Best Affordable French Food in Singapore


When I asked around for ‘inexpensive French food options’ and my chef friend cheekily replied “French Fries lor”, I knew I was going to be on my own. Determined, I attempt to bring you 10 places in Singapore where you can dig into French fare without digging that deep into your pockets. 

I have a feeling said chef friend will thank me for this. 


– Affordable French Restaurants –


1. Saveur 



Probably the most popular one in the list, the Purvis Street Saveur opened to snaking queues and glowing reviews for their extremely affordable Foie Gras and Duck Confit (pictured above). Excited foodies will be pleased to find they don’t have to travel across continents to enjoy these French classics at pocket-friendly prices. 

I’m sure the same foodies were even more ecstatic when Saveur opened their second restaurant in the conveniently located Far East Plaza. However, just like their $3.90 Angel Hair Pasta, long queues at Saveur are pretty much a perennial feature of the place.


Address: 5 Purvis Street, #01-04 Singapore 188584
TSL Affordability Ranking: $$
Prices range from S$12.90 for Duck Confit to S$16.90 for Beef Bourguignon


2. Immanuel French Kitchen



Source: Immanuel French Kitchen

A chef who’s worked in a 2 Michelin starred restaurant serving you in a kopitiam? Sign me up! In fact, all of Immanuel’s neighbours in the kopitiam Salute Coffeeshop promises to serve restaurant-standard food at heartland prices. 

The only thing more impressive than chef Immanuel’s resume is his food lineup. You can be assured that you’re getting quality ingredients at really, really competitive prices. 

Address: #01-40 119 Bukit Merah Lane 1, Singapore 151119
TSL Affordability Ranking: $
Prices range from S$11.90 for Burgundy Escargots to S$15.40 for Pork Belly


3. Poulet



Délicieux was one way to sum up our Poulet review when we checked out their new menu back in July. Poulet isn’t a stranger to queues either, having opened 10 outlets now in heartland malls all around Singapore to cope with demand for inexpensive French cuisine. 

The Poulet Diane (whole roast chicken) at $30.90, drenched in creamy mushroom sauce is a staple you’d find on almost every table. Another standout item is their truffle mash potato. The Crème Brulee is another notable dish from their new menu that’s sweet to end the meal with.

Address: Flag Ship Store: #04-12 Bugis +, 201 Victoria Street Singapore 188067
TSL Affordability Ranking: $$
Prices range from S$5.90 for Ratatouille to S$15.90 for Duck Au Vin


4. The French Stall


b2ap3_thumbnail_Untitled_20140903-102136_1.pngSource: The French Stall

The French Stall gets its name from its humble beginnings operating as a French food stall in a food court. It now operates as a cute little standalone bistro in Serangoon Road.

Owner-chef Xavier promises he’s not going to burn a hole in your pockets when you dine at The French Stall. Theis come at a slight cost though, don’t expect air-conditioning and coddling servers. Instead ready yourself for traditional French cuisine at a fraction of the price. 

Address: 544 Serangoon Road, Singapore 218166
TSL Affordability Ranking: $$
Prices range from S$10.80 for Escargots to S$25.80 for Duck Leg Confit with Pan Fried Foie Gras


5. La Petite Cuisine


Source: Seth Lui

La Petite Cuisine started out at Serene Center and has since opened a second outlet along Upper Thomson Road. Watch through the open concept kitchen as the chef whips up delectable yet inexpensive French food for you. 

Just remember to make reservations prior because this joint seats a small amount of people (~20 people indoors). Not a bad alternative to the usual roti prata or bak chor mee you eat whenever you go to Upper Thomson Road. 

