If anyone says Singapore is a concrete jungle…. I will ask them this “when was the last time you get out of your armchair, apply insect repellent and venture out for a stroll in one of the many nature reserves around Singapore?”… Well ? ….case closed.

To put it in perspective, in our tiny island, it’s really amazing what biodiversity we can enjoy just within easy drive or bus transportation. It’s really up to us to seek out this gems spread out in various corners of the island. Of course , the scale of our nature reserves are minute compared to other countries… but small has it’s beauty. One side note, Hong Lim Park is listed in the NParks as a park…but seriously, I wouldn’t go there looking for nature, really (O___O) .

Wallace Trail @ Diary Farm Nature Reserve

I had the opportunity to partake the Wallace Trail @ Dairy Farm Nature Reserve recently, with my photo buddy. He was there to “test drive” his newly acquired macro lens and camera while I took the opportunity to hone my shooting skill. The sun was a scorching 35’C (it actually felt like 40″C), humid, the mozzies were out in droves, …BUT…it was great fun!

Having experienced various nature parks around Singapore, I must say Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve is tops…but the Wallace Trail at Dairy Farm holds its own place. Each venue has its characters and charm, which greatly enhances local biodiversity. We felt really blessed we have all this in spite of our densely built up urban landscape…


The entrance to the Dairy Farm Nature Reserve….


Path to fresh air ahead…..


Plants new shoots…nature find its way…


Amazing little insects…all part of the eco-system..each with it’s role in the nature of things…


Nature has it stylish moments…. beautiful heliconia leaf…


I feel like I am looking at hornbill birds…. so regal….


Nature’s pattern….what you like? straight or wavy ?


Awesome beauty from the rhizomes (Torch Ginger Plant) stalks…


The Torch Ginger flower bud….sprouting regally in time to come…


All hail !… the Pollinator is here….


Nature mutually beneficial “win -win” arrangement….insect hungry, plants need pollination, insect feed, plants get pollinated… Sweet….


Mooooooo……Bovine replicates at the Wallace nature education centre… alluding to the Dairy Farm past…


Chic and stylish interior of the Wallace centre…. gorgeous 🙂


Nature theme pervades….


Awesome “handsome” looking fungus at tree bark..


Mushroom soup anyone ? not with this wild toadstools though…


Beautiful fungus along the Wallace Trail… see, no touch…


Does this reminds anyone of Avatar ? amazing how nature adapts and find its reproductive ways…


Juvenile macaques…. local residents at the park…. wonder do they pay tax ?


Getting territorial there… ok, ok…I’m staying away… no worries…


Yours truly…pic shot by my photo buddy…. I looks best behind…lol

The Wallace Trail within Dairy Farm Nature Reserve is truly a gem of a place…do make time to check it soon…. for more information , you might like to click on :

N.B – All pictures are copyrighted to Jensen Chua. All Rights Reserved.

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