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9 Things to do after you Graduate


Things to do after you graduate


Remember that moment back in secondary, where they announced the date of the graduation ceremony? You probably had difficulties concentrating during lessons because you were so excited about your post-graduation plans.

Well, here are a few things that were probably at the back of your mind. Despite our parent’s protesting, we’ll probably go ahead with them anyway.


1. Dye your hair



It’s just dye and will eventually wash out. No problem, right?

WRONG! For some of us, talking our parents into letting us dye our hair ain’t gonna be a walk in the park. 


2. Get your license



It seemed like forever but FINALLY you’re old enough to enrol in driving school. Little did you know about the ‘perks’ that came with being able to drive.

Mum : Ah boy, can you fetch mei mei from school?

Son : …


3. Get some piercings



 *covers eyes*


4. Get a new car from your parents


Not everyone can convince their parents to do so. Need some ideas?


5. Not have to wear uniforms to class



There should be a campaign for this. After almost 11 years of wearing itchy uniforms, you must be more than ready to get out of it.


6. Leave my fringe and sideburns long (for guys)


No offense guys, but not everyone can pull of the ‘Harry Styles’ style. Anyhow, the guy in the video above has great hair and knows how to wear it as well.


7. Meet hot guys/chicks in college


*incoherent fangirling*


8. Be freeeeeeeee




9. Burn my textbooks



I, for one, have thought of doing this. For readers who have yet to graduate, this isn’t any form of encouragement.


The joy of Graduation


Graduation marks the end of our journey and the start of a new one. And its no better to Christian the moment by doing something special like the above.

So, what are your post-graduation plans? Feel free to share them in the comments below!