I don’t know about you, but I get excited hearing the word “party”.

I’m all for booze and babes and dr-dr-dr-drop the bass but I realize I always leave unfulfilled after every party. And today I realized what every house party and every club party I’ve been to that is lacking.

Food. Oh wait. Party food.

Cupcakes made with butter and cream cheese from one of the sponsors, SCS! Yum.

Asian Food Channel is premiering their first locally produced program, “A Party Affair”, featuring the effortlessly charming, Singapore chef Willin Low.

In this program, we will see the good chef spilling tips on how to host interesting parties as he gracefully put together fuss-free and delish party food. Expect to see dishes that combine Asian flavors with Western touches, not to forget how aesthetically pleasing they will be!

We got to see him in action as he started easy, witty banter while expertly cooking a scallop. Have I been more impressed? No. Will I specifically date men who cook now? Yes. Sigh.

The first dish is Penang Laksa Kueh Pie Tee. Now I don’t know why laksa has nationalities but I know that I loved this.

Chef Willin showed us how simple spices (pungent as most of them are) can come together to end up with a delightful taste on your tongue and how easy it is to whip these up for ourselves at home.

Then, he guided us to the array of ingredients in front of him, inviting us to construct our own Kueh Pie Tee before adding the final touch of the paste into the little cups.

My kueh pie tee looked sad, and you’ll see later.

Most of the ingredients were provided by Del Monte, one of their sponsors!

The second dish is Seared Scallops Guacamole & Salsa Kueh Pie Tee. I am all for fancy terms (I once ate a “This Is A Bread” menu item at Paris Baguette) but I do love the occasional specifics, so detailed!

He showed us how to sear one side of the scallop and leave the other side more pristine, but yet attaining a perfect flavour. We then added our own quirks into our little cups, and when the scallop bowl came to me I was tempted to steal it but I decided to be classy and not embarrass myself.

My kueh pie tee looked better this better!

This is his masterpiece.

These are our junior pieces.

Hey hey hey it does not look appetizing but it tasted fantastic okay. Though I really think its through no ingredient choosing credit of mine because I pretty much took out the cucumber and pineapple slices and only ate the kueh pie tee with the penang laksa hahah oops I’d drink it if I could

The other one was brilliant. I am very scared of trying new spices but I saw everyone else eating so peer pressure made me load on up the spices too and my god scallop tastes exquisite combined with them. I loved it.

Afterwards, we were given a tour of the Kitchen Culture showroom, where Chef Willin hosted the program. It also coincidentally happened to be the same place he did a cooking segment on 7 years ago, on Channel U.

His friends had asked if that was really his kitchen and he’d nonchalantly nod his head!

So state of the art.

I’d expect to see these furrniture in a space shuttle. Like fast forward 100 years where we are all orbiting around Earth in our little space capsules, I’d expect my furnishings to be done by Kitchen Culture. Furniture here looks so very sleek and sexy.

You could cook a disaster here and it’ll still taste good from the sheer impressiveness of the place. Bye bye in-progress-chef-skillz and hello new kitchen!

Our lunch afterwards!

We enjoyed the first screening of “A Party Affair” and his charisma really just exudes from his onscreen persona and everything was filmed in such brilliant color. I loved it. It felt too short even sigh.

He shared his three great tips for party food:

1. It must look good
2. It must taste good
3. It must make your guests look good

The first two are a given, but the last one was something that never occurred to me. He explained that this means food with no sloppy aftertaste or that are teeth-staining. Oh no goodness knows how tak glam I’ve been on previous parties now sigh.

The Chef himself and the team of sponsors!

My mum tries very hard to cook for us. But she has not realized that I’m 147cm and my stomach’s the size of a small stone so she always end up over cooking. And I found out I was full after two kueh pie tees.

I also found out that we subscribed to Asian Food Channel last year when I was in my baking phrase. So now I am going to find out if my mum enjoys AFC on maximum volume.

So let’s make a date for our party affair.

When does A Party Affair Premiere?

Date: 20th November 2013
Time: 9 PM
Channel: Asian Food Channel (Channel 435)

Catch the charismatic Chef Willin in reel action, exclusively presented by Del Monte Asia and co-sponsored by Kitchen Culture and SCS! Tell your party friends and pick up a tip, and we can all be tummy-happy party folks together!

Disclosure: Media Invitation