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Man Finishes Quarantine, Receives Bouquet & Certificate In Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony

Man celebrates the end of his quarantine with a ribbon-cutting ceremony

We all know isolating Covid-19 patients and people with high risks of infection is an effective way to contain the virus. But of course, while the majority of citizens are responsibly complying with these protocols, few can be content with being cooped up indoors for several weeks.

It’s understandable, then, that the end of a quarantine period is a joyous occasion for most people. One man, in particular, celebrated it with a bouquet and a certificate in a funny ribbon-cutting ceremony that delighted netizens.

We’ve included the footage below.

The man had just completed his self-isolation period

quarantine ribbon cutting 1
Video credit: @47.huy.1992

Over the past few days, TikTok user @47.huy.1992 has found one of his videos going viral on the video-sharing platform, raking in 1,655,000 views thanks to its quirkiness.

The video shows the original poster standing in the front yard of his house, behind a piece of caution tape strung across his front gate. According to the caption, the man was just about to complete his self-quarantine period at home.

To commemorate the occasion, he set up a cute little ceremony and recorded it to share with others online for fun.

He marked the end of his quarantine with a ribbon-cutting ceremony

quarantine ribbon cutting 2
Video credit: @47.huy.1992

A second into the video, another man is seen approaching from outside, handing the OP a makeshift bouquet made of grass and a certificate confirming the quarantine’s completion.

The certificate-giver then proceeded to snap off the caution tape in an imitation of a ribbon-cutting ceremony, officially allowing the quarantined man to go out.

Their interaction transpired just within a few seconds, but the cheerfulness the two men displayed is enough to bring a smile to our faces.

Let’s hope we can all rejoice in the future

We congratulate the man for having completed his quarantine according to protocols. But at the same time, we hope he doesn’t let his guard down, as Covid-19 remains very much a threat to the community.

Indeed, millions of citizens in cities such as Hanoi, Da Nang, and Saigon are still basically under self-quarantine as these cities are practicing strict social distancing rules.

Unlike the man in the video, we admittedly can’t go out just yet. But let’s draw positivity from funny little videos like these to brighten up our days as we continue to stay home for now to protect the community. As long as we can do that, the day when we all can rejoice surely isn’t far away.

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Cover image adapted from @47.huy.1992

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