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5 Simple Ways to ‘Zhng’ Your Bathroom to Boutique Hotel Standards

Bathroom #goals


Image adapted from: hansgrohe 

The one thing you look forward to at staycations besides the breakfast buffets and movies on demand on the 42” plasma are the luxurious bathrooms. Stocked with plush towels, free-flow toiletries and if your hotel’s atas enough, a relaxing rain shower! And there’s a way you can take this hotel experience home, with some help from the experts of showers: hansgrohe

First to invent showerheads with adjustable jets and the wall-bars on which you mount your shower heads, hansgrohe has had many “eureka!” moments with state-of-the-art bathroom inventions. And we saw it firsthand at their recently revamped showroom – from button-operated rain showers to customizable taps in a spectrum of fashionable colours – with 5 bathroom additions to “zhng” your humble bathroom to one matching a 5-star hotel:


1. Get the hotel “rain shower” experience right in your home 


hansgrohe rain showers
Raindance Select Overhead Showers

Your best bathroom karaoke sessions are at atas hotel staycations – you reckon it’s the combination of the superb reverb and rejuvenating rain showers. But you’ll also be “singing in the rain” in the comfort of your home with hansgrohe Rain Showers.

With up to 3 spray modes like RainAir (infuses water with air to create a voluminous water-saving spray) or WhirlAir (pulsating sprays that massage you), these overhead showers more than recreate the rain-like experience of hotel bathrooms.

The QuickClean technology in hansgrohe’s rain showers also makes cleaning a breeze because any dirt and limescale build up simply falls off when you gently rub the flexible silicon tip of each nozzle.

hansgrohe showerpipes
Raindance Select E300 Showerpipe Source: hansgrohe

If you’re excited about getting an overhead shower but your partner’s more a hand shower person, get the best of two worlds with 2-in-1 Showerpipes and Shower Panels. All your bathroom needs is an exposed connection to the main water supply and you won’t even have to hack the walls to install these babies.   


2. Change the mode of your shower with the press of a button


hansgrohe SELECT Technology Button

From delicate sprinkles to forceful streams, each of your family members has their favorite shower spray setting. And having to forcibly twist the showerhead dials back to your favorite setting every time you step into the shower can be quite a chore!

hansgrohe Raindance Showerheads
Raindance Select E120 – 3 sprays in 1 hand-shower (Colour: White Chrome)

But you can now adjust the jets of your shower, fuss-free, with hansgrohe’s Raindance Select hand showers like the Raindance Select E120. Clicking the “SELECT” button has you toggling between 3 different spray settings – Rain, RainAir and WhirlAir. And electricity’s not at all required to operate this clever device!

Remember to check the water pressure you have at home so the hansgrohe consultants can recommend you suitable hand showers.

hansgrohe button rain shower
Not just for hand showers, the Select Technology is also available on a range of hansgrohe showers, including the overhead rain showers. 


3. Bling up your tap handles with Swarovski crystals 


AXOR Carlton Swarovski Crystal Tap

Never again settle for conventional metallic grey taps when there’s the option of stunning ones with sparkly Swarovski crystals. From the hansgrohe company’s luxury brand, AXOR, comes the closest thing to bespoke taps you’ll find. These customisations are hand-made in Germany, where taps can also be engraved with words and initials upon your request. 

AXOR Tap Engravings
Mandarin words can also be printed for those of you with parents who don’t read English 

AXOR Bespoke Taps - Custom Heights
You can also customize the heights of your taps to fit your bathroom. Source: hansgrohe

AXOR Bespoke Taps - Custom Finishing

With 15 colours ranging from chrome to gold, these special finishes are not just pretty, they also make the metal more scratch-resistant. Taking customization up another notch, they even give you the option between matte and glossy – and you thought that was only applicable to the photographs you develop! 


4. Impress your guests with these one-of-a-kind taps


AXOR Starck V - Water Vortex Tap

When guests come over to visit, the only room more visited than the living room is the bathroom. And all you need are these designer taps to give your visitors some serious tap-envy.  

AXOR Starck V
AXOR Starck V. Source: AXOR

With a see-through faucet made of crystal glass, this tap reveals a mesmerizing water vortex. This is how spray researchers at Hansgrohe pay homage to Klaus Grohe – the founder’s youngest son – and his passion for water. Not only is it easy on the eyes, its easy-click-in design and safety-stop function make it really easy to clean. 

AXOR Massaud Nature Inspired Tap
Turn up the zen with the AXOR Massaud’s nature-inspired designs and get a mini waterfall at your bathroom sink Source: AXOR

AXOR Starck Organic - Philippe Starck Design
Bearing an uncanny resemblance to a branch and made with ⅓ less brass compared to regular taps, the AXOR Starck Organic taps are not only eco-friendly but very fancy. Source: AXOR


5. Give your basic bathroom a boutique hotel theme 


Your basic bathroom has a lot of untapped potential and your standard issue BTO bathroom can be boutique hotel material. All you’ve to do is dare to imagine and take inspiration from the urban chic AXOR Citterio M series or classy 1900s European AXOR Montreux series

Citterio M Urban Chic Bathroom
Urban chic minimalist design of the AXOR Citterio M series Source: hansgrohe

The sleek design of the AXOR Citterio M series is the perfect option if you don’t have much toilet space to work with. Resembling the knobs and dials that you see in cars, this bathroom collection designed by the Italian architect and designer Antonio Citterio, ought to strongly appeal to you car aficionados. 

AXOR LampShower by Nendo - Lampshade Shower
AXOR LampShower by Nendo Source: AXOR

There’s never been a rain shower as quirky as this lampshade that doubles as a showerhead, where the “spotlight” is literally on you as you stand under the water converging at the centre. So get ready to belt out those karaoke tunes. 

AXOR Montreux European Bathroom
The AXOR Montreux Series – Posh up your bathroom with regal designs inspired by 20th century Europe. 


Hansgrohe- the touch of atas you need in your home


There are four types of Singaporeans in the shower. If you’re the chiongster who just whacks water both hot or cold or the hum ji kia who spends 10 minutes making sure the water’s the right temperature, showering is far from a relaxing experience. 

But here to change that, is a line of bathroom fixtures from AXOR and hansgrohe  – from hand showers with intuitive buttons to mind-boggling taps with water vortexes – they’ll completely redefine your idea of bathroom #goals. 

hansgrohe AXOR Showroom Singapore
The showroom’s AXOR Massaud collection, featuring a lake-like bathtub and even a towel holder that looks like a branch! 

Catch these bathroom taps and showers in action and head down to the hansgrohe and AXOR showroom at 69 Mohamed Sultan Road. With bathroom collections designed by prominent names in the industry – like Phoenix Design, Philippe Starck and Antonio Citterio – you’ll find there are really no bathroom boundaries in your home.

Click here to find out more about AXOR and hansgrohe!

This post was brought to you by hansgrohe.