I wish I was Superman.

I mean the perks are mad obvious right. I am a sexy sexy journalist by day who can pry information out of terrorist with my curly swirl and I am a not-well-disguised red and blue super star by night. 

But best of all – I would be able to fly. I would be able to go tax free from country to country, spreading the fashion of red-and-blue (my fave combo) and I can treat all the clouds in my way as pillows for my atas super head. 

We can’t all be Superman, but we all can fly.


Our AirAsia Trip to Bangkok



Say hello to the AirAsia poster!

And us looking mighty cheesy! But most importantly…



For one day only, Y.E.S. 93.3FM DJs Peifen and Jianfa joined our flight as attendants. They were decked in AirAsia’s best and looking every bit like the professional attendant.

But can we talk about how cute she is and how hot he is and how a plane’s scenery is supposed to be a window seat watching the lands below and not an aisle seat checking out celebrities?

No? Okay. (sad face)


I am a wuss and I’m usually mad scared of plane take-offs but the flight upwards was smooth and instead of praying for my safety I prayed for food to come. 

Afterwards it was just me flooding my phone with fluffy cloud photos and really vain pictures of myself that I shall save you from. But how can I help it with such fantastic lighting heh heh.


Only figured out where the camera lens is after the first three photos.


Check out the goodies from Y.E.S. 93.3FM!

It was given to every flyer on the plane! I was desperately hungry and tried to peel the mandarins but midway I forgot where I put them – they were in the bag placed overhead after this photo was taken – and I starved sigh.

Also, is the AirAsia cafe menu cute or cute?!

For some time while the plane settled in its flight, me and Wei Ling chit chatted and time seemed to stretch because we were both hungry, toilet-needy (sorry guy on the aisle seat) and thirsty.


A look at AirAsia’s Inflight Food



Food, glorious food!

I think I was sobbing happy when they handed the food to me. Wei Ling had the patience and the mad resistance to the food and just snapped photos like it didn’t affect her.

I was struggling to not rip the packaging off and just devour it while screaming “JOY TO THE WORLD“. But I am weak in the face of peer pressure so thank god for her for these photos heh heh. 


I do not eat green curry usually but my god was this good.

It was not very spicy but I have a low tolerance so midway I just started tearing up a little and my face was getting red and I think I scared Wei Ling ahahah I’m sorry!

But it was good enough for me to go against my tolerance and just keep stuffing my face because you do not reject good food, you eat them and ask meekly then dangerously for more. 


And this: the crown jewel of AirAsia’s in-flight meals.

I do not eat mango sticky rice because it is sweet and sticky and heaty. So when this came, I intended to just eat a spoon and shove the rest to oblivion.

As it turned out, not only did I finish every last morsel of the mango, but I chugged down the rice like a true blue asian while thanking the thai legends who made this dish.

Thank you.



Look at my table does it not look like a feast?


Our gorgeous flight attendant handing us our tuna tortilla!

Also I think I may be in love.


Hello baby.

I like this one best because the green curry burnt my lousy lips and blazed down my throat so this was the perfect dessert to cool me down. So thoughtful of AirAsia!

(dramatic tears)


Fit for a king.

This was my final resistance. After this photo I ate everything including the boxes and there was nothing left. May have taken a bite out of the tray too. I’m sorry.


And the cutest surveyor ever.


And these are the flyers’ verdicts!

Well-fed people are happy people heh heh.


Thailand says hi.

Touched down in less than 2.5 hours and instead of being jet-lagged and half-dead from hunger, we were well-fed and completely ready to last the night ahead! Which included Pahtong at one point but let Wei Ling tell you more about that soon.


Thank you AirAsia for the lovely flight and Inflight food experience! 

May we all soar (I am so punny) to greater heights! Also check out Wei Ling’s blog of what we did in Bangkok!

Disclosure: Media Invitation