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christmas dining deals

7 Christmas Dining Deals In Singapore That Will Save You Extra Cash For Buying Gifts

Christmas Dining Deals  


christmas dining deals

You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout, I’m telling you why – Christmas deals are coming to town. The festive season is a favourite for both adults and children alike for many reasons – Christmas parties, gift exchanges, and most importantly, the quintessential Christmas feast. 

To gear up for the upcoming festivities, these restaurants and shops are unveiling special discounts and menus for your enjoyment. Chime in with the merry tunes and revel in good company with your loved ones with these 7 delectable and money-saving dining options: 


1. Gudetama Café Singapore – $5 dessert with Salted Egg main 


Fans of Gudetama and salted egg, you may want to reserve yourself a table at this cafe for Christmas. Help yourself to innovative salted egg creations at the one and only Gudetama Café Singapore in Suntec City.  

salted egg salmon lasagna

Ugh, so cute. This Salted Egg Salmon Lasagna ($23.90) is coated with a generous amount of rich, briny salted egg sauce, doused with a handful of bread croutons, sun dried cherry tomatoes and leafy greens. The finishing touch – a round, glistening poached egg, with the adorable face of Gudetama. 

runny egg

Slice open this poached egg and watch as the runny yolk oozes out 

under the sea golden pot

Liven up your meal with some good ol’ seafood. The Under the Sea Golden Pot ($27.90) is packed with fresh prawns, sweet crab claw meat, and soft, chewy squid. 

egg chanted bliss

The salted egg marathon doesn’t stop at mains. Round off your salted egg-themed Christmas dinner with Egg-chanted Bliss ($12.90), a vanilla-flavoured soft serve dish with tart fruits like raspberries and kiwis nestled at the bottom. 

strawvery lazy and mashcha

Wash all that food down with refreshing drinks like Straw-Very “Lazy” ($8.50), a strawberry infused rose tea with lychees and blueberries, and Mash-Cha ($11.90), a matcha smoothie with Pepero sticks, popcorn, and marshmallows.

gudetama cafeDine in the privacy of this egg-shaped cocoon

Promotion details:

  • $23.90 for Salted Egg Salmon Lasagna
  • $27.90 for Under the Sea Golden Pot 
  • $12.90 for Egg-chanted Bliss 
  • $5 for Egg-Chanted Bliss when you order either Under The Sea Golden Pot or Salted Egg Salmon Lasagna

Valid from: 1 Nov 2018 – 31 Dec 2018


2. Furama RiverFront Singapore – 25% off Salted Egg Yolk Log Cake 


There’s nothing like having a one-on-one afternoon tea sesh with your bestie at the Waterfall Lounge in Furama RiverFront Singapore

salted egg yolk log cake

Of all the salted egg contraptions you can possibly find in the market, Furama RiverFront’s Salted Egg Yolk Log Cake takes the cake for us (pun intended). This enticing 2-pound swiss roll cake is layered with a generous helping of berries and salted egg frosting, with a mix of sweet and salty cream rolled up with vanilla sponge cake. 

salted egg cakeEnjoy a slice or two of these salted egg cakes 

Pair your dessert with a glass of Salted Egg Frappe – a vanilla latte coated with a thick layer of salted egg cream and bits of salted egg yolk. This sweet and mildly savoury concoction will have you licking your lips and going ‘mmm’ with just one sip. 

salted egg frappe

If the thought of these salted egg desserts make you go “yas please”, don’t be shy – use our discount code “TSL X FRF” to redeem a 25% off discount for the Salted Egg Yolk Log Cake ($52.50, U.P. $70) and Salted Egg Frappe ($9.60, U.P. $12.80) and a 20% off all other Christmas menu items

Promotion details:

  • 25% off Salted Egg Yolk Log Cake & Salted Egg Frappe
  • 20% off other items on the Christmas menu

Valid from: 1 Dec 2018 – 1 Jan 2019


3. Gong Cha – $1 off Golden Salted Egg Milk Foam Tea 


Gong Cha needs no introduction, but their latest offering does. From now till 6th Jan 2019, Gong Cha will be celebrating their 1st Anniversary since returning to Singapore with a special limited edition drink, Golden Salted Egg Milk Foam Tea.

Layered on top of the drink is milk foam made from a blend of milk and salted egg. The tea itself is brewed with brown sugar, a healthier alternative to normal castor sugar, and Gong Cha’s in-house green tea. 

salted egg foam gongcha

The staff suggested to us two ways of drinking the tea – either take a sip of the foam to get a taste of the salted egg first, then drink the sweetened tea, or mix it all together from the get-go. 

