Bride travels by basket boat to her wedding amid rising floods

When it comes to wedding transport, some prefer vintage wedding cars for a cinematic look, while others can’t resist the modern and airy feels of convertibles. 

But for Phan Ngọc Khánh Vy, her form of transport on her big day was a basket boat.

Since Vy’s wedding took place on a day of heavy rainfall and rising floods, a basket boat was probably the only means of transportation that could get her to her groom’s home dry.

Here’s what happened.

Having a wedding amid torrential rainfall

Image credit: Tuổi Trẻ

For the past couple of days, torrential rainfall has hit Central Vietnam and resulted in flooding in many parts of the region, including Quảng Ngãi – Vy’s hometown.

Speaking to Tuổi Trẻ, Vy shared that she had no idea that it was going to rain cats and dogs on her wedding day.

“The night before the wedding, there was torrential rain and my soon-to-be husband’s house was quickly flooded and the lane to his residence impassable,” Vy said. “We feared that our wedding car wouldn’t be able to get to his house.”

The next morning, the wedding took place as planned amid the plummeting rainfall and rising floods.

Seeing his caterer sending food over safe and sound by a basket boat, Phạm Đăng Minh Ngọc, the groom, came up with an unconventional idea.

The bride travelled to the groom’s house by a basket boat

Image credit: Tuổi Trẻ

He borrowed the basket boat from his caterer and sent it to his bride’s home which is 2KM away. A plastic chair was placed on the boat for the bride to sit on during her wedding parade, while the others walked through the knee-high waters with their pants pulled up. 

“It was arduous yet unforgettable. Both of us were soaking wet. But we had so much fun that we didn’t care about our difficulties,” Ngọc reflected on his one-of-a-kind wedding parade.

However, Ngọc also expressed his concern for his 28 wedding guests, who had to travel a long way amid harsh weather conditions to celebrate his big day.

Even though Ngọc acknowledged that his wedding was fun, he decided to rehost his wedding once current Covid-19 restrictions have been removed and the weather more favorable. 

Couple braced the floods to tie the knots

Spontaneous and exciting, Vy and Ngọc’s wedding, though not going as planned, eventually concluded with the bride’s successful arrival at her new nest. 

The bride’s radiant smile, the groom’s resourcefulness, and the guests’ willingness to go with the flow remind us of what makes a wedding truly joyful and unforgettable. 

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Cover image adapted from: Tuổi Trẻ

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