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Three of our interns from 2016 - Michelle Shona (Photographer), Alicia (Journalist) and Q (Videographer)


This is our final call for interns for 2016. All interns HAVE to commit to a 6 month internship, no exception. Take a gap semester if you have to. Those looking for industrial attachments - TSL has worked with many unis and polys before and if your course is relevant, you can take up the internship as part of your school's official attachment program. If you're looking for a full-time position instead, go here. Full-time applicants must have 1-2 years of working experience to be considered. We have a 365-days-a-year open hiring policy for content strategists and entrepreneurs.

TheSmartLocal is on the lookout for:

  1. Journalists (1 slot left)
  2. Food Writers (1 slot left)
  3. Video producers (full)
  4. Photographers (full)
  5. Designers (full)

You don't have to be super experienced, but you must show potential as these are competitive positions. If you have an interest in a career in the media industry, we are offering you a once in a lifetime opportunity to gain invaluable experience with the leading online lifestyle publisher in Singapore. If you're a confused millennial, it may just help you figure out what you want to do for the rest of your life.

We are a young start-up with a dynamic working environment. You will not be chucked in a corner and left to do boring menial work like other companies who hire interns. Interns will be personally mentored and will be given plenty of hands-on experience and opportunities. You will have your articles published, produce videos for our YouTube channel and have your photographs displayed to over 200,000 of our followers.

This is a paid internship position with an incredible amount of perks. But don't get us wrong, if you're looking to just 'play', this is not the internship for you. We value interns with a good attitude who are willing to work hard. We want interns who realise the importance of contributing to their company. Lastly, all applicants are expected to be able to embrace feedback well because nobody here is about to entertain your ego.


1. Intern Journalists:


A photo posted by Alicia Teng (@aliciaatsh) on

As a writer for today's generation, you see angles and stories in seemingly mundane scenarios. You should be equally adept in crafting a witty tweet or a 3,000 word dissertation on the rise and fall of Flappy Bird. You make the boring interesting, the convoluted easy to digest. You value clarity over a fancy pants vocabulary and writing as means to reach out to people, not to alienate them. Above all, you love writing. 

The picture above is a shot of our journalist Alicia, when she was out compiling a list of unique playgrounds to visit in Singapore. Apart from exploring and writing guides to Singapore, she did interviews of notable people, developed her ability to pitch stores, flew to Taiwan to write this guide to Taipei food, attended events, learned how to model for shoots, was trained in SEO, was hosted at awesome tastings like the $300 SUPERBRUNCH, learned how to film and edit videos etc. What you'll get is a very holistic new media writing experience.

Alicia was from ACS(i) and did this internship while waiting for university to start. Check out all the articles she wrote for TSL here. She also did plenty of undercover food reviews at Here's an article from another of our graduated intern journalists - 10 reasons you should intern at TheSmartLocal.


  • Ability to write well. By that we mean writing with perfect grammar and personality. We value an articulate and engaging writing style over a pretentious vocabulary.
  • A true passion for writing. This is essential otherwise you will be bored once the novelty wears off. If you've not had a writing job before and want to "try this out" my advice to you is don't.
  • Bonus: Good in photography, sociable, good sense of humour, creative.

For journalist applicants, your introduction email is EVERYTHING. Having no typo or grammatical mistakes is a given. But beyond that, we look for flair and depth in your writing. The two examples below are very different in style but they've both landed these applicants interviews. They both ended up getting the internship too. If you want to be asked down for an interview, your writing ability has to be comparable to the below. Also, write your application in your own style. We value creatvity and originality highly.

Example 1:

I’m _____ and I have recently graduated from SMU with a double degree in Business and Social Science, majoring in Corporate Communication and Psychology. I took on this combination of subjects because I was, and still am, interested in human behavior and how communication can shape behavioral change. 

You might wonder what I am doing applying for an internship at this point in time when most fresh graduates are looking to secure full-time jobs. Well, I’m not going to lie, the job market is @#$%^*&! Kidding, while that’s partially true, I guess for the most part I am still looking to find my purpose in life and career direction to be headed towards in the long run. As I reached the end of my university education and pressures to land a job loomed, it dawned upon me that I didn’t want to be caught up in the rat race and simply take on a job that may pay well, but not provide the kind of joy that would drive me to wake up with a smile every morning.

And so the TSL internship came along as a rather serendipitous encounter, which I had chanced upon on my Instagram feed. As someone who loves to write, eat, travel, and is constantly on the lookout for new experiences, I believe that I possess both the ability and passion to contribute to TSL as a journalist for food and lifestyle. At the same time, I feel that the TSL internship can provide me with the opportunity to learn more about the field of journalism as a possible career route. I am almost certain that it will be an exhilarating experience. I will be available from 1 June 2016 onwards and would love the opportunity for an interview to discuss my suitability for the role. 

