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chucky cat cafe cover

JB Cat Cafe Lets You Play With Maine Coons & Shorthairs Under $7, Just A Short Walk From Custom

Chucky Cat Cafe at Komtar JBCC, Johor Bahru

For cat lovers, being around these adorable felines can feel very therapeutic. We have plenty of cat cafes in Singapore – but if you need some cat therapy while shopping in JB, check out Chucky Cat Cafe at Komtar JBCC.

Whether you’re looking for a new cat cafe to explore or a place to relax and unwind in between your shopping sesh, here’s everything you need to know about this 2-storey cafe.

1-hour passes from S$6.51/adult

Here’s how to prepare for your visit over. You’ll need to purchase a ticket to enter the cafe; and should do so minimally an hour before your visit. An email notification will be sent to your email address after you’ve successfully purchased your tickets. While walk-ins are accepted, you won’t be able to enter if the cafe is full.

1-hour passes start from RM22.90/adult (~S$6.51) and RM19.90/child (~S$5.65), for those below 12 years old. There’d be an additional RM5 (~S$1.42) charge for every 10-minute block afterwards.

chucky cat cafe girl hugging cat
Image credit: @tanann1102 via Instagram 

If you’d like to bring your little ones to play with the furry little ones, there are multiple family packages for you to choose from and they’re pretty customisable with the minimum being 1 adult and 1 child for RM38 (~S$10.80) and the maximum being 2 adults and 2 children for RM76 (~S$21.60) – both of which are for 1-hour passes.

If you think 1 hour won’t be sufficient, consider getting day passes that come with a complimentary drink at RM65/adults (~S$18.47) and RM55/children (~S$15.63).

Do note that although the cafe runs from 10am-10pm, the last entry is at 8.30pm. There isn’t a minimum spending in the cafe, but you aren’t allowed to bring in outside food and drinks.

Chill cafe with around 20 cats

chucky cat cafe interior
Image credit: Chucky Cat Cafe (Komtar JBCC) via Google Maps

The space is a pretty work-friendly environment, with the number of tables and chairs provided. So whether you want to grab a book to chill and laze around or have some work that you need to get done, you’d be happy to know that there’d be some felines who’d be keeping you company through that.

Expect to see around 20 cats of varying breeds, from British Shorthairs to Maine Coons and mixed breeds.

chucky cat cafe girl playing with cat
Image credit: @ohmissrachel via Instagram

Chucky Cat Cafe also provides toys such as laser pointers and feather wands, which you can use in your play sessions with the cats. If you’d like to curry favour from the cutie patooties, there are cat snacks – both wet and dry ones – available from RM5 (~S$1.42).

chucky cat cafe cats
Image adapted from: Bernice & Gianna Lai via Google Maps

Before you start touching those nekos, ensure that your hands are washed thoroughly first. Hygiene is of utmost importance here, so be prepared to wear shoe covers.

If you’re a little nervous about interacting with the cats, fret not, as a majority of them are friendly and polite. Those with a slightly different demeanour have a marked collar to alert patrons to be more careful and gentle with them.

chucky cat cafe cutie patootie
As my colleague said, “this is called a cutie patootie”.
Image credit: @shiyun_86

Feel free to take as many photos as you’d like, but do remember to switch off your flash so you don’t startle the kitties.

Drinks and desserts from S$1.96

chucky cat cafe food
Image adapted from: Joaan Chan & Calvin Chua via Google Maps

What’s a cat cafe without the food? After some snuggles with your furry pals, head down to the first level to enjoy a wide selection of drinks or desserts.

Choose from classics such as Americano (RM6.90, ~S$1.96) and Vanilla Latte (RM9.90, ~S$2.81) to unique drinks like Pear White Peach Fruit Tea (RM10.90, ~S$3.10), and Pink Grapefruit V Mango (RM12.90, ~S$3.67).

chucky cat cafe drink and food
Image credit: Shan Hu Yu via Google Maps

Kids aren’t forgotten either. There’s strawberry and chocolate milk (from RM9.90, ~S$2,81) as well as their Oreo Blended drink (RM14.90, ~S$4.23). For desserts, we recommend their croffles that start from RM10.90 (~S$3.10).

Also, a piece of good news – every drink purchase comes with an additional 10 minutes to spend with the meowmis.

How to get to Chucky Cat Cafe at Komtar JBCC?

Chucky Cat Cafe is located on the third floor of KOMTAR JBCC in Johor Bahru. Read our guide on travelling to JB for more details.

Upon arriving at the Johor Bahru checkpoint, cross the bridge that is connected from the checkpoint to JBCC. It should only take you about 7 minutes.

Once you’ve arrived at JBCC, keep a lookout for Daiso, an easy and recognisable store. Right next to Daiso is Chucky Cat Cafe, with its huge glass windows allowing you to take a peek at the cats before you even step in.

Have a meow-tastic time at Chucky Cat Cafe

If you happen to be travelling to JB over a weekend, you’d have to swing by Chucky Cat Cafe – even if it’s just for an hour. Pair it up with your shopping spree or grocery run at the various supermarkets in JB. Who knows, you might end up spending an entire day there.

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Lot No. 302, 3rd Floor, Komtar JBCC, City Centre, 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
Opening Hours:
Friday 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM Show More Timings
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Cover image adapted from: @tanann1102 via Instagram, Chucky Cat Cafe (Komtar JBCC) via Google Maps, Bernice via Google Maps