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Adecco CEO Challenge 2020: How To Be A CEO For One Month With Perks Like A 5-Figure Salary & Free Trips

CEO for One Month challenge by Adecco

adecco singaporeImage credit (LHS): @mynameisfauzi

Head back, feet up on the table and a view overlooking the city right behind you – that’s probably one of the working life fantasies we all had when we were younger. You know, being the CEO of a company and running the show kinda thing.

Good news my fellow dreamers, The Adecco Group is giving you a chance to make that a reality – somewhat. You’ll get to wear that CEO title for a month, and get a taste of what it’s like to head a huge multinational company and earn a whopping $23,000.

Their “CEO for One Month” challenge has already been around for 7 long years, with each year offering exciting new opportunities for every candidate. Here’s what you could be experiencing this year:

Be a CEO for One Month at Adecco Singapore

For starters, there will be 2 stages to the challenge. The first being on a national level and the second, on a global scale. Compete against the thousands of applicants to emerge as the CEO for One Month Singapore winner, before competing with winning candidates from more than 40 other participating countries to clinch the ultimate role: CEO for One Month 2020 Global Winner.

adecco ceo for one month winnerCEO for One Month Singapore 2019, Keith Looi (third from left) pictured with the leadership team of Adecco Singapore.
Image credit: Adecco Singapore

Before you take on the world, you’ll first meet and work alongside the CEO and leadership team of Adecco Singapore. Here, you’ll get an inside look at the life of being a senior business leader. You will also be attending back-to-back business meetings, have client lunches and answer regional calls, just like how anyone holding a top position would.

adecco company cultureImage credit: Adecco Singapore

Amidst the list of things to enjoy is also the chance to travel. Take last year’s national winner, Keith Looi – he travelled to Bintan to support Adecco employees and Macau as an incentive trip for top billers of the quarter to unwind.

adecco team buildingThe leadership team even went on the Macau Tower Sky Walk
Image credit: Adecco Singapore

But it’s not all just fun and games. Grit your teeth and prove your worth over a series of challenges, ranging from an innovation project to tackling business cases. You’ll want to be amongst the 10 outstanding ‘CEOs for One Month’ to advance to the boss level, literally.

Train at a global boot camp in a major city

Hard work, check. Outshine the other 46 candidates, check. The reward? A chance to attend a global boot camp in a major city. They’re keeping the deets hushed for now but you can be sure that it’s going to be the trip of a lifetime.

adecco challengeImage credit: Adecco Singapore

Whether it’s to London like in 2018 or Germany like 2019, you will get to go on an all-expenses-paid trip to further hone your skills and gain that one-of-a-kind experience to beef up your CV. Expect lots of presentations, group work and challenges that will stretch your potential professionally. 

If you do emerge top at this rigorous boot camp, the Global CEO for One Month position will be yours to claim. That’s a bump up from an $8,000 pay while you’re under the mentorship of Adecco Singapore’s CEO, Mark Hall, to a $23,000 pay as you move on to be the next Global CEO for One Month.

Shadow The Adecco Group’s Global CEO and earn SGD23,000

The golden ticket that everyone’s aiming for: the chance to work under the direct supervision of The Adecco Group’s Global CEO, Alain Dehaze. You will be leading their power company which also happens to be listed under Fortune 500 – a list that ranks 500 of the largest US corporations based on their total revenue for the year. 

adecco overseas opportunitiesImage credit: Adecco Singapore

Under his tutelage, you will get a first-hand experience of how multinational companies operate, learn how to handle client visits, conduct conferences and lead meetings. And all these while travelling from country to country, continent to continent.

adecco companySophia Lim, Global CEO for One Month 2019 pictured with The Adecco Group’s Global CEO Alain Dehaze, executive committee and ecosystem leadership in Singapore.
Image credit: Adecco Singapore

For example, the Global CEO for One Month 2019 winner, Sophia Lim from Hong Kong, visited 7 countries and 3 continents – America, Europe and Asia, going through operations review of different brands and businesses, all within her one month stint. 

Be The Adecco Group’s next “CEO For One Month”

adecco award winsAdecco Singapore received Top 10 Great Place to Work award for the second year running
Image credit: Adecco Singapore

Everything sounds too good to be true but if you’ve got what it takes, this will be a life-changing 1 month where you’ll get to lead a top company under the wings of the CEO. 

Even if you don’t emerge as a finalist, the selection process in Singapore itself will be a good platform for you to build a solid foundation for any workplace and provide an exclusive insight into the intricacies of how a multinational corporation operates.

And FYI, The Adecco Group headquartered in Switzerland is the world’s leading workforce solutions provider that has conquered 60 countries and territories around the globe. 

So if being a CEO has been your lifelong dream, here’s your chance to inch closer to that and fortify your resume in the process. All you have to do is to complete the online application for The Adecco Group’s “CEO for One Month” challenge before 19th March 2020. Who knows – you could be the next industry leader.

Join The Adecco Group “CEO For One Month” challenge here

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