Example 2:

Yesterday just marked the end of my university stint with a celebratory cinematic feast for the eyes: Marvel’s Captain America, The Winter Soldier, complete with the modern day embodiment of Adonis (Chris Evans) and his very awkwardly placed kissing scene. But before the sensorial overload began, wedged between the opening trailers, was a calming and serene advertisement of a trip to Myanmar. Didn’t make much of it then, but lo(cal) and behold, hours later on InternSG’s page, The Smart Local’s post pops up. Coincidence?! The fatalistic romantic in me thinks not. So I’m swiping right on a hunch we’re a match! Reading too much into signs, may give you a surge of (t)inspiration and courage to apply for internships sometimes.

I’m someone who punctuates her text messages and tunes her voice to multiple frequencies depending on specific audiences (a.k.a. can satisfactorily order both Kopi O Kosongs and Americanos) but I’m all about coherent communication, preferably without Apple’s annoying autocorrect interventions. Limericks, bad puns and astutely assembled alliterations are my guilty pleasures and people who appreciate them are my favourite kind! I love being around a fun bunch with infectious enthusiasm and positive vibes, where evil Neko Atsume cats that steal your ritzy bits and leave you to massive in-app debts cannot be found (horrifying video here). TSL seems like just the place!

I’m perfectionistic almost to a fault*, which is why my current mantra is "done is better than perfect". My writing capacity is admittedly far from perfect. There would be many ways this application could be improved and reading this few months down the road might incite a great deal of embarrassing “what was I thinking?” moments. But I’m hinging my hopes that the next six months will be a torrid affair with TSL, an opportunity to explore ideas and put four years of writing experience (albeit with an unhealthy focus on scientific laboratory reports) into more inspiring outlets. TSL would be just that outlet, where I hope to meet the masterminds behind articles like “14 Single Events you can do in May 2016 for Singaporeans who are so done with Tinder”. I hope TSL will soon soothe this chronic over-thinker, who will definitely be kept up at night wondering whether or not this narrative was a tad too honest or mildly inappropriate for a job application. 


2. Intern Filmmakers:


A photo posted by Lim Yun Qian (@lyqian) on

Here's Q in Bintan when she travelled here with us to help out as the assistant videographer for an advertiser. She was halfway into her internship then. Most of her time is spent on Singaporeans Try but she occasionally assists with the production of client and comedy videos. She came to TSL with as diploma in hospitality graduate so she learned all her video editing and filming skills at TSL from scratch. She's now responsible for conceptualising and editing many of the Singaporeans Try episodes you see on our channel and her skills have reached a high level in just a few months. After her internship, she was offered a full-time position. Here's her meeting a real-life mentalist.

Check out our YouTube channel and look at the credits for more videos by her.


  • A passion in video making.
  • Good sense of humour/ - Creative mind.
  • Basic experience in editing and filming videos.

3. Intern Photographers:


A photo posted by @michelleshona on

Here's Shona on her trip to Kaosiung, Taiwan where her role was to do travel photography. Shona was from HCJC where she was the VP of her Media Club. She saw this internship as an opportunity to pursue her interest in photography before furthering her studies in law. Apart from fashion, studio, profile and product photography Shona was also taught how to create stop motions, cinemagraphs and videos while at TSL. She also helps curate and create images for our Instagram feed and was taught how to to styling and flatlay shots.

A photographer intern spends the most time out of the office - shooting and accompanying our editorial team for tastings, events, fashion shoots and personal photography projects. We sent all 3 of our photography interns overseas in the first half of 2016, a few went multiple times. You'll also be under the personal mentorship of our creative director @tippytoess.


  • Creative eye
  • Good work ethic
  • Outdoorsy
  • Your portfolio is everything.

If you're not the best photographer in your circle of friends, don't apply. This position is extremely competitive and you must have strong portfolio to be even considered.


4. Intern Designer:


From creating infographics to a custom signature that people leave at the end of the emails - you find a way to make everything look beautiful. Here's a leaflet Cheryl did for Uniqlo which was given out at all their stores. Cheryl came in as an intern from Singapore Poly back in 2015 and she was converted to full-time. 


  • Creative eye
  • Good work ethic
  • Your portfolio is everything.

Check out what the TSL office culture is like in the video below and find out why many call this the best internship in Singapore!

Our office decided to dress up as Lady Gaga for a day.


How to Apply:


Your email will be your first interview and we get a lot of applicants so think of a way to make yourself stand out. Send an email to: [email protected] with the subject being the position you're applying for.

Use a conversational writing style and tell us over 3 paragraphs about yourself, background, why you think you're suitable, your social media accounts, your period of availability and attach your resume. If you do it right and show us your personality through your writing, you'll land yourself an interview. This is a highly competitive position so spend some time on it.

Note: This position is challenging and require lots of hard work. If you're thinking of just having fun and 'playing', swipe left. I mean, please don't apply.


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