Because Words Aren’t Enough


Why bother typing in words when you can express yourself through emoji and stickers? Talking to your friends has always been through words, but with the growing popularity of messaging apps like Viber and Whatsapp, this is changing – some emotions can’t be expressed through words alone. 

On top of their original Singapore Lah! sticker pack, as part of the SG50 celebrations, Viber has released 3 new localised sticker packs featuring popular Singlish expressions. Aptly named Singapore Shiok!, Fun in Singapore! and #Hashtags (Singapore), these stickers are a fun way to tell your friends you’re shopping along Orchard Road or when somebody stepped on your toe. 

We looked through these 3 free packs and found the 16 best stickers that every Singaporean will identify with. 


1. Stuck in a Jam Again?!



If you drive to work every morning, taking the MRT may actually be faster. You sit in your car as it inches forward at 10m/s. Suddenly, you spot a sign overhead saying: traffic accident on the PIE.

You fume to your colleague as you jerk to a stop again: “Buay tahan! Why is the traffic jam so bad!”


2. Chiong Past the ERP!



What else does everyone hate about morning commutes? The ERP! Unlike traffic jams, the ERP gantry works  24/7 and never breaks down. Oh no, 1 minute left till the ERP increases by 50 cents! Chiong ah!



3. It’s Lunchtime!



You’ve been waiting ages – okay, just three hours, but still – for this. It’s everybody’s favourite time of the day – lunch! Finally, it’s time to get away from the computer and satisfy your growling stomach with a good plate of char kway tiao. Shiok! 



4. OMG a Chiobu!



A cute girl just walked past your table at the hawker centre and you can’t get your eyes off her. Chiobu alert! You quickly message your friend to hurry up and buy his food so he doesn’t miss out.


Your mind wanders off and you suddenly find yourself daydreaming about the perfect Valentine’s Day date with her. 


5. So Paiseh…


The chiobu you saw just now walked past you again! You absolutely can’t let her get away this time. You muster up the courage and run after her, sneakily slipping behind her on the MRT. It’s time to try some pick up lines you’d memorised a few years ago!image11_20150618-025416_1.gifSource

Alamak… That didn’t come out quite right. Thank goodness you’re getting off at the next MRT station. 



6. Deadlines. Deadlines!



It’s back to work after lunch! Why are there so many papers on my table now? Your boss pops by to tell you to do this by today, that by tomorrow, and gives you a million other deadlines. You wonder why it’s so warm, only to realise that your blood pressure is rising from the stress. 



7. Eskew me…!



It’s finally time to head home, and you’re back on the MRT again. Since it’s rush hour, you find yourself squashed in a large crowd. Why am I so short – I can’t breathe! 


Finally, fresh air that doesn’t smell like perfume or body odour.


8. Friday, Friday!



It’s finally Friday! The week has never been longer. You can’t help but dance along to Rebecca Black’s Friday in celebration. Once you’re done meeting deadlines in the office, you’re exhausted. It’s time to go home and plonk on your bed. 



9. Every day must #OOTD



You’re very proud of your wardrobe – you’ve saved up for the latest H&M, New Look, Forever 21 and Uniqlo collections, and now you have enough #OOTDs to last you 10 years! Now, it’s time to think of 365 different poses for every outfit…



10. Oops!



As you’re about to board the bus, you search high and low in your bag for your wallet, but it’s eluding you somehow. Then you realise that you left it in the restaurant! Perhaps you shouldn’t have eaten that sotong during lunch…



11. Let’s Go Paktor



When you’re in a relationship, every single second spent away from your significant other is dreadful. With the busy week drawing to a close, it’s time for the two of you to catch up. Take a stroll along the Singapore River and watch the ships go by… just perfect!



12. Singapore Weather, Seriously?



When Katy Perry sang Hot N Cold, she might as well have been singing about Singapore’s weather in her song. The blazing sun has disappeared and somehow you feel raindrops on your skin. Why didn’t I listen to my mum and bring an umbrella along?



13. Long Weekends



Instead of using the long weekends to rest, we use them to go on short getaways! You’ve been to every spot in Southeast Asia already – Bali, Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Vietnam – and it’s time to conquer Australia next. Thank goodness for the long weekend this National Day!



14. I’m Sooo Awesome



Everyone knows at least one person who thinks that he/she is the supreme ruler of the universe. You roll your eyes as your deskmate boasts about his latest trip to Japan, his newest Macbook, getting full marks in class… And his favourite line? “I’m awesome!”



15. Why So Ex!



At the end of the week, you receive your bills and review the receipts you collected over the past month. Your eyes pop out – perhaps you shouldn’t have watched Avengers 5 times!



16. Money No Enough



Guess it’s time to scrimp and save next month… You pop by NTUC to buy salad and some canned food to last you through the week…



A Sticker For Every Occasion


These stickers are so unique to Singapore that only Singaporeans will get them. There is a sticker for every occasion and emotion. As the saying goes, a picture tells a thousand words – that’s many words saved with Viber’s stickers! 

If you’re tired of plain old text messaging, Viber’s Singapore sticker packs are available to download for free from the Viber Sticker Market. Say more with less. Celebrate your Singaporeanness with Viber! Happy #SG50 everyone!

This post was brought to you in partnership with Viber.