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Capella Singapore Feature Review

Capella Singapore

An inside look into one of Singapore’s most prestigious hotels.

6377 8888
1 The Knolls Sentosa Island Singapore 098297 

Parked at the entrance of the hotel are buggys and lavish cars.

In this feature review we introduce Capella Singapore, a luxurious hotel located in Sentosa. It is ranked amongst some of the finest hotels in the world and was the only Singaporean hotel to be ranked in the top 5 Top Resorts in Asia. Recently, we had the privilege to be given a first hand tour of the resort. It will also be featured in our “Mad for Singapore” Korean travel guide book coming out in early 2013!

The Hotel

The architecture is an interesting mix of contemporary world and Singapore’s colonial past. The carefully restored colonial buildings that serve as the lobbies, restaurant and common areas were once used by British officers for functions in the 1880s. Alongside that is a modern hotel wing that serves as the main residency area that overlooks the Sentosa sea and city. Located further away from the main wing are private resort style villas and manors which are best accessed by buggies. Located over a sprawling 30 acres the hotel covers the same of about 30 football fields!

There are 3 swimming pools and if thats not enough its located near Palawan Beach, the quietest beach on Sentosa so you don’t have to be worried about being disturbed by teenage beach goers or loud countdown parties. Privacy and exclusivity is a recurring theme and Capella’s location provides a comfortable retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The lounge area that connects the bar and restaurants overlooking the pools and sea. b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_4125.JPG
The view from the hotel room lobby


Palawan Bach is a stones throw away 

The Rooms

Of the 112 rooms, 72 are premier rooms in the hotel wing while the rest are garden villas. As soon as you enter the primer rooms, the blinds automatically draw themselves to reveal a lovely view of the Sentosa Sea. The photos do not do this surreal moment justice! 

b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_4128.JPG b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_4133.JPG
The bathtub overlooking the sea. Blinds can be drawn for shy ones!b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_4144.JPGb2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_4142.JPGThe Garden Villas

The Service and Staff

Capella have a unique service concept called “Personal Assistants”. After you place your reservation, even before arriving a PA will be in touch with you to find out about your needs. The PA will be in constant communication with you throughout your stay, round the clock and often going the extra mile! We’ve heard stories on how a middle eastern guest requested an Arabic channel not shown anywhere in Singapore. The personal assistant managed to locate an Internet stream and connected a laptop to his room, allowing him to watch it. And should you return in the future, all your needs are tagged in their system already to better customize your experience.

While having a chat with one of the PAs, he happily recalled the time he spent assisting certain Korean celebrities. In fact, many famous faces have stayed here during their time in Singapore but their names cannot be revealed for privacy reasons!

Throughout the hotel, staff of all nationalities have been strategically placed across the different departments. It does not matter if you have language difficulties, as in every major department there will be a local native speaker of your language there to assist you. We talked at length to two native staff during our visit.

During our visit our host Gabrielle give us a remarkably insightful tour of the place. If that any indication of the level of service to expect from the staff then she’s set a very high standard.

Other hotel features 

  • Their renowned Auriga spa has won the Forbes Five Star Award, the first in Singapore to win the award and the only spa to win it twice.
  • Library – Complete with complimentary refreshments
  • Cassia – A Cantonese fine dining restaurant
  • The Knolls –  A Mediterranean themed restaurant
  • Bob’s Bar – Complete with comfortable daybeds and sofas 

The library
Cassia Restaurantb2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_4115.JPGA
Private spa room, each with its own attached garden.
The pools come equipped with a jacuzzi massage bed. b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_4113.JPG
Shaved ice falls from above waiting to be scooped up.

Also, an entire  section of the hotel called “The Club” is dedicated to long term guests. This actually takes up a significant part of the hotel and there are over 62 garden villas and 10 penthouses. It has its own special gym and pool which only long term “The Club” guests have access too.b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_4145.JPG
The entrance to “The Club”b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_4150.JPG
The club poolb2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_4147.JPG
A recreation room in The Club area. 

Other cool perks 

  • Complimentary room mini-bar
  • Nesporesso machine in all rooms
  • Pet friendly (Up to 11kg)
  • Shuttle buses to Vivocity and the CBD every half hour 

The Capella is the name for the brightest star in the Auriga constellation. It happens to be a very fitting title for a hotel bathed in such luxurious opulence. Their customised service provided is innovative and among the best we have ever experienced in a hotel. Its easy to see why Capella Singapore is regarded by industry experts as one of if not the best hotel in Singapore.

b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_4170.JPGOn the way out we ran into a Peacock, native to Sentosa!

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