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Cafe Mexicana Review

Our weekend was spent doing housework and some of the work we took home. Overcome by lethargy, Chloe and I decide to order our dinner in. Thanks to Faye’s really awesome list of home delivery services in Singapore, our delivery would no longer be them same old fast food or pizza! Although we were often disappointed by the Mexican food we tried in Singapore, the pictures on their website seemed enticing enough and so we decided to try this restaurant called Cafe Mexicana.

The food was priced at restaurant prices in the $15-$20 range for a main course. We were informed the delivery would take an hour and the delivery charge based on our location was going to be $5. When the food came early, we were pleasantly surprised, not just at the timely delivery but how our food was

  1. Fitted compactly in custom made delivery plates that fit the food exactly
  2. In between the lid was an extra layer of glad wrap to ensure the food stayed in the right place and fresh.

We were quite impressed by this because our Pizza / fast food normally ends up with crumbles and all over the place by the time it reaches us. We ordered a starter and two main courses. And extra Mexican rice cause why the hell not its only $2.00!

The “Trio of Dips” nachos starter ($7.8) came with three dips, salsa, guacamole and sour cream. You could instantly tell the moment it hit your taste buds that they were home made sauces that were freshly prepared probably just hours before delivery. Carl’s Jr’s Salsa dip has nothing on this. The guacamole and salsa dips were rich tasting and flavourful but I felt the sour cream to be quite bland. I’m not sure if the Salsa Dip ($6.8) comes with a bigger portion of Salsa, if it does we would probably order that instead next time as that was the best dip. The nacho portion was enormous, its probably the size of a big bag of lays potato chips. Considering movie theatres  sell this for about the same price with 1/8th the chips and 1/3 the sauces, I found this starter a good bargain.

Beef & Cheese Enchiladas ($15.8) was my favourite meal of the lot. It was also my meal, yay! What you’re seeing here is cheese covering the top, and inside that layer of sin was extremely tasty beef & onions drenched in a special Mexican sauce. My meal also came with Salsa, Bean paste and Mexican rice. Damnit, I should have read the menu properly and not have ordered that extra Mexican rice! The rice was kinda average but the bean base was phenomenal. I have never eaten such good bean paste or enchiladas, not even when I was on holiday in Australia or the United States.

Chicken Burito (15.8) was not bad. Well it comes with the winning bean paste and salsa dip so it was already off to a great start. As it turns out I wasn’t a big fan of the burito, I guess it was okay but it became heavenly when eaten in combination with the paste, grinded tomato paste and salsa.


Prices was slightly expensive compared to most delivery at $50.40 for two people but that is understandable as they serve high quality restaurant  food and the large delicious portions actually made it a very good deal. Two girls could probably share a main and spend around $10 each, Chloe could barely finish 1/3 of her meal.

I’m so glad we decided to order from Cafe Mexicana, they turned out to be the best Mexican food we have eaten in Singapore and it was home delivery no less! Will definitely be ordering from there again sometime soon.

5/5 Stars!