Man Summons Puppies For Meal Time, Cute Video Melts Netizens’ Hearts

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Man summons puppies for a meal in viral video

Whether you’re a dog lover, a cat person, or neither, puppies are cute little bundles of joy that can always brighten up our days. Their smol actions are often enough to bring a smile to our faces.

Case in point, this video of a man calling his puppies over for a meal has gone viral on TikTok, raking in over a million views.

If you’ve missed it, here’s the play-by-play of the video – collated in GIFs below – for your viewing pleasure.

Just a disclaimer: we won’t be held responsible for any lethal doses of cuteness. Consider yourself duly warned.

Man knocks on a metal bowl to call his puppies over

puppies meal 1
Video credit: thophamloc89

Last week, TikTok user thophamloc89 found one of his videos going viral on the social media platform.

The short clip showed him knocking on a metal bowl with a knife to make sharp clinking sounds. Apparently, it was a signal to let his puppies know it was meal time.

puppies meal 2
Video credit: thophamloc89

At first, only one pup responded to the call, but soon enough, its siblings flocked in from the garden outside. Before long, the man had a whole pack of 6 puppies on his hands.

puppies meal 3
Video credit: thophamloc89

He poured rice into the bowl for the pups, who immediately started to dig in.

puppies meal 4
Video credit: thophamloc89

As they ate, the owner took time to arrange them into a neat circle to ensure none of the pups got edged out.

Netizens’ hearts were melted by the cuteness

The scenario is hardly anything out of the ordinary, yet the sheer, overwhelming cuteness of the video was enough to win over netizens’ hearts.

Indeed, while the original poster only has 3,200 followers on TikTok, this one particular video has raked in a whopping 1 million views.

“Where did the brown one come from?”, many netizens asked
Image credit: thophamloc89

Many commenters were quick to point out that one of the pups is not like the others. Its brown fur stands out from the black and white of its brothers and sisters.

mother dog meal
Video credit: thophamloc89

Meanwhile, some questioned why the man shooed the mother dog away and didn’t feed her.

In another post, he clarified, with footage as proof, that the mother dog had her own portion. That definitely helps assure us that all the dogs are well taken care of.

Cute animal videos help instill positivity in our lives

Few of us can say no to a quick dose of adorable animal antics in our lives. Still, not everyone can spare the time and effort to take care of a pet.

If you’re in such a situation, online videos of cats and dogs doing silly things are the next best thing.

We’d like to thank the original poster for making our day, and that of so many others.

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Cover image adapted from thophamloc89

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