Entry-level IT jobs that pay well


There’s always that one annoying relative who won’t stop asking about where you work and how much you earn. While this triggers a surge of motivation to get a good job after graduating, your reality is actually nua-ing in front of your computer, overwhelmed by all the choices. But, it doesn’t have to be that way.

With the high demand for IT professionals nowadays, there’s so much more to a successful career than being a lawyer or a doctor. Here are 8 IT jobs with average fresh grad salaries above $3,500, so all those years training to hack into Club Penguin accounts won’t go to waste: 


1. Data Analyst @ Paktor ($4,000/month)


online matchmaker at paktor jobs

If you have a knack for playing cupid and setting your friends up on dates, this is the job for you. As a Data Analyst at Paktor, a Singaporean dating site, your job is basically being an online wingman. 

paktor dating app match

Image credit: Global Dating Insights 

By sieving through hoards of user information, your task is to help users get better Paktor matches and connect them to their ideal types. Pitching suggestions such as new features to make the app more user-friendly is an important aspect of your job as well. Ensuring that the app layout is easy to navigate and foolproof for everyone – I’d swipe right on this idea. 


2. Software Engineer @ Razer (up to $4,000/month)


razer gaming products

Image credit: @itstaylorrenee1 

Those of you who know your WoW from your LoL, this is for you. As a Software Engineer at Razer, your job involves designing and testing Razer software that’s meant to enhance gaming experience, aka putting yourself in a gamer’s shoes. With first-hand experience, you’ll be able to make the software more user-friendly for other gamers like yourself.  

And don’t worry about the technical aspects too much – most IT diplomas would have already taught these relevant skills, from operating various cloud platforms to HTML coding. 


3. Data Analyst @ Grab ($5,000/month) 


grab app problems grabshare not enough drivers

Every Grab user’s ultimate fear – inconvenient GrabShare destinations and *gasp*, no drivers. 
Image adapted from: Dayre

You click on the GrabShare option. You’re going to Jurong. The driver’s picking up a passenger at Tampines. Help.  

As much as we love this little green app that tells us “Yay, driver here liao!” in Singlish, arriving late due to inconvenient GrabShare pairings can be frustrating. It’s your turn to make some changes as a Data Analyst at Grab.  

Part of your job scope entails QC-ing drivers by collecting user feedback on them through ratings, making sure that the drivers are reliable and trustworthy. On top of that, Grab users will thank you for their quick GrabShare pick-ups and abundance of promo codes.  


4. Data Scientist @ Singapore Airlines ($5,000/month) 


singapore airlines jobs

Image credit: Singapore Airlines 

As a Data Scientist at Singapore Airlines, you’ll see the behind-the-scenes workings of this World Class airline. Get ready for some intense concentration when you have to manage the online booking system, especially during peak periods. It’s up to you whether people manage to chope those early bird tickets, or whether the webpage hangs.  

You’ll also be involved in making the system more user-friendly and zai than it already is, for employees and customers alike. And yes, if you’re lucky, you might just have a say in what goes on in the in-flight entertainment system. 


5. Research Analyst @ MINDEF ($5,000/month) 


mindef jobs research analyst

Image credit: MINDEF 

If gawking at big army tanks and cutting-edge gadgets during NDP parades excites you, a job as a Research Analyst at MINDEF might just pique your interest. Being well-versed in firearm stats from submachine guns to sniper rifles will bring you far in this industry, as your job involves lots of researching to upgrade the SAF’s weaponry bank.  

You’ll have to be updated with the latest defence technologies – think drones, mission vessels, and self-driving vehicles. Time to put those IT skills to good use as you move on from just going “piu piu” at the computer screen.


6. Cyber Security Analyst @ BGC Group ($3,800/month)


cyber security analyst job

Image credit: Mail & Guardian 

HR companies are thriving nowadays. With loads of user information coming in every minute, organisations need to ensure that none of this data falls through the cracks and gets leaked to creepy hackers out there. That’s the job of a Cyber Security Analyst at BGC Group.   

Think of it as being the online police. Your job scope involves monitoring emails for threats like phishing and investigating security violations. If you’re up for performing some kickass computer forensics and protecting our delicate interwebs, this is the place to be. After all, not all heroes wear capes, right?  


7. Ecommerce (Shopify) Tech Manager @ Secretlab SG (up to $4,500/month)


secretab singapore jobs tech manager

Image credit: @secretlab

Gamers, if your second home is that ergonomic chair in front of your top-notch laptop, you’ll be glad to know that you can sit on premium Secretlab gaming chairs while being their Ecommerce (Shopify) Tech Manager.  

You’ll be in charge of all tech-related issues including handling e-commerce stores on Shopify as well as implementing new features in web stores. A fancy work chair, flexible working hours, and lunch provided everyday, what more could you ask for?  


8. Robotics Programming Engineer @ Tridentec Group (up to $4,500/month) 


VR testing robotics programming engineer job

Image credit: Infinigeek  

Newsflash: modern-day robotics are no longer limited to automated vacuum cleaners. With AR functions rampant on Snapchat and VR games trending everywhere, a job as a Robotics Programming Engineer at Tridentec Group will likely get you some oohs and ahhs from your friends.  

You’ll be working closely with engineers in the company to implement new technology in robotic automation such as 3D Vision and Virtual Reality. What’s more, your job involves testing out these products and debugging them if need be. In other words: free VR trials. Yes, please. 


Keep up with an IT degree at MDIS


All this conversation of Singapore becoming a Smart Nation isn’t just empty talk. And the ever-increasing demand for IT professionals means that fresh grads with IT qualifications have a competitive edge over the rest.  

MDIS IT degrees campus

Image credit: MDIS  

So, if you’re a budding undergraduate having a quarter-life crisis, it might pay to buff up your IT skills at Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS). One of the top private education institutions in Singapore, the accreditation from this university could easily propel you into the growing world of IT.

MDIS IT degree

Image credit: MDIS 

MDIS offers flexible part-time, coursework-based diplomas from 12 to 36 months. For students looking to join tech companies which require prior work experience, this means you’ll be able to get some exposure to the IT industry and build up your portfolio even while studying!  

Here’s a quick look at the available IT courses provided by MDIS: 

Diploma specialisations (awarded by MDIS):
– International Diploma in Information Technology
– International Foundation Diploma in Information Technology 

Degrees (awarded by Teesside University, UK):
– Bachelor of Science (Hons) Information Technology

MDIS IT degree students

Image credit: MDIS 

All these courses and jobs mean that you can bid your days of worrying about post-grad life goodbye. Sign up for the MDIS School of Technology preview session now!                                                                         

Find out more about the MDIS curriculum here 

Address: 501 Stirling Road, Singapore 148951 (MDIS campus) / 20 Orchard Road Singapore 238830 (Dhoby Ghaut campus)
Contact: 6247 9111 (MDIS campus) / 6372 1000 (Dhoby Ghaut campus)

This post was brought to you by MDIS Singapore.