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LUSH Advent Calendar 2018

10 Advent Calendars For Every Type Of Addict There Is – Sephora, Kikki.K, & Lego

2018 advent calendars in Singapore


LUSH Advent Calendar 2018Image adapted from: LUSH

As we become older and get caught up in our grown-up problems, it’s easy to lose sight of the simple joys that come with festive affairs. But remember the times you used to excitedly await Christmas as a wide-eyed child? How lovely it would be to feel that pure, innocent sense of anticipation once again.

Forget your workplace woes, turn that Grinchy frown upside down, and get an Advent calendar to hype yourself up for yuletide. These charts serve as a countdown to Christmas Day, usually from 24 days before the occasion. Traditional versions come as cards with flaps to open daily, but there are also more elaborate ones that contain mini presents to unveil, like the ones below:


1. Sephora cosmetics for head-to-toe primping


Sephora Advent Calendar 2018Image credit: Sephora

We can always count on Sephora for their beauty treats during Christmas, and this year, they’ve rolled out the dreamy Once Upon A Castle Advent Calendar ($69). True to name, it folds out to take the shape of a fairytale palace, making for a beautiful addition to your dressing table.

Sephora Advent Calendar 2018Image credit: Sephora

This set includes all the house brand goodies you need for head-to-toe preening – from the usual lip stains and brow gel to fizzing bath cubes, nail polish, and a charcoal nose strip. You’ll be looking like a real gift come Christmas Day!

Get this at Sephora’s outlets or online store.


2. Drip bag coffee from Hook Coffee


Hook Coffee Advent Calendar 2018

Some of us are monsters in the morning – until we’ve had a cup of joe, that is. Stave off a nightmare before Christmas by keeping your work cubby well-stocked with The Hook Coffee Advent Calendar (from $36), which comes with 24 colourful drip coffee sachets. 

Hook Coffee Advent Calendar 2018The drip bags will conveniently fit over your cup. Just pour hot water to brew – no coffee machine needed!

The punny names of their flavours are sure to put a smile on your face – among these are Cocoa Chanel, John Lemon, and the naughty 50 Shades of Earl Grey. To add on to the fun, these come with a sheet of Christmas stickers.

Get this from selected Tangs, Robinsons, and Cold Storage outlets, or Hook Coffee’s online store. Find out more about this coffee advent calendar in our article here.


3. Stylish stationery from kikki. K


kikki.K Advent Calendar 2018Image credit: kikki. K

No better way to feel like you’ve got your sh*t together than with a collection of sleek stationery. Just in time to help you start 2019 on an organised note is kikki. K’s Lovers Advent Calendar ($189.90), with a bunch of pens, affirmation cards, scented candles, and more. Have these laid out on your desk and you’re sure to feel inspired.

kikki.K Advent Calendar 2018Some of the 24 stationery items in the set
Image credit: kikki. K

The blue-and-gold colour scheme with star motifs is appropriately festive, while keeping to kikki. K’s signature sophisticated style.

kikki.K Advent Calendar 2018Image adapted from: kikki. K, kikki. K

If you’re someone who prefers a more cutesy style, there’s also the Eraser Advent Calendar ($39.90). We’re not entirely sure why anyone would need 25 erasers, but hey, if you’ve made some serious mistakes this year that need cleaning up, go for it.

Jokes aside, these will surely be vibrant and adorable, judging from their usual eraser section. And each box comes with a gratitude prompt so you’ll find something to be thankful for every day.

Get these from kikki. K’s outlets or online store.


4. Bottled booze from Thirsty Craft Beer


Craft Beer Advent Calendar 2018 SingaporeImage credit: Thirsty Beer Shop

Tis’ the season to be jolly, i.e. the season of eating, drinking, and merrymaking. With emphasis on drinking. Sure, we don’t need alcohol to have fun, but it sure makes things a lot easier! Let the good times roll with the Craft Beer Advent Calendar ($159) from local beer store Thirsty Craft Beer.

Types of beer in this magic box include IPAs, Blondes, Stouts and more – with each bottle working out to just around $6.60. What’s more, free doorstep delivery will be provided.

Get this from Thirsty Beer Shop’s outlets or online store.


5. Mini LEGO figurines from Toys “R” Us


LEGO Advent Calendar 2018LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar ($49.99)
Image credit: Toys “R” Us

Avid collectors and builders of LEGO kits will go gaga over the LEGO Advent Calendars (from $34.99) at Toys “R” Us. There are 4 themes to choose from, including Star Wars, that’ll bring out your inner child.

LEGO Friends Advent Calendar 2018LEGO Friends Advent Calendar for females, with Christmas-related figurines that can double up as bracelet charms or tree decorations
Image adapted from: Toys “R” Us

These don’t come with buildable landscapes, so feel free to add them on to your existing ones. Or, just treat them as collectors’ figurines, and display them in a neat row in your showcase.

