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Vietnamese Wedding Guests Bring Tables Home To Celebrate, Taking COVID-19 Safety Measures Up A Notch

Vietnamese wedding with safety measures during the COVID-19 outbreak

A wedding is a significant landmark in every couple’s relationship, marking the happy ending of their courtship period and ushering in a new beginning for the lovebirds who finally get to live under the same roof.

Unfortunately, due to the return of the COVID-19 outbreak, most couples across Vietnam have had to defer their wedding plans the moment the government announced a ban on public gatherings. However, there were also couples who were already in the middle of wedding celebrations when the ban was issued.

For the newlyweds in the photos that went viral on the Internet on 30th July, their wedding with social distancing measures could not have been more unforgettable.

The wedding was stopped short by local police officers 

In the photos shared by a Facebook page Beatvn that soon garnered tremendous attention on 30th July, a wedding venue, reportedly in Dak Lak Province, was photographed with no tables.

COVID-19 wedding_police officer
Image credit: Beatvn

Instead of wedding guests, the wedding venue in the photo was visited by local police officers.

According to a source familiar with the story, the wedding was stopped short by local police officers due to concerns over the COVID-19 health risks. However, to not completely ruin the special day for the newlyweds, police officers let the guests bring wedding tables to their own homes so they could celebrate from home.

COVID-19 wedding_bring table home
Wedding guests captured carrying a table to their home
Image credit: Beatvn

Most of the couple’s guests were families and relatives living nearby, so each household was allowed to bring one table home to continue the celebration. Since each table can serve up to 6 or 10 people at maximum, the guests could still wine and dine in the comfort of their homes, without flouting the ban on the gathering of 30 people in a public space.

COVID-19 wedding_celebrate from home
A wedding table placed in the yard of a guest’s house
Image credit: Beatvn

The newlyweds were also allowed to go to guests’ houses to raise their glasses and start a toast, which is an unskippable formal routine of every wedding.

We imagine they must have had quite a workout by the end of the day after going from house to house.

Netizens were impressed by the uniqueness of the wedding

The unique and timely story soon made waves with local netizens, drawing over 9,000 likes and 1,000 comments at the time of writing.

Giang Dieu Thuy, a Facebook user commented on the post, “Impressive and unforgettable. They’ll have interesting stories to share with their offspring.”

COVID-19 wedding comment
Image credit: Beatvn

“The amount of energy spent in visiting the house of every guest on the list equals to playing 3 football matches.” Facebook user Hoàng Đức joked.

COVID-19 wedding comment
Image credit: Beatvn

“For future weddings, guests can transfer wedding money to newlyweds’ bank accounts, and they can livestream their celebration from home for everyone’s safety.” Facebook user Cường Phạm gave a cheeky suggestion for those who want to organize weddings amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 wedding comment
Image credit: Beatvn

Unique wedding during the COVID-19 pandemic

Even though the wedding didn’t go as planned, it was still an unforgettable day of celebration for the newlywed as well as the wedding guests.

Perhaps none of the guests had ever attended such a physically strenuous wedding, nor had the newlyweds imagined traveling around the whole neighborhood to raise a toast. However, as long as precautions were taken to ensure everyone’s safety, all their efforts were worthwhile, and we wish them a blissful and long marriage ahead.

With the escalating COVID-19 outbreak in Vietnam, organizing gatherings such as weddings has been a big challenge now that gatherings of more than 30 people are banned. Even though a sudden deferment of wedding or party plans can cause inconvenience, let’s choose long-term safety for the sake of our guests and family members until the coronavirus is completely suppressed.

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Cover image adapted from: Beatvn

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