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Woman Wants Boyfriend’s Attention, Lies That She Got Robbed & Gets Fined

Woman lies that she got robbed to get her boyfriend’s attention

A lot of people want to feel protected and cared for by their partners in a relationship. It seems to be a trait wired in our primal nature.

And that is perfectly fine. However, love and care must be built over a long period, with trust as the foundation – unlike what this woman has done. Wanting to get her new boyfriend’s attention, she made up a story that she had been robbed to get him to come over.

Here’s how the story plays out.

She wanted to get her boyfriend to come over and take her out

woman robbed lies
The supposed “crime scene” where the woman said she was robbed

Image credit: Người Lao Động

On Sunday, Người Lao Động reported on a bizarre case of a woman from Quy Nhơn City in central Vietnam, who fabricated an ill-advised story to get her boyfriend’s attention.

As the report stated, the woman had just entered a relationship with a new boyfriend. She wanted him to take her out on a date, but couldn’t find an excuse to breach the topic.

So, on 30th August, she lied to him that she’d been robbed to get him to come over.

The boyfriend, however, did not react in the way the woman was probably expecting. Rather than taking her out as she wanted, he took her straight to the local police station, which, of course, was the sensible decision.

The woman got a fine for her false robbery report

At the police station, it seemed the woman was too afraid to admit to having lied, so she repeated her false report to the officers.

They conducted an investigation on a local commercial center where she said her phone was snatched, which unsurprisingly turned out fruitless.

It wasn’t until she was further questioned that the woman admitted to her wrongdoing. She was then given a fine of VND750,000 (~USD33) as a result.

Be open and honest with your partner

Quite frankly, we find it puzzling that the woman felt the need to have such an extreme reason to have her boyfriend take her out when she could have simply asked. It is only natural to want to spend time with each other in a relationship, and there’s nothing wrong with a woman making the first move.

If anything, surely more than one man out there would appreciate a woman who takes the initiative even more – as long as it’s not the wrong kind of initiative as in this case.

At least the woman’s lies this time didn’t lead to severe consequences. Let’s hope she’s learned a lesson.

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Cover image adapted from Người Lao Động

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