Get these at Toys “R” Us’s outlets or online store.


6. Colouring book from Book Depository


Colouring Book Advent Calendar 2018 SingaporeImage credit: Book Depository

Colouring don’t just have to be for kiddos. Take some time out for art therapy with Advent Calendar to Colour ($10.66) by Stella Baggott, a fold-out, free-standing hardback illustrated with a snowy cityscape.

Colouring Book Advent Calendar 2018 SingaporeThe book folds out to be a self-standing display piece
Image credit: Colour With Claire

The premise is simple: open one of the 25 window flaps each day, and bring the scene to life with colour as you go along.

Colouring Book Advent Calendar 2018 SingaporeEach window flap opens to reveal a cute character or Christmas motif
Image adapted from: Colour With Claire

Best part? Free shipping to Singapore.

Get this online from Book Depository.


7. Assorted tea sachets from T2


T2 tea Advent Calendar 2018Image credit: T2

If tea’s what gets you going in the morning, T2’s Big Book of Secret Teas and Brews to Please Advent Calendar ($35) will be your cup of joy. Apart from an assortment of 24 loose leaf tea/tisane sachets – including flavours like Lemon Sorbet, Creme Brulee, and Japanese Sencha, this collection also includes fun facts and riddles. 

T2 tea Advent Calendar 2018Image adapted from: T2

Get this at T2’s outlets or online store.


8. Bath bombs and body lotion from LUSH


Image credit: LUSH

If you’re lucky enough to have a bathtub in your home – or are someone who goes on regular staycations and holidays – go on and set yourself up for multiple soaks with LUSH’s Wonderful Christmas Time ($399) hamper. Other than plenty of full-sized Bath Bombs, this fragrant box of 24 bath time treats includes Body Conditioners, Massage Bars, and recent cult favourite, Sleepy Shower Gel.

LUSH Advent Calendar 2018Image credit: LUSH

If that many items overwhelms you, pamper yourself with the smaller 12 Days of Christmas ($199) set instead. Either use it over the 12 days of Christmas with your true love *wink, wink*, or take it as a 12-day countdown to the special day!

LUSH Advent Calendar 2018LUSH’s 12 Days of Christmas set
Image credit: LUSH

LUSH Advent Calendar 2018Image credit: LUSH

This is sold out online, but you can still get it at LUSH’s outlets.


9. Chocolate from Lindt, Cadbury, and Reese’s


Lindt chocolate Advent Calendar 2018 SingaporeLindt’s Advent Calendar, which comes with chocolates shaped like reindeers and Santa
Image credit: Redmart

You can’t go wrong with chocolate, and snacking on one piece per day is a fun (and tasty) way to get through your responsibilities while in a holiday mood. Treat yourself to a Lindt Advent Calendar ($14.31), Reese’s Countdown to Christmas Calendar ($15.40) filled with Peanut Butter Cups Miniatures, or the best of Cadbury with their Heroes Christmas Advent-ure Calendar ($10.97).

Chocolate Advent Calendar 2018 SingaporeImage adapted from: Redmart, Redmart

Afraid of packing on the pounds? Plamil has organic, gluten-free chocolate advent calendar alternatives with no added sugar ($10.97). And if you’re a brony, add a little sparkle to your days with the My Little Pony Light Up Advent Calendar ($10.71) by Kinnerton.

Chocolate Advent Calendar 2018 SingaporeMLP and sugar-free chocolate advent calendars
Image adapted from: Redmart, Redmart

Get these and more in supermarkets, or online from Redmart.


10. Cruelty-free beauty products from The Body Shop


The Body Shop Advent Calendar 2018Enchanted Deluxe Advent Calendar
Image credit: The Body Shop

Apart from how delicious they smell, we love The Body Shop’s skincare products for being cruelty-free. Fittingly, on top of the 25 items they contain, their Beauty Advent Calendars also come with daily eco-challenges so you can play your part in saving Mother Earth. 

Here’s a lil’ teaser: Going meat-free once a week, donating to an animal charity, and ditching disposable cups for a mug.

The Body Shop Advent Calendar 2018Enchanted Ultimate Advent Calendar
Image credit: The Body Shop

The Deluxe ($199) version has a good mix of favourites including Body Butters, Lotions, and Scrubs. If you’re up for a splurge, the Ultimate ($429) version comes with items of higher value, 14 of which are full-sized.

Get these from The Body Shop’s outlets.


Advent calendars 2018


Though we haven’t reached December, shopping malls are already decked out in (artificial) holly, shimmery baubles, and fairy lights – and if that doesn’t make you excited for Christmas yet, perhaps a Advent calendar full of fun little surprises might. After all, it’s like receiving mini gifts for a whole 12 or 24 days before the big day – and who doesn’t like presents?

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