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bakkwa singapore

6 Bak Kwa Delivery Services In Singapore For CNY 2020 So You Don’t Have To Queue For Hours

Bak kwa delivery in Singapore

bakkwa singapore
Image adapted from: 
くれおぱとらん, Elisa73Milano

Bak kwa is without a doubt a Chinese New Year staple, and those sweet, barbecued strips of pork are the most expensive and most coveted snack at the table each year for many families. It’s also a popular gift for relatives and business associates as it symbolises good luck.

The result? Snaking queues at every other bak kwa store in the country that can last for up to a couple of hours when the Lunar New Year period rolls around – no exaggerations. But you don’t have to join the crowd when there are convenient bak kwa delivery services at your disposal.

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1. Peng Guan – $24 for 500g

Peng Guan bak kwa delivery
Image credit: Peng Guan

Peng Guan is a relatively new local bak kwa brand, started in 2014 by a pair of hobbyist chefs who would grill their own bak kwa for friends and family. As they tweaked their recipe to become even tastier each time, orders for their homemade pork jerky grew and they decided to turn this passion into a business.

Each square of Peng Guan bak kwa is handmade from scratch using Brazilian pork and barbecued over a charcoal fire for that smoky aroma. For an added kick, go for their Chilli Bak Kwa, which is priced the same as the Traditional option at $24/500g.

You can opt for self-collection at their outlets, or arrange for home delivery at an added $8.

Price: $24 for 500g
Delivery fee: $8 (free self-collection)
Order here.

2. Bee Chang Hiang – from $32.40 for 600g

Bee Cheng Hiang bak kwa delivery
Image credit: 

Bee Cheng Hiang needs no introduction. Having started way back in 1933, they’re arguably the most popular bak kwa brand here, and pride themselves in the fact that their bak kwa contains no preservatives, MSG, added flavours, artificial colouring, or meat tenderisers.

Bee Cheng Hiang bak kwa delivery
Image credit: 
Bee Cheng Hiang

They’ve got a diverse range of flavours, with chicken and beef options on top of the usual pork. Prices start from $32.40/600g for Minced Pork bak kwa, and go up to $51/600g for Chilli Gourmet which is made with succulent pork belly strips.

Bee Cheng Hiang snack delivery
Image credit: Bee Cheng Hiang

That’s not all, though. You can also order other CNY goodies like Crispy Chicken Rolls ($11.50) and Pineapple Crispy tarts ($15.95) from their online store.

Price: From $32.40 for 600g
Delivery fee: Free with minimum spend of $300 | $25 for orders below $300
Order here.

3. Lim Chee Guan – $31 for 500g

Lim Chee Guan
Image credit: Elisa73Milano

Skip the waiting and comfortably order your Lim Chee Guan bak kwa with the touch of a few buttons through Klook, via food delivery service WhyQ. Regardless of flavour, each 500g packet will cost you just $39 with delivery included. What’s more, this price is already discounted from the usual $45, so you’re getting great bang for your buck here.

Lim Chee Guan
Image credit: くれおぱとらん

Pick from 8 types including Gold CoinChilli Sliced Pork, and even an unorthodox BBQ Prawn.

*WhyQ is not an official Lim Chee Guan delivery service and is not affiliated to Lim Chee Guan

Price: $39 for 500g
Delivery fee: Free
Order here.

4. New Peng Hiang – from $22 for 500g

New Peng Hiang
Image credit: New Peng Hiang

New Peng Hiang has got the most affordable fresh bak kwa on this list – and the craziest selection of flavours too. Apart from the Traditional Hand-made Tender Pork BBQ Bakkwa ($22 for 500g), they also have Garlic Pork, Sesame PorkKimchi Pork and Pineapple Pork versions ($24 for 500g). Not to be missed if you’re an adventurous foodie!

New Peng Hiang
Image credit: New Peng Hiang

Pick up your packets in-store for free, or get them delivered to you for $8.

Price: From $22 for 500g
Delivery fee: $8 (free self-collection)
Order here.

5. Fragrance – from $16.80 for 300g, $28 for 500g

Fragrance bak kwa deliveryImage credit: Choot Yut Shing

Fragrance is aptly named, as you’ll be met with a sweet, mouthwatering aroma whenever you pass by their stores. But even so, waiting in line ain’t fun – so order your bak kwa from them on Grabfood instead.

Fragrance bak kwa delivery

Their Signature Sliced Tender Bak Kwa is going at $28/500g, but if you’re just looking for a few slices to munch on for personal consumption, get the 300g packet for $16.80 instead. Also up for sale is a spicy and chicken variant.

They also accept corporate orders, which give you cheaper bulk pricing (from $21.30/500g) with a minimum amount of $800.

Price: From $16.80 for 300g, $28 for 500g
Delivery fee: $2
Order on Grabfood here.

6. Friendly Vegetarian – $6.96 for 250g

Friendly Vegetarian bak kwa delivery
Image credit: Friendly Vegetarian

This is for the vegetarians who don’t wanna miss out. Friendly Vegetarian, a wholesaler for vegetarian groceries and food items, has their own house brand of mock bak kwa. It comes at an affordable $6.96/250g and will ensure that your non-meat-eating guests won’t feel the FOMO.

A minimum purchase of $65 is required for delivery to be carried out. However, you can opt for self-collection at their Ang Mo Kio or Pasir Panjang outlets for free.

Price: $6.96 for 250g
Delivery fee: Free with minimum spend of $120 | $16.83 for orders below $120
Order here.

Chinese New Year bak kwa delivery in Singapore

Thanks to these bak kwa delivery services, you can now sit back and relax as you ease into the CNY mood – or spend extra time doing a thorough spring clean instead of standing for hours in the hot sun queueing for just a few packets of bak kwa.