Address: 10 Jalan Serene, Serene Center Singapore 258748
TSL Affordability Ranking: $$
Price ranges from S$12 for Goat Cheese Salad to S$16.50 for Confit de Canard 


6. La Cuisson


b2ap3_thumbnail_la-cuisson.jpgSource: La Cuisson

It seems like the way to go about carving a spot for one’s F&B business in this highly competitive industry is to start out in a kopitiam. And this is exactly what Kenneth, owner-chef of La Cuisson did when he opened in a Queen Street coffee shop. Now he’s upgraded to a two-storey shophouse, still serving the same fare. 

This comes in as a pricier joint compared to the rest, but still significantly cheaper than your usual French fine dining. The menu here is wide ranging and Kenneth promises to deliver seasonal quality produce so you know you’re getting a really good bargain when you dine here. 

Address: 44 Prinsep Street, Singapore 188673
TSL Affordability Ranking: $$$
Prices range from S$16 for Artichokes and Tomato Salad to S$28 for Shoulder Tender (Australian Angus)


7. Toots Brasserie


Source: Toots Brasserie

Located within the beautiful historic The Sultan Hotel, Toots Brasserie has value-for-money lunch sets available from Wednesday-Sunday. It is not necessarily the cheapest on this list, but you get to choose from a selection of dishes that are executed with classical French techniques.

The Lunch Set items are changed periodically and include dishes like Black Angus Sirloin Steak accompanied with truffle fries, accompanied with dessert for just $28 nett!

Address: The Sultan Hotel 101 Jalan Sultan #01-01 Singapore 199002
TSL Affordability Ranking: $$
Prices range from S$28 for the lunch sets.


– Affordable French Bakeries & Cafes –


8. Sophie Bakery


b2ap3_thumbnail_Pastry_Content.pngSource: Sophie Bakery

This new addition to the local bake scene is witnessing sold-out croissants within hours of opening. Positioning themselves as an authentic French bakery and cafe, this boulangerie churns out sweet eclairs and hearty baguettes guaranteed to make you feel as though you’re lounging along St Germain.  

For the total experience, free up an afternoon and treat yourself to a day in the Telok Ayer cafe just baking in the aroma of butter and flour from the ovens of Sophie Bakery.

Address: 167-169 Telok Ayer, Singapore 068589
TSL Affordability Ranking: $
Prices range from S$2 for Macaron to S$2.50 for Pain Au Chocolat


9. Maison Kayser


b2ap3_thumbnail_201311_mk_pumpkin.jpgSource: Findyourcraving

Also famed for their croissants. Maison Kayser is a noted heavyweight helmed by French maestro Eric Kayser. The amount of dedication and effort that go into the preparation process of each ingredient is astounding. The evidence of their success lies in the fact that each customer was only allowed to buy up to two croissants whenever a new outlet opens in Japan. 

I’m the last person to indulge in French pastries but since I’ve had a Maison Kayser strawberry eclair – which was humongous to say the least – I was certain that if I ever wanted one again I would gladly go back.  

Address: #B1-09 Scotts Square, 6 Scotts Road Singapore 228209
TSL Affordability Ranking: $$
Prices range from S$2.80 for Croissant to S$3.70 for Eclair


10. Paris Baguette



For those in the know, this is actually a South Korean patisserie. The reason why it’s got a spot in this list isn’t because of its name – I know that’s what you’re thinking – but because they’ve adapted French pastry making techniques in their baked goods. 

This French-inspired bakery serves up their take on what it might be like to dig into European style pastries. No guarantees it will be very French, but definitely very delicious. Many visit this bakery for their smooth Royal Pudding instead. 

Address: #02-48/53 Wisma Atria, 435 Orchard Road, Singapore 238877
TSL Affordability Ranking: $$
Prices range from S$3.10 for Sweet Cinnamon Bun to S$4.50 for flavored Royal Pudding


Bon Appétit!


So there you go! 10 places in Singapore to fuel your appetite for French cuisine. As more and more young chef-entrepreneurs are beginning to launch their businesses in coffeeshops it’s getting harder to find out where good, economical French food is being served. Let us know in the comments if you happen to be an insider!

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