So you think you know your skin?



What’s your skin type?

It’s a question I’m often asked by facial therapists, pharmacists, and curious friends deceived into thinking that I have great complexion thanks to my trusty BB cream. Often, my answer is only as detailed as “err, combination?”

Sure, I swear by oil blotters, and pimples occasionally appear to remind me that I am still youthful. But that’s all I know! Isn’t it ironic how our beauticians know more about our skin than we do? More than often, we walk out from the salon feeling pampered and fresh, but sometimes completely clueless.

But this will never happen at Estetica, and here are 5 reasons why this is where you want to up your facial game and be the fairest of them all.


My Customized Facial Experience at Estetica


1. You’ll learn what makes your skin glow



Most beauty parlors usher you into rooms the moment you arrive, but Estetica takes the time to understand your skin type before recommending any treatments. In the consultation room, I filled in a short questionnaire that examined my skincare regime, and had different areas of my face scanned by the SkinTech machine. My therapist then analyzed my skin’s elasticity, pigmentation, hydration and sebum levels, which helped me understand which areas of my skin need better care.


2. Your treatment will be fully customized



The consultation highlighted problems like oily skin, whiteheads, open pores, dull skin and dark eye circles. To address these areas of concern, my therapist painstakingly tailored the following treatment: Exfoliation was done with a brightening scrub, while two serums were applied to control sebum production and reduce the appearance of open pores.

The eye-firming machine was used around my eye contours, improving blood circulation and drainage of toxins. The treatment ended off with face and neck masks – an area often neglected during facials. From start to end, there was a reason behind every choice of product and every step of the routine.


3. The therapists go the extra mile for your comfort




The therapist’s skills made the whole experience everything a quality facial treatment should be – thorough and relaxing. But her meticulousness was what exceeded my expectations. Ask a girl what she hates abouts facial and her answer is almost always extraction – a harsh but necessary pain.

Unlike most beauticians who apply the toner only after it has ended, my therapist used the calming lotion between intervals during extraction. It was more tedious for her, but I really appreciated having the soreness soothed immediately.


4. You get free skincare tips!



If you go to beauty parlors often enough, you must know the awkward moment – the not-so-subtle upselling as you lie there defenseless, waiting for your face mask to set in. But the beauticians at Estetica genuinely care! And they’re eager to share basic skincare tips that don’t involve spending $500 on new products.

Having noticed that my T-zone tends to produce more sebum, my therapist had me hold up a mirror as she demonstrated the optimal way to apply my moisturizer and night cream at home – a thoughtful touch that added value to my experience.


5. Better skin after just one session.


Honestly, I kept my hopes low as I haven’t had a facial treatment in 5 months. How could one session fix nearly half a year of laziness?! Surprisingly, the result exceeded my expectations. My face felt firmer and fresher, and my pores could breathe at long last – purged of all impurities.

After facials, I’m usually paranoid about exposing my newfound porcelain skin to the deadly dirt and dust outdoors. Yet even after spending the whole evening being out and about, my face remained clear at the end of the day!




There were many things I never knew about my skin before my session at Estetica. For instance, I now realize it’s about time to start using anti-ageing products. Had it not been for the consultation, the skincare slob that I am might have put it off till it’s too late. The therapist’s professionalism and expertise, coupled with the range of ést.lab products, made the treatment very reassuring – one that I’d recommend to my friends.

True to Estetica’s slogan, I was in good hands.


Get it for $68 today!


With 35 years of experience, Estetica is a veteran of the wellness industry. They have outlets all over the island, so you won’t have trouble finding one nearby to enjoy this great deal:

The Estetica Customized Facial ($198) that I enjoyed is going for a promotional price at $68 – a steal if you ask me. Whichever your skin type is, there’s bound to be something at Estetica for you. So instead of picking random and generic packages off the treatment menu, give your skin what it really needs today.


This post was brought to you by Estetica.

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