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20 Clever Life Hacks for Girls



Life hacks are clever methods created by people to improve our lifestyle. They basically act as a shortcut giving you what you want in life, faster. Maybe that’s why we speak Singlish so much, its like the ultimate language life hack.

Would you like to have a warm cup of camomile tea? (British Accent) simply becomes “Want or not”

Although I have to add some of the life hacks here are pretty weird, they do provide us with an easier way to live our lives. I have personally tried all these life hacks myself, so I’ve shared my experiences using them too. These are mostly beauty and home care life hacks girls would love.

For anyone new to any of these life hacks, you definitely want to give keep an open mind. You may end up being extremely surprised about their benefits.


1. Have your lipstick last longer on your lips



Place your lipsticks in the fridge and take them out whenever you want to use them. 

I highly recommend this to the beauty junkies. It worked wonders for me. And if you want more tips on everyday makeup, check out Christabel’s everyday makeup tutorial!

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2. Get pearly white teeth



Rub a pinch of salt straight onto your teeth for a few minutes. Wash your mouth out a few times, to completely remove the salt. Gargling with the salty water will also help with mouth ulcers.

I find this life hack to be useful throughout the week before an important occasion or event.


3. Want odour control in your fridge?



Left over charcoal from your recent BBQ party can be used for moisture absorption and odour control in your fridge. Poke a ziplock bag with satay skewers, leaving tiny holes on it, and place a few charcoals in there. You can use these bagged up charcoals anywhere around the house where you need odour and moisture control.

I’ve grown accustomed to seeing a bag of charcoal next to the bottle of soy sauce in my fridge.


4. Get long and healthy looking eyelashes



Smear a little petroleum jelly on your lashes every night before bed. You will wake up to longer and thicker lashes.

This is one of my crazy beauty secrets that I swear by.


5. Get au naturel rosy lips without lipstick



Gently rub/scrub natural honey, using an old soft bristled toothbrush, onto your pout every night before bed. Do this religiously and those luscious lips are there to stay.


Another beauty secret of mine, passed down from my grandmother. Remember to put on some lip balm after for added protection! 


6. Get rid of your sore throat



Crack a raw egg into a glass of Coca-Cola and stir it well. Drink up Buddy!

I personally swear by this whenever I am having a sore throat. I know, it sounds NASTY. But it works surprisingly well!


7. Get rid of ants in your sugar bowl



Place a small whole red onion together with its skin into the bowl and you will notice lesser or no ant attacks after.

My grandmother learned this bizarre technique during her nanny days in a Caucasian household.


8. Get rid of your sinus problem



Thinly slice a red onion and together with 2-3 betel leaves, soak them in a bowl of boiling water. Place your face over the bowl and inhale the steam slowly. It will clear your sinus after a few seconds. This can also double up as a steaming session to open up your pores. 

I find this a little painful on the eyes because of the red onion but it sure clears up my morning sinus in a heartbeat. Just remember to wash your face after to get rid of the onion smell.


9. Get a cheap natural air freshener



Pandan leaves served as natural air freshener ages ago, thanks to the ketupat making days. They neutralize the smell in musky cabinets, leaving them smelling nice. In addition, the smell keeps unwanted cockroaches away, which is always a plus point! Changing them when the leaves have dried up will save you money from having to buy expensive air fresheners. Win-win!

Visiting me at home, you will find this in almost every cabinet and drawer in the house. Needless to say, I hate cockroaches!


10. Get rid of your rice bug problem



Leave dried chillies in your uncooked rice. This will keep annoying bugs away. 

I found this rather weird when I opened up the container my mother stored the uncooked rice. But it somehow worked for many years.


11. Stop your partner from snoring



Ground an almond nut and mix it into a glass of warm milk. Drink this before bedtime and you will find yourself snoring a lot lesser.

This was something I proposed to my roommate numerous times during my exam period. And if she’s reading this, Hi Sissy!


12. A cheap alternative to eyeliner



Strike a matchstick, dip the blackened end in a little water and line your eyes.

This has helped me when my eyeliner was smeared and I don’t carry mine in my purse. I definitely don’t recommend it to anyone who has sensitive eyes, but I know what you’re thinking, “Why the hell does she carry a box of matches but not her eyeliner in her purse?”. Don’t worry, I questioned myself that too!


13. Stop a boiling lidded pot from overflowing



Pour a cup of tap water over the lidded pot a little at a time. This will immediately stop it. 

I’ve seen my grandmother do this countless of times but it still amazes me every time.


14. Get rid of sniffles



Drink warm rice water and you will feel the difference. 

This is something that worked on me but not on my friends. So give it a try to see if it helps you.


15. Have lighter coloured hair the natural way



Squeeze lemon juice into your hair and leave it in for an hour before showering. Do this every other day and you will find your hair colour lightened by a little after each time.

I do this twice a week to lighten my hair colour, but I don’t recommend this to anyone who has sensitive scalp.

Oh and if you’re looking for hairstyle ideas, check out this video we made!

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16. Make the colour of your denim jeans last longer



Soak them in water mixed with a few drops of your favourite shampoo for an hour. Then pop it into your washing machine for a wash as per normal. You will find that the colour of your jeans not only looks brighter, but does not fade easily. 

My mother still swears by this when doing laundry. She also mentioned that this method works better than the store-bought colour enhancer powders.


17. Double the speed of your boiling



Drop a ceramic soup spoon into the pot to cut its boiling time. As an added bonus, your meat will become tenderer.

I suggest to do this every time you are having steamboat. It will boil your seafood or meat a lot faster which is an advantage when you are hungry!


18. Stop your hard boiled eggs from cracking during boiling



Adding a pinch of salt into the boiling water will prevent your eggs from cracking. 

This helped me a lot when helping my cousin make her wedding favours.


19. Stop the pain from a fresh burn



Rub egg white onto the burn and the pain will disappear almost immediately. The egg white will also prevent any scarring from developing if used for several days. This also works on sunburns.

Having worked in a restaurant before, I was taught this by my mother because of my constant “ability” to get burned almost every time.


20. Replace expensive essential oils



Use pure vanilla extract instead which will leave your room smelling yummy.

I normally do this 30 minutes before expecting someone at the door. Leaving a plate of pre-bought cookies on the table will also make you look as if you just did some baking. That’s a definite way of getting into the good books of your future mother-in-law!


Have a life hack to share?


Life becomes so much better when we know the secrets to living it the best we can. Have a life hack that you love using? Do share it with us by letting us know in the comments!


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