What type of baker are you?

  1. The Avid Baker – bakes very often, experiments with every single recipe existent on earth, and knows what temperature your dough loves and whatever that makes or breaks your tarts.

  2. The Leisure Baker – once in a while, you look at your dusty old oven that hasn’t been used in a couple of weeks, then decide to hit Google up for some awesome looking cupcakes you’re sure you’re capable of conjuring up.

  3. The Amateur Baker – sure, you can bake chocolate cookies and simple cupcakes without a recipe, but you’re still on your journey of discovering how to bake that perfect cake for your boyfriend/crush/insert relevant noun.

  4. The No-Oven Baker – you like baking but unfortunately, you and an oven are not destined to live together in the same house yet.

  5. A Baker? You kidding me? What is dough, I can eat it raw, right?

Whether you’re a baking extraordinaire or the one who attempts to not make a mess with all that flour every time you take the kitchen by storm, you would probably have had one of those moments where you go “If only I could bake this!” or “If only someone could make this for me!”

I’m personally a mix of 3), 4) and a bit of 5), which means that I do spend some time every now and then researching on outlets to get my baking fix. It has dawned on me that it is pretty hard sourcing for baking classes, especially when that urge comes to you in the middle of the month and alas, you realize that 3/4 of the classes you’re possibly interested in has already been fully booked. Nawwww.

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Baking Classes in Singapore


So there, here’s a non-exhaustive list of some popular baking classes to help you fulfill that cupcake dream. Or your aspired layers of rainbow cake. 


1. Sugar Inc 



  • Website: Here
  • Location: Tiong Bahru
  • Hands-on: Yes
  • Types of classes: Bread roll making, rainbow cakes, swiss rolls, fondant cake making

Remarks: Slots for classes at Sugar Inc typically run out extremely fast, especially those that are conducted during weekends. Make your minds up quickly to grab your spot if you’re interested!


2. BakinCalf



  • Website: Here
  • Location: Yishun Ring
  • Hands-on: Yes
  • Types of classes: Macaron making, rainbow cakes, tarts, cupcakes, fondant making

Remarks: A cozy home-based business that has since been featured in the local media a couple of times. The maximum class size is about 8 to 10 people so that sufficient individual attention is given to each participant. 


3. Cake Over Heels 



  • Website: Here
  • Location: Sin Ming Lane
  • Hands-on: Yes
  • Types of classes: Cake decoration and fondant sculpting classes

Remarks: Cake over heels operates as a cafe that offers baking workshops at the same time. Cake decoration classes range from varying levels of difficulty and that means you can easily pick one that’s more suited to your own personal standard as you deem.


4. Munch Ministry



  • Website: Here
  • Location: Farrer Park
  • Hands-on: Yes
  • Types of classes: Artisan Breads, Hokkaido Cakes, Sweet Bakery Buns

Remarks: Munch Ministry is an extensive community that houses many cooking enthusiasts who had initially come together to share recipes meant for the HappyCall pan. It has grown into a large family who contributes numerous recipes to its website as well. 


5. Bake It Yourself (B-I-Y)



  • Website: Here
  • Location: Bukit Timah
  • Hands-on: Yes
  • Types of classes: Cookie making, Chocolate-pastries series, Patisserie Master Classes

Remarks: Had loads of fun at their baking classes and wondering where to get all those baking tools that they have used? Find everything on your baking shopping list at their retail outlet or via their online portal, where you can easily check out your shopping cart in the comfort of your home. 


6. Creative Culinaire 



  • Website: Here
  • Location: Tiong Bahru
  • Hands-on: Yes
  • Types of classes: Professional Baking Classes, Mooncake Making, Cakes & Other Cooking Classes

Remarks: Offering a wide range of cooking and baking classes, find out how to make your desired piece of creation by joining their classes which are segmented according to varying skill levels. Both leisure and professional courses are available.


7. Artistiq 



  • Website: Here
  • Location: Bukit Timah
  • Hands-on: Yes
  • Types of classes: Cupcakes, Cake Decoration, Professional baking classes with Diploma

Remarks: Leisure baking classes like the fondant decoration ones are themed according to examples like vintage chic or even a classic high tea one. If you are interested in pursuing a serious diploma in baking as well, do check out some of the classes they offer.


8. Little House of Dreams



  • Website: Here
  • Location: Clarke Quay
  • Hands-on: Yes/No (Demo classes available)
  • Types of classes: Cupcakes, Rainbow Cakes, Fondant 

Remarks: A cheery cafe that offers just a few types of popular baking classes per month, Little House of Dreams specializes in providing dessert tables for parties as well. Hit them up if you’re interested in hosting your own private baking party in their little outlet too.


9. Maple & Market 



  • Website: Here
  • Location: Old Airport Road
  • Hands-on: Yes 
  • Types of classes: Cupcakes, Bread Rolls, Cakes, 

Remarks: A recently opened cafe that has been largely well-received, Maple & Market has decided to introduce baking classes to cater some of its interested fans. A large range of decadent pastries are sold there as well so you have an idea what the folks you’re learning from are capable of making. 


10. Phoon Huat



  • Website: Here
  • Location: Clementi/Sims Lane (2 outlets)
  • Hands-on: Yes/No (Demo classes available)
  • Types of classes: Cakes, Bread

Remarks: Its name would probably sound vaguely familiar to you – yes, it is a pretty large supplier of baking and dessert ingredients and accessories. Whether you’re a home baker or a professional one, there would be an ideal class suitable for your interest amongst the many types of classes they conduct. 


It’s time to get your hands dirty with flour today while kneading some much needed dough happiness into your life. Oh and if you’re tired of baking yourself you may be keen to check out some of these top rated bakeries in Singapore.



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