Man volunteers as Covid-19 fighter & smuggles drugs

With the Covid-19 outbreak still a major concern in Vietnam, many cities and towns are still under strict travel restrictions. Citizens are required to stay home at all times, and local police and volunteers are deployed to provide them with essential supplies.

One volunteer, however, seems to have a different definition of what is “essential” than most. He made use of his position to deliver drugs to a consumer in his area.

Needless to say, his illegal action did not go unpunished. Here’s how the story played out.

He volunteered to deliver groceries to citizens and used the chance to sell drugs

volunteers drugs
Image adapted from Lao Động

According to Lao Động, the case was reported in Đăk R’lấp District – Đăk Nông Province. Since early September, the entire district has been under a strict social distancing order due to the high risk of Covid-19 infection.

It was during this time of need that Bùi Văn Bình, a 29-year-old local, seemingly stepped up to contribute to his community. The man volunteered to become a Covid-19 fighter at his local ward and joined the delivery team, taking on the responsibility of providing supplies to citizens.

But little did we know at the time, that he got an ulterior motive behind his supposedly noble decision. Since he was allowed to travel freely, he used the opportunity to sell drugs.

He was caught red-handed while selling to a consumer

volunteers drugs 2
The drugs he was caught selling

Image credit: Lao Động

It wasn’t until 10th September that Bình was caught red-handed while trying to sell several packs of drugs to a buyer in the area.

Needless to say, the man was immediately detained. Upon further investigation, the police also arrested his brother, who had acted as his accomplice.

Covid-19 volunteers are appreciated, but not lawbreakers

Covid-19 volunteers are held in high regard in Vietnam, and for a good reason. These men and women willingly brave infection risks and intense work shifts for the good of the community, and the least we could do is appreciate them for their efforts.

However, for those who take advantage of their position to facilitate illegal activities, as this man has done, nothing short of a hefty fine and a possible prison sentence awaits.

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Cover image adapted from Lao Động

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