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Most Romantic Restaurant in Singapore Alkaff Mansion Launches New Sardinian Inspired Menu

About Alkaff Mansion



Alkaff Mansion Ristorante greets every visitor with a flight of stairs that leads you to the grandeur of a Tudor style mansion. Nestled atop a hill, it is surrounded by lush greeneries that will amplify your dining experience with tranquillity. It’s so romantic that it made both our list of best wedding venues in Singapore and most romantic restaurants in Singapore.


Newly-appointed Executive Chef, Simone Depalmas, is the man behind all the thoughtfully improvised dishes that embraces his Sardinian flair. You can expect loads of seafood with an adventurous mix of flavour pairings – a taste of culinary competence on a plate.  


The Food at Alkaff Mansion



We had a good start with the Fresh Octopus Carpaccio ($24). Slivers of lightly-steamed octopus flown from Sardinia were assembled perfectly with frisée salad, cherry tomatoes, orange wedges and dressed in a light drizzle of balsamic reduction that enhanced the tangy finish.

I love octopus done in any form, but this is by far my favourite way of eating it. Fresh, raw and impeccably paired with, I just could not stop at one serving.


If there was anything that stunned me that night, it would be during the arrival of the beautifully presented Seafood Platter ($68). It apparently serves two but in my opinion could easily feed four! The shelled lobster stood tall amidst its sea buddies. However, the tiger prawns, sea bass carpaccio and lobster chunks were not as outstanding as the octopus salad and tuna tartare served earlier. 

Tuna tartare is one of those dishes that serves as a canvas for a chef’s culinary sensibilities. Its popularity is undeniably lasting, and this aspect of it was certainly portrayed in the dainty slices that decoded freshness with each bite.


For a taste of something legitimately Sardinian, order the Sardinian Fregola with Assorted Seafood ($28). The semolina dough is hand rolled into bite size perfection, and a toast after gives a nutty hint that complements the flavour of the whole dish.

The spicy marina sauce had the right level of heat, enhancing the savoury assortment of clams, succulent prawns, squid and scallops. Try it only if you are a true blue seafood lover, because the taste of it will linger till the end of your meal.


A classic serving of risotto is a comfort food that never fails. The Porcini Mushroom Risotto with Thyme ($28) is a version that either pleases you with its intoxicating aroma and rich taste, or it just comes across as overpowering with a lack of palatability.  

Nonetheless, those in search of the ideal risotto grain might be delighted to know that the chef uses the Superfino Acquerello grain, which is valued for making al dente risotto due to its ability to absorb just the right amount of water.


The Slow Cooked Sardinian Style Suckling Pig ($46) is slow roasted for several hours at a precise 70 degrees. The result is fork tender flesh that will curb any carnivorous cravings. The chef is particularly about the type of pig he uses, and selects only Spanish pigs that weigh between 4 to 5 kilograms, ensuring an optimal amount of fats needed for this savoury dish.

It is cleverly paired with homemade mixed berry compote that balanced the richness of the pork. The only disappointment would be the lack of crispy skin, which is what I love most about having suckling pig.


As compared to the Suckling Pig, the Oven Baked Lamb Rack ($45) was more outstanding due to the accompanying homemade prune sauce. It caught our attention with its distinctive spicy aftertaste, which could either be a hit or miss. The lamb was cooked to medium and paired with caramelised pearl onions as well as a serving of celeriac mash, a smoother version of mash potato.

The pricing for this dish is steep for the portion served, but it is a unique pairing that is worth a try.


Nothing is more characteristic of an Italian meal than a sweet ending with panna cotta. With an introduction of a mint layer in addition to the traditional vanilla, the Fresh Mint Vanilla Panna Cotta ($14) will be a hit with mint lovers.  

Apart from the refreshing change, the mixed berry sauce complimented the creamy dessert nicely – every mouthful of it was soothing and left me wanting more.





Alkaff Mansion is distinguished for its history and majestic architecture. It is an ideal place to hold private dinners or your big day with the number of well-equipped function rooms they have.

While it impresses with its interiors, the food at Alkaff Mansion is not as exceptional as the price you will be paying. Albeit the cost, it is still worth a visit to experience the atmosphere and all that this lavish mansion could offer. And those looking to get their Sardinian fix will absolutely adore this place.


Getting to Alkaff Mansion



Only available on Sundays and public holidays is their Prosecco Brunch ($88) which features free flow Prosecco and premium Italian red and white wines. The extensive buffet spread might just win you over with signatures such as the Seasonal Oysters, Oven Baked Beef Sirloin and Scottish Salmon Carpaccio. 

On regular weekends, brunch goers can also busk in their al fresco terrace and enjoy breakfast favorites like the Smoked Salmon with Eggs, Zucchini Souffle & Mixed Salad ($15) or the Alkaff Pizza ($20).

Address: 10 Telok Blangah Green, Signapore 109178
Reservations6510 3068
Website: Alkaff Mansion

This post was brought to you by Alkaff Mansion.