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15 Ways Singaporean Students Dress to School

15 Ways Singaporeans dress to School 


School. An institute of learning where you go to broaden your mind and better yourself. Right?


School is a runway for everyday people. Yup, cancel that plane ticket to New York for Fashion Week, experience it right here in your Polytechnic or University! Trust me, the styles here are far more diverse than anything you’d experience at a fashion show. So pull out that pen and paper and get ready to take some notes.

Here are 15 ways Singaporeans students dress to school.


1. The Fashionistas



These are the people you want to be learning from. Who cares about lecturers? Pay attention to them! You know who they are. They’re the ones your eyes naturally gravitate towards while you’re daydreaming in class. They’re the ones who can pull of anything, and I mean ANYTHING.

You know that giraffe print sweater and silver sequin pants? The ones you’ll surely look ridiculous in? Nope, not these girls. They’ll look great. I know, I know, lets cry together. 

  • Signature Catchphrase:“Oh this? It’s vintage.”
  • How to react: Just stare. And pick your jaw up off of the ground. 

2. The Himbos



Ah, the male equivalent. They love wearing colours that you’ve never even heard of. I’m talking rose gold, salmon, mustard. In your mind you’re thinking, “Bro, that’s just yellow,” but you let it pass anyway because they look incredible and you’re mad jealous.

  • Signature Catchphrase: “No, my pants are tight, they’re just tapered.”
  • How to react: Be friends with them. If you’re lucky, they’ll take you under their wing.

3. The Try Hards



You can’t help but feel bad for those who fall in this category. They are trying their best to look good but unfortunately, they fall a little (a lot) short. You know who they are, the ones with the caked on make up and really odd looking clothes. But hey, at least they are confident about it.

That’s all that matters.

Right…? Anybody?

  • Signature Catchphrase: “OMG I totally am in love with my outfit today!”
  • How to react: Try to wipe that cringe off your face. Please?

4. The Hipsters



Galaxy print. Galaxy print everywhere. These are the ones who think its Laneway everyday. You’ll never catch them in anything remotely normal. Converse is way too mainstream. They’ll be wearing cowboy boots to school but oh don’t be fooled, they’re wearing them ironically.

And they’re probably growing out a moustache too. But don’t you dare call them a hipster because they hate it. (They actually love it.) 

  • Signature Catchphrase: “Its Avant Garde, you wouldn’t get it.”
  • How to react: Stay away. You don’t want to get infected. 

5. The I-Can’t-Be-Bothered



These are the kids who live way too near to school or who live in the hall. School is merely an extension of their house and they see absolutely no reason to get dressed up for it. Their every day attire comprises FBTs and the same t-shirt they slept in. They also happen to be in a relationship with their flip flops.  

  • Signature Catchphrase: “No, its different from the one I was wearing yesterday!”
  • How to react: Trust me, they smell bad. Keep your distance.

6. The Clubbers



These are the ones who seem to have a party to head to every night. And they come to school dressed for the parties as if they are just too busy to change after school. One might assume their schedules are tighter than their skirts. 

  • Signature Catchphrase: “Eh, you got guest list or not?”
  • How to react: Resist the urge to wrap a blanket around them.

7. The Future Politicians



These ones are intense.They show up in full business attire, as if they’re always ready to give a speech or discuss politics. You find yourself wondering what their legs look like when you realise you’ve never seen them in anything but perfectly tailored trousers. 

  • Signature Catchphrase: “Oh no, I’m not feeling warm in this.”
  • How to react: Be nice, you might be looking at the next Prime Minister. 

8. The I-Want-To-Be-In-A-Rap-Video



On the flip side, you’ve got these kids who draw their fashion inspiration from MTV. They wear their pants so low, its almost as if they’ve managed to somehow defy gravity. Their main fashion accessory are their boxers and just.. I don’t need to see that. Keep it in your pants. 

  • Signature Catchphrase: “Yo dawg, check out my new bling, swag city man!”
  • How to react: Close your eyes unless you want to get way too personal with them. 

9. The Late Night Mugger



This is everybody at some point in time. You stayed up all night studying for the test and the next moment you realise class starts in 15 mins! You basically run out in whatever it is you’re wearing only to realise the coffee stains on your shirt don’t really complement the bags under your eyes or the foul smell coming from your mouth.  

  • Signature Catchphrase: “I’m so sleepy!”
  • How to react: Don’t be mean, your time will come.

10. The Athletes



Being an athlete is a full time job and no one knows this better than these kids. They’re perpetually in some kind of attire that they could very easily sprint off in. Their book bag is actually a gym bag and their t shirts are all dry fit. Being an athlete is just as important as being a student to them and they’re dressed for the part. Don’t play play. 

  • Signature Catchphrase: “Of course Adidas is better than Nike!”
  • How to react: Get advice on how to get fit but skip the fashion tips.

11. The Cutesy



These girls get all their style tips from Japanese magazines. Telling them that they look cute is the biggest compliment you could ever give them. All you’d have to do is look past the fact that they actually look like an overgrown baby.

  • Siganture Catchphrase: “Wow, so kawaiii!”
  • How to react: Make sure you don’t accidentally stick a pacifier in their mouths.

12. The Goth



These kids usually band together and there’s a reason for that. The heavy eye liner and make up might have an outsider like you thinking your school has transformed into a Halloween House of Horrors but don’t be too worried. Try not to be alone with them in dark places though.

  • Signature Catchphrase: “Yeah, black is so my colour.”
  • How to react: Never criticise their clothes. Or music. Ever. Unless you want to die.

13. The Label Lover



Hermes bag? Check. Prada dress? Check. Chanel pencil case? Check. These are the ones who are dressed head to toe in the most expensive duds and just looking at them is like a reminder that you’ll never be even slightly as rich as they are. Or should I say, as their parents are. 

  • Signature Catchphrase: “Oh yeah, my daddy bought this for me.”
  • How to react: Just grind your teeth and walk away. You don’t want to get sued. 

14. The Outfit Repeater



Those under this category are the ones who seem to wear the same thing every single day. They have zero creativity when it comes to dressing for school. Sometimes you wonder if their closet looks like Dexter’s and its just the same outfit repeated twenty times.

  • Signature Catchphrase: “No, I totally washed it!”
  • How to react: Maybe buy them something different for their birthday. 

15. The Secondary School Kid



These are the ones who are unfortunately living in the past and never seemed to have left secondary school. The concept of getting to wear anything you want and not having to stick to a uniform every day is just too daunting for them so they decide to wear their secondary school t shirts every single day.

  • Signature Catchphrase: “Oh yeah, this is my sec 2 class tee.”
  • How to react: You don’t. They’re a lost cause. 

Which do you fall under?


So, there we go! 15 ways people dress to school. Which category do you fall under? Know any other ways people dress? Let us know in the comments below!

Remember though, ultimately, fashion is completely subjective and what looks good to you may not look good to another. So don’t be afraid to dress however you want, rock your look with confidence and use your style as a means to express yourself! 


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