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Full-time Jobs at TSL


Anyone applying for full-time positions at TSL needs to have at least a year of experience in a relevant field, no exception. i.e if you're applying to be a full-time writer you must have at least 1 year of full-time experience at another company spent primarily writing. If you are a fresh grad or want a career change and don't have the experience, you can apply for our 6 month internship program here instead. It provides an accelerated path to becoming a full-timer in 6 months and we promote internally regularly. More than half of our current full-timers were once interns.

TSL is currently looking for the following full-time positions:

Content Strategist: You'll be responsible for our content strategy and your work will involve ideation for our articles and videos and occasionally things like script writing. All applicants must score at least 16/20 on this quiz - doing so will grant you an interview. It is a requirement to do the quiz before writing in.

Sub-Editor: You need to be an exceptional writer yourself. You'll be editing work most of the time, giving guidance to junior writers.Your job application has to stand-out. Don't tell us you're a good writer, show us through your application. You need to have held a full-time writing position for at least one year. You'll get an interview with an application like this:

A big hello! I'm _____, a seemingly normal girl with the appetite of a baby T-Rex and a penchant for all things bohemian. Perpetually in pursuit of the best vanilla chai latte in town, you'll find me huddled in a quaint cafe with a book or fountain pen in hand, inking my way through stacks of paper perfecting the alphabet. From candle-making to pottery classes, if it involves making something from scratch - you have my full attention. I also create eclectic pieces of jewellery and spend my midnights recording acoustic tracks in kitchens and stairwells.

My love for writing was an accidental discovery during my virgin foray into the corporate world. My first job as a digital marketer and writer at ____, saw me churning out press releases and articles on the latest and greatest in the digital sphere. This passion led me to take on my current role as a Social Content Strategist at ____, an advertising agency. I spend most of my time collecting the latest Intel on my Gen Y comrades and crafting thought-provoking social and digital copy for brands like ______,______. ______ and more. 

Videographer: You need to have solid skills in filming and video editing - these will be your primary roles.

Sales: You need to make a strong first impression, have perseverance and a likeable personality. 

Admin Assistant: Mostly data entry, assisting with the processing of claims etc. 

Franchise / Entrepreneur: We're looking for resourceful individuals to partner with to head other sites and businesses. We also have plans to take TSL overseas. You need to have a strong skill-set in a few different areas and an entrepreneurial streak. Don't send in a generic application. Write in to us telling us what YOU want to do. What is your dream? If it makes sense, we'll give you the resources, funds, office space and we'll help you achieve it.


Freelance Positions


You need a good cover letter and include published writing samples in your application. Please contact the editors directly.


How to apply?


Send an email to: [email protected] with the subject being the position you're applying for.

In a conversational writing style, tell us over 3 paragraphs about yourself. Be sure to include:

  1. Name
  2. What you are presently doing
  3. Why you think you are suitable
  4. Your Instagram account if any

The most important thing is your portfolio so make sure its super solid before sending it over. This means writing samples, photography work, etc depending on the position you're applying for. If your application stands out, you will be asked down for an interview.

Only short-listed candidates will be notified. Good luck everyone!


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