect. Essentially two of my favourite beverages combined, I could practically feel the malt powder on my tongue. It was like a nice and creamy Milo dinosaur, made infinitely better with a dash of Baileys.


Churn Creamery also offers delicate cakes and pastry treats that are subject to change each month. We gave their Passion Berries ($7.90) creation, supposedly a massive hit among the ladies in particular, a try.


A gelato entremet cake which consists of winter berries compote, soft vanilla sponge and a layer of tangy passionfruit curd, it tasted as sweet and whimsical as it looks. A lot of thought is put into the creation of these petite treats in terms of both taste and presentation and it shows. Definitely one for Instagram – check out that cross section!


The Verdict



More than just an ice cream parlour, their menu also has a handful of classic dessert offerings like waffles, brownies and dainty cakes almost too pretty to dig into. Dishing up such sophisticated desserts that people of all ages will love, Churn Creamery satisfies your craving for both quality and novelty at the same time. The location is also cozy, quaint and very accessible.

The owners are constantly researching and developing quirky new flavours so don’t be shy to make some special requests. You just might find a tub of it in their display case the next time you visit!

Overall rating: 7.5/10


Getting There



Churn creamery is located near Tanjong Pagar MRT, along the “Little Korea” stretch of shophouses.

Churn Creamery
Address: 124 Tanjong Pagar Rd S(088533)
Opening hours: 12 pm to 11 pm daily
Contact: 6221 3987

This post was brought to you by Churn Creamery.