Forgive me for the utterly cheesy line. I did just watch Skyfall afterall. And yes, I was proud that I just rhymed. 


Born to queue. A fitting tagline for Singaporeans, don’t you think? Other than the reason of, we are completely overcrowded on our tiny little island, I feel like it’s our way of showing appreciation. 

When I say queue, I meant the ones where we have all deemed it the perfect place to have ___________ (fill in blank of specific dish). We really don’t bother much about the As, Bs, or Cs, or even non grades they get. It’s like your perception of your grades in kindergarten. It’s quite pointless. 

If it’s the best ___________ (fill in blank of specific dish) in Singapore, we will wait till our shirts are soaked through with hunger sweat. Despite all the million options of that one dish, we will wait for it. Especially when we can pay for it. 

Because we support the perfection of their craft, simple as it seems. You can see their dedicated beads of perspiration soaking their own shirts too. That’s how much they love what they produce. And that’s how much we love what they love to produce what they love. 

It’s even worthy of a standing ovation. I mean, we’re already standing. We would clap constantly if it wasn’t tiring…or awkward…or just plain weird. 

So I feel the title is quite apt. We will do whatever we can to search for the best ___________ (fill in blank of specific dish). We will fight against the heat for them. We will shout out great thanks for them. 

And most of all, we will die, die, queue forever for them. 


The image is from a blog about Singapore, check it out!