One thing I realised when I was traveling in a cab home last night… I actually enjoy songs from the 90s more than the songs of today. 

I’m talking about mainstream songs from the pop/rock genre. 

I’m talking about ballads, hip-hop, boy-bands, girl-groups, etc.


I mean, recently the songs served up to us have been lacking in quality. By this statement, I am implying that nowadays most songs are geared towards themes of sexuality. For instance, just look at the past decade. How many legends or icons can we seriously label? Look at the 1990’s, where we saw the rise of the Backstreet Boys, a young Justin Timberlake, the dominance of Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston, and of course, the rule of Michael Jackson.

Fast forward to today, where we have the beef-steak wearing Lady Gaga, the deranged Nicki Minaj, the over-hyped Justin Bieber, and of course, the hordes of rappers whose hits border on the abominable. 


I guess no-one can croon a ballad anymore like K-Ci & Jojo or Michael Learns To Rock anymore.