Vietnamese singer adopts baby

Mention “Vietnamese bolero” music to any Vietnamese person, and Phạm Phi Nhung is one of the first names that may come to their mind. As a veteran singer of the genre, her songs are what many millennials grew up listening to.

Besides her musical talent, the American-Vietnamese diva is also known for her big heart, having partaken in countless charitable projects over the years. And recently, she has won over netizens’ hearts by adopting a baby left at her doorstep.

This is the 23rd child she’s adopted

Last Friday, Phi Nhung took to her official Facebook page to share pictures of herself kneeling in front of her doorstep to pick up a baby who had been left there.

Image credit: Phi Nhung Pham

While Phi Nhung only captioned the pictures, “Hope you’ll bring luck to the family,” it was not hard for fans to understand that she’d decided to take in the baby, given her reputation as an active philanthropist. And indeed, the information was quickly confirmed by the diva herself.

Image credit: Phi Nhung Pham

Needless to say, the generous act has won over the hearts of countless netizens. Thousands have commented on Phi Nhung’s post to thank her for giving the baby a home and wish her all the best.

“You’re the greatest mom on Earth! Wishing you and your children health and happiness,” netizen Phan Thị Tuyết wrote.

Image credit: Phi Nhung Pham

“I look up to you so much, Phi Nhung!” Another Facebook user named Thu Huyen commented.

Image credit: Phi Nhung Pham

Before this, Phi Nhung has adopted 22 other children, including orphans and young musical talents whose families can’t financially support their career.

The singer has done many charitable acts

Just a day after adopting her new child, Phi Nhung once again moved the public when she visited a critically ill fan. A livestream was published on her Facebook page on Saturday, showing the diva sitting next to a bedridden man to sing to him.

Video credit: Phi Nhung Pham

From what Phi Nhung disclosed, this man is a huge fan of her work. He has collected every single one of her released CDs, and his one wish in life was to meet her in person. Of course, she couldn’t turn her head away from such a heartfelt request.

Earlier this month, Phi Nhung also appeared in several charity events across various cities and provinces in southern Vietnam to distribute rice, instant noodles, and other gifts to those in need.

Phi Nhung at a charity event to give away rice to the disadvantaged in Hồ Chí Minh City
Image credit: Phi Nhung Pham

Vietnamese celebrity with a big heart adopts baby

Phi Nhung’s good deeds set a great example for all of us to follow. Massive props to her for her kindness and generosity, which have changed the lives of so many underprivileged people for the better.

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