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7th month survival guide - cover image

The Singaporean’s Extreme Guide To Surviving 7th Month: 8 Tips For Scaredy Cats

7th month survival guide

Some people are batsh*t terrified of heights, while others get absolutely freaked over 8-legged critters. But most of us have one unified hair-rising fear: yep, ghosts. They have us jumping out of our skins – even in CGI form.

So, here’s an extreme guide on how to ward off ghosts during Hungry Ghost Festival. Execute these at your own risk – we don’t take responsibility for anyone getting fired from work or shunned by friends.

1. Die-die also don’t OT

7th month survival guide - OT in office

Night-time is when ghostly sightings hit the roof. Are you going to be in your office in the dead of the night, smashing buttons on the keyboard while who-knows-what lurks over your shoulders? Hell to the nah. No bonus is gonna make up for that trauma.

That report your boss needs can wait. If they’re unconvinced, send them our article on office ghost stories. You’re welcome.

2. Make the ghosts watch horror movies instead

7th month survival guide - ghostbusters
That’s right, come any closer and you face the wrath of the Proton Pack.

Video credit: Giphy

Deterrence is the best measure against external threats – so says our Social Studies teacher. 

So deter we shall. Power up the telly, roll Ghostbusters and Buffy the Vampire Slayer and let that be a fair warning to any lurking Caspers. If horror shows like The Conjuring can scare the crap out of us, the reverse should hold true. 

3. Go botak in the name of safety

7th month survival guide - go botak

2010’s Justin Bieber called and he wants his thick, side-swept bangs back. Everyone knows covering the forehead is a big no-no since it makes you vulnerable to ghost attacks. Don’t stop at getting baby bangs. Go all out and rock “The Rock”. Your entire head should be a shining don’t-come-near-me beacon in the dark. 

4. Be wholesome AF to get good karma

7th month survival guide - crying ndp man
mage credit: Lawrence Wong via Facebook

According to feng shui masters, ghosts feed off the negative energies of people with bad karma. So, now’s the time to be the best human being your mom dreamt you up to be.

Collect good karma points by being the best citizen in your neighbourhood. Be as wholesome as the NDP crying man, volunteer at the dog shelter, and help an ah ma cross the street.

Never rip a number plate from someone’s car or enter the MRT without a mask – even if Mr Hantu doesn’t get to you, the online vigilantes will.

5. Adopt an accent, but just for this month only

7th month survival guide - put on an accent

An unofficial rule: Western ghouls don’t haunt Asians and Asian ghosts don’t haunt Westerners. 

Our hot take? Pretend to not be a Singaporean entirely by dropping all Singlish speak and adopting another accent. If your friend who went on a summer exchange can pick up a British accent instantly, you’ll be able to get your accent down to a pat, easy.

With any luck, angry spirits will pass you off as the wrong “target audience” during their 7th-month haunting spree. *Fingers crossed*

6. Pay for everything using $1 coins

7th month survival guide - $1 coins
Image credit: Renae Cheng

There is a feng shui myth that the Singapore $1 coin single-handedly cleansed our MRT tunnels from spirits thanks to its ba gua-like octagon symbol. 

No matter if it’s a fact or cap, scaredy cats, we take the chance. Don’t just stop at carrying a single golden coin around. Trade notes for coins with your friends, family, and neighbourhood cai fan uncle. Collect all the $1 coins you can find, and use them exclusively for purchases this month, from bubble tea treats to shopping sprees. 

7. Create a 7th-month nickname

7th month survival guide - create 7th month nickname

Everyone knows not to turn around when they hear their name whispered in the dark, but we’re scared and we take it one step further. They can’t call your name if they don’t know it.

Use an alias during 7th month, I’ll start. Call me Jack Pott, for some extra huat this 7th month, yeah?

8. Only book carpools on ride hailing apps

7th month survival guide - carpool

We already know to skip the last public bus or train, lest you find yourself sharing a ride with other invisible passengers. But if you do need to get home, may we suggest booking a carpool?

You’re almost guaranteed a human buddy to share the ride with you, so there’s really no space for anything supernatural to hitch a ride home with you. Plus, you’d be reducing your carbon footprint. How’s that for bonus karma points?

How to deal with absolute fear during 7th month

There are many ways to deal with fear and we say shave your head, change your name, and face it head-on. You now have this ultra-extreme guide to tide you through this ghost month. Will it help? Who knows, our tips aren’t steeped in credibility but they’re certainly based on unadulterated fear of the paranormal, backed with a smidge of feng shui. That counts for something right?

All jokes aside, be respectful of religious beliefs and we wish everyone a safe 7th month free of flickering lights and hair-raising encounters.

If you like to scare yourself:

Originally published on 12th August 2022. Last updated by Raewyn Koh on 18th August 2023.