Promotion details:

  • $2.80 (U.P. $3.80) for Golden Salted Egg Milk Foam Tea 
  • Available at all outlets

Valid from: 1 Dec 2018 – 6 Jan 2019


4. Swensen’s – free platter with two Christmas mains for HSBC Credit cardholders


swensen's platter

Whether you’ve been naughty or nice, Swensen’s Christmas promo doesn’t discriminate. As a go-to for family gatherings since our yesteryears, the restaurant has done it again – they’ve crafted a Christmas lunch menu for you to savour with family and friends. 

winter combo

This Winter Combo ($22.90) includes a grilled turkey breast, salmon fillet, cheesy sausage, some gratin potato and mesclun salad on the side. The dish has all the different kinds of meat you can envision being served on Christmas Eve, perfectly portioned for one pax. 

medallion of beef

Cravin’ some juicy cuts? Swensen’s got you covered with Medallion of Beef ($23.90), a sirloin steak platter with beef gravy, honey glaze chestnuts and cranberry sauce.

oh jolly platter

Oh Jolly, just look at how enticing the deep fried breaded shrimp looks when dipped in the mango purée and mayo mixed sauce. It’s one of the bites on the Oh Jolly Platter ($9.90), which also comes laden with chicken wings and chunky, steak cut potatoes. No wonder it’s a hit with the little ones.

All this good food calls for light refreshing beverages, like the Elderflower Floral iced fruit tea and Honey Medley iced fruit tea on the side, specially concocted for the joyous season. 

Swensen’s SingPost outlet

Promotion details:

  • Order any two Christmas mains and get a free Oh Jolly Platter. Only for HSBC Credit Cardholders. T&Cs apply.

Valid from: 1 Nov 2018 – 31 Dec 2018


5. Hot Tomato – $23.90 for the Ribeye steak and Boston lobster Set 


Hot Tomato wants to help you end the year off with a bang – treat yourself to a platter of Ribeye steak and Boston Lobster ($23.90), served with salad and fries. This winning combination has premium ingredients, but it’ll scarcely break the bank. 

ribeye steak and boston lobster

We opted for our ribeye steak to be cooked medium rare. It wins brownie points for being extra juicy, tender and well marbled. 

Besides the steak and lobster, you can try out other recommended dishes, including Hot Tomato’s fish and chips ($9.50) as well as Caesar salad ($7.50). 

lobster meatSink your fork into the lobster meat and be greeted with its distinctively sweet, briney taste and soft, chewy texture 

hot tomato nex

hot tomato Opt for the counter seats for a more private dining experience with your loved ones 

Promotion details:

  • $23.90 for Ribeye Steak and Boston Lobster 
  • Available at all outlets

Valid from: 1 Dec 2018 – 31 Dec 2018


6. QQ Rice – Christmas Bento Sets at $8.50 nett


qq rice christmas bento

QQ Rice usually serves healthy Taiwanese-style rice rolls and bento sets – Build Your Own style. 

They’re offering a bento set, complete with a side of drinks, at only $8.50 nett for a limited time. You can choose from either Korean Bean Baked Chicken Bento, which is topped with honeyed, tender chicken, or Thai Curry Sword Fish Bento, which is a tad sour and spicy like Tom Yum. 

oat riceThe bento is served with Oat Rice. It is not only healthy but delicious.

korean bean baked chicken bentoKorean Bean Baked Chicken Bento 

If you’re feeling thirsty, the set comes with a choice of Fresh Le Huo Drink which is a combination of many fresh juices, i.e. grape and orange in bottled form for your convenience. 

le huo drink

Promotion details:

  • Korean Bean Baked Chicken Bento / Thai Curry Sword Fish Bento with Le Huo Drink for $8.50
  • Available at all outlets

Valid from: 1 Dec 2018 


7. Big Fish Small Fish – limited-edition treasure box set with salted egg dip, calamari, fish chunks and prawns at $12.90


big fish small fish

We know what you’re thinking – more salted egg! Yes! Big Fish Small Fish is serving a toss up of battered seafood for your gustatory pleasure – have some calamari, fish of the day, and prawns – all deep fried to golden perfection. 

golden delight

The Christmas set, also known as Golden Delight, comes with a limited edition salted egg dip, which tastes a little more tangy with the addition of the tartar sauce.

sauce optionsHelp yourself to the additional Free Flow sauces available at the Self Service Station

big fish small fish restaurantThe open concept restaurant is perfect for casual lunches or dinner with friends 

Promotion details:

  • Special limited edition Golden Delight box including battered calamari, fish of the day, and prawns for $12.90  
  • Available at all outlets

Valid from: 9 Nov 2018 – 31 Dec 2018


Dining deals for the festive season


christmas dining deals

Winter is coming and you deserve to treat yourself to all the Christmas goodies that you can get your hands on. With all these delightful food deals, you’ll be spoilt for choice. 

But don’t worry over the lack of stomach space, you have more than a month to check off each Christmas menu item – starting from 1st November. Put on your Christmas sweater and reindeer hat, and head down to these restaurants to satiate the inner foodie in you. 

What’s more – if you visit any of the restaurants serving salted egg creations above, be sure to snap a photo of your dining experience and upload it on Instagram with the hashtag #saltedeggshiok to win attractive prizes. 

The best photo will win a 2D1N stay at 5-star Shangri-La’s Rasa Sentosa Resort & Spa with complimentary breakfast (worth over $635), while 4 lucky draw winners can walk away with a $50 Grab voucher each. Shiok! 

salted egg shiok prizeImage credit: Salted Egg Shiok

If you’re looking for more salted egg delicacies to indulge upon, or you want to find out more about Salted Egg Shiok promos, visit this website for a fully illustrated, detailed map to commence your salted egg food trail. 

Find out more about #saltedeggshiok here!

This post was brought to you by Salted Egg Shiok.