Building your dream home


Your next home could look like the BTO above at Punggol’s Sumang Link!

Some believe owning a beautiful home in Singapore is impossible. And that Singapore is simply too small and expensive for that to happen. We’re here to prove these people wrong. And so we’ve put together a list of 6 inspirational homes, most of which are under $300k. 

Your dream home is within reach.  All you need to do is plan wisely. Some tips – aim for homes in non-mature estates, where prices are lower and you can get up to $40k more in grants than in mature estates (for the price of a 3-room flat in Macpherson, you can get a 5-room flat in Sengkang!). Better yet, you would also be able to minimize your cash outlay (you can fully finance your flat purchase – both downpayment and instalments – using your CPF Ordinary Account), and channel some of that extra cash savings to  renovate your new home. HDB offers flats in many locations and in different sizes, so go ahead and pick one that suits your budget and needs.

Here are some of the most beautiful BTO homes we could find. Don’t be fooled by their luxurious appearances, though. Despite looking like a million dollar home from MTV crib, the prices of these apartments start from just $200 to $300k, before housing grants (up to $80k for first-time buyers!). 


1. Nautical charm @ Waterway Brooks (Punggol)



Price before grants: from $205,000 for 3-Room Flat 
Estimated price of renovation: $28,000 onwards

How fitting to adopt a nautical theme for this apartment at Punggol’s Waterway Brooks. Conveniently located directly across Damai LRT station, the crisp white-and-turquoise flats overlook luscious greenery and a pristine stream. 

Not everyone can live next to the sea in Singapore but hey, with this marine-themed apartment and the sight of the clear waters of Punggol Waterway outside your window, it sure is easy to pretend. Ahoy, matey!



2. Become one with nature @ Tampines Greenridges (Tampines)



Price before grants: from $202,000 onwards for 3-room flat 

Completely surrounded by gorgeous foliage and a selection of native flora, you won’t run out of things to do. There are a series of cycling paths, playgrounds and sports areas all around the estate. Grab a buddy and go for a nature walk, curl up with a good book under the shade of all those trees, or even join your grandparents for an invigorating round of tai chi.

Take in the abundance of fresh air and sunshine, all without stepping out of the charming Greenridges vicinity.


3. Woody forest chic @ Capeview (Hougang)



Price before grants: $261,000 onwards for 4-room flat 
Estimated price of renovation: $36,000 onwards

Situated in Hougang, Capeview is another flat which overlooks a picturesque creek and plenty of greenery. This particular apartment puts an interesting spin on the nature theme though, with various wooden accents, a simple divider with tree bark-shaped cutouts and even a grassy centerpiece in the dining area to match.

The raised dining table gives the illusion that it’s floating, which adds dimension to this small but nevertheless warm and stylish space.


4. Modern eco haven @ Eastlink I & II (Sembawang)



Price before grants: from $238,000 for 4-Room Flat 

Clinching an apartment in this 11-blocked twin development built along Sembawang’s Canberra Link, would open up the gateway to an incredibly convenient integrated lifestyle. The two estates are linked by a bridge which connects residents to an array of facilities like rooftop gardens, outdoor recreation sites and the lovely Neighbour Centre where you can unwind and connect with the relaxed community. 

Get ready to shop till you drop and enjoy plenty of good food from hipster cafes to renowned restaurants in this vibrant district where you won’t ever run out of things to do, see and eat. 


5. Rustic industrial functionality @ Fernvale Lea (Sengkang)



Price before grants: from $283,000 onwards for 5-Room Flat 
Estimated price of renovation: $45,000 onwards

This stylish and comfortable renovated unit should be the design inspiration for every modern couple. There are simple wall murals, classy wooden finishes and pops of light here and there in the form of spotlights and an illuminated platform for the bedding area. 

The best part? The mounted television display can be swivelled 360 degrees, meaning you can enjoy your favourite movies and shows in a classy lounge setting or curled up in bed as you drift off to sleep.


6. Regal grandeur @ Macpherson Residency (Geylang)



Price before grants: from $285,000 for 3-Room Flat 
Estimated price of renovation: $35,000 onwards

Nope, this isn’t a picture set in a fairytale castle. It is but a humble BTO flat in the estate of Geylang, designed and furnished so magnificently you’ll get to live like royalty every day of your life. The room features a medley of design themes from marbled industrial textures to clean wooden finishes. 

Nothing adds a sense of splendour like a chandelier, some of which can be purchased locally at affordable prices, so there’s a design hack for you if you’re looking to achieve the royal aesthetic on a budget. 


Heaven on earth Without Sky High Prices


Everyone dreams of finding the perfect space to call their own, a beautiful yet comfy haven to come home to. HDB’s BTO flats, which are priced within reach, offer you the opportunity to create your dream home. With flat types ranging from 2-room Flexi to Three-Generation (3Gen) flats for multi-generation families, you’ll be sure to find something that suits you. 

All homes featured in this list are under $300k. In addition, there are also housing grants available (up to $80k) that can save you even more cash. Click here to find out more!

Once you secure the flat of your choice, it’ll just be a matter of time before your dream home becomes a reality. And without leaving a huge dent in your wallet, too!

This post was brought to you by the Ministry of National Development Singapore.