Birkenstock styling tips


Sandals are probably the last thing you’d think of wearing to work or a smart-casual event. While it’s not exactly the typical choice of footwear for semi-formal occasions, you’d be surprised by how including a pair of Birkenstock sandals in your outfit can make heads turn.  

Whether you’ve got a date to impress or a work event to attend, here’s 5 ways you can style your outfit with Birkenstock sandals:


1. Pair it with socks


pair with socks

Pairing socks with sandals may sound like the ultimate fashion faux pas that magazines once warned you against, but with the recent trend of mismatched outfits taking the world by storm, chapalang is the new “in”.

socks in birkenstocks

Slip on a pullover and pair your top with complementary coloured bottoms. Matching colours like this adds to the overall neatness of the ensemble to give the impression that you’re well put together. 

arizona sandals graceful sea

arizona birko flor white

arizona graceful sea

Complete the look with a pair of socks and Arizona Birko-Flor sandals. Made of a synthetic leather known as Birko Flor, these signature Birkenstock sandals are lined with a soft, breathable layer of fleece which is not only comfortable to walk in but also very durable.  

arizona white

On her: Arizona Birko-Flor Graceful Sea ($139)
On him: Arizona Birko-Flor White ($119)


2. Juxtapose with a formal piece like a jacket or long skirt  


formal with sandals

Skip the uncomfortable stiletto heels and dress shoes; you don’t need all that extra discomfort to look well-groomed. Instead, match a suit jacket or long skirt with Birkenstock sandals to achieve a formal-casual contrast. 

Ladies, dress it up with a trench coat and a simple spaghetti midi dress for an elegant touch, then complete your outfit with a pair of Mayari Black Patent Sandals

mayari black patent sandals

Dudes, you’d want to go black and white for that classic James Bond look but with a casual, preppy twist. Instead of a collared shirt, pair a white tee with black pants and top it off with a suit jacket. Slip on a pair of Arizona Sandals in Black

arizona sandals in black

Both pairs of sandals not only add to the casual element of the outfit, they also have an anatomically moulded footbed which provides ample support for the feet all around by lining the feet, arch and all, impeccably. This makes all the difference for your legs – you don’t want to be stomping around uncomfortably when you’ve got places to be. 

On her: Mayari Black Patent Sandals ($139)
On him: Arizona Sandals in Black ($139)


3. Style it monochromatically 



Monochromatic hues are the way to go, for the simple reason that it’s much easier to decide on an outfit if all you have to do is pick tops and bottoms of the same tones. That, and monochrome ensembles stand out boldly with just a single colour. So go ahead and pair your tops, bottoms and even your footwear in the same colour.

copper and green

waterproof birkenstock

Match them with these waterproof Birkenstock sandals in shades along the same colour spectrum. Made with a synthetic material called Ethyl Vinyl Acetate (EVA), they’ve got all the properties of the classic leather Birkenstock sandals but are light as a feather. Talk about being stylishly comfortable! 

gizeh eva in khaki

On her: Arizona EVA in Copper ($59)
On him: Gizeh EVA in Khaki ($59)


4. Opt for interesting silhouettes


interesting silhouettes

Take your work outfits up a notch by pairing unique silhouettes with a pair of Birkenstock slip-ons. This pair of sequined Arizona Rivets for ladies makes the perfect complement to flared or patterned tops, and snuggly pullovers. 

rivets with flare pants

For the guys, the understated Gizeh EVA sandals in a dark anthracite shade will be ideal for a distinctive outfit choice like flared pants. The simple footwear stays in the background and draws all the attention towards your clothes. 


On her: Arizona Rivets ($369) in Rose
On him: Gizeh EVA ($59) in Anthracite


5. Sportify it with activewear



Birkenstock sandals can be a gamechanger for those who want to wear only one outfit to work and subsequently the gym. If you’ve registered for a fitness class after work, save yourself the hassle of lugging extra bags of clothes. Instead, don on a hoodie, some slacks or yoga pants, and pair it with sandals from the waterproof Birkenstock collection. 

yoga pants with sandals

The Arizona EVA and Gizeh EVA sandals provide a perfect middle ground between slippers and work heels – so you can wear them to the office without disapproving looks from your supervisor. 

The Birkenstock soles are not only odour-neutral and skin-friendly, they also provide solid support for your feet. You can be sure that your Birkenstock is sturdy enough to get you through a long day even if you’re running errands for work.  

arizona eva in studded silver

On her: Gizeh EVA in Red ($69)
On him: Arizona EVA in Studded Silver ($69)


Ways to style Birkenstock sandals


With sandals as dynamic and easy to pair as Birkenstock, you needn’t sacrifice comfort for style. Just follow the tips we’ve provided and you’ll be able to show off these comfy shoes for a range of occasions and receive plenty of compliments.

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