Chinese New Year gift sets


brand's chinese new year gift tin set essence of chicken

Chinese New Year’s creeping round the corner again. This means stocking up Mandarin oranges, CNY snacks, and memorising tons of chengyus (Chinese idioms) to wish your elders a healthy year ahead and get those ang paos rollin’ in.  

If you’re really looking to up your gifting game this year, BRAND’S Limited Edition CNY gift sets might do just the trick – even if “tying the knot” isn’t on your list of New Year resolutions. 


BRAND’S Essence of Chicken


brand's essence of chicken healthy food nutritious breakfast

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Contrary to popular belief, BRAND’S Essence of Chicken isn’t just some magic potion for top-scoring students, but a great gift for friends and family as well. 

BRAND’S set of six 68ml Essence of Chicken bottles would make a thoughtful present for listless friends and relatives who are often overwhelmed with work and life. Everyone needs a break, including those top-notch executives in your circle of friends and busy mums who have to manage hectic schedules. 

cny gift set brand's chicken essence

Those with kids in school would be delighted to receive this gift as well, as it’s full of nutrition for growing children. While the taste might be off-putting for some, you can take it with a dash of pepper to make it more savoury and palatable. 

At $19.95 for each tin set, snag these goodies for dear relatives and friends to usher in CNY with this well-loved recipe. 


BRAND’S Royal Superior Bird’s’ Nest 


BRAND'S royal superior bird's nest cny gift

Whether it’s meeting potential in-laws or annual CNY family reunions, Bird’s Nest is that one-size-fits-all gift that’s bound to impress. BRAND’S Royal Superior Bird’s Nest with Rock Sugar is sold in a set of six 68ml bottles and comes with luxurious gold and red packaging. 

Known for its immunity-boosting and beauty enhancing properties, Bird’s Nest would make the perfect gift to wish others a healthy and wholesome year ahead. At $66.90 per set, turn up at bai nian sessions not only in your bright new outfit, but with this auspicious-looking gift set as well. 


Good deals this CNY


Sometimes it’s just easier to bulk order gifts since that saves you one, the hassle and two, the dollars. BRAND’S special bundle lets you get 2 sets of Chicken Essence and 2 sets of Royal Superior Bird’s Nest at only $148 — that saves you a total of $25.70!  

PS: TSL readers you’re in for a treat. Using the coupon code TSLCNY28, you can get a $28 coupon with a minimum purchase of $120, so don’t say we bojio!  


Spread the love with BRAND’S gift sets this CNY


With these limited edition gift sets, you can now give more than just mandarin oranges during your CNY visitings. A brand close to the heart, BRAND’S will convey the sentiment of health and well-being on your behalf and get your friends and family feelin’ the love. 

Get BRAND’S limited edition CNY gift sets here! 

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