We’re really quite pampered aren’t we?

We can eat out at any time of the day, on any street with all types of cuisines thrown in our faces. We can easily grab a bus, train, taxi or sibling/parent with a car  and you will end up at the door step of any mall, home, mama shop. We have the ability to buy almost anything because we can also find cheap duplicates in the neighbourhood shop round the corner or in Daiso. Every neighbourhood is so fully equipped with a variety of doctors, eyewear stores, dentists, pet stores, malls, 7-elevens, laundromats, tech gizmo galores and KTVs that we literally could live quite comfortably in a neighbourhood and never leave it.

We don’t love the convenience of everything because it’s already in our daily lives. It’s a matter of fact. The truth. The essence of our being. The rituals of our habits. The sign that says, welcome to Singapore!

It’s so much a part of us that to all who come from elsewhere, it’s a mind blowing experience and an extreme luxury. On top of that, we have nature embedded all around so you don’t feel too city hypnotized. 

Hmm, we really have it good. We have it really, really good. 


P.S. Photograph came from telegraph.co.uk