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Man’s Phone Bursts Into Flames In His Pocket, Startles His Co-Workers

Man’s phone began smoking in his pocket before it burst into flames

A smartphone is a handy little device that pretty much everyone possesses these days. But for all the conveniences they bring us, smartphones also carry potential dangers.

And no, we’re not talking about cybersecurity threats – though that’s definitely another thing we should keep in mind. We’re talking about physical danger.

As unlikely as it might sound, smartphones are subjected to spontaneous combustion. A man in Hanoi can attest to that, after his phone burst into flames right in his pocket.

The bizarre occurrence has raised safety concerns, but before we get to that, here’s how the incident played out.

The man was working in his office when his phone started burning

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Video credit: Zing News

A video recorded by a security camera at an office has recently made its rounds on several news sites and Facebook pages in Vietnam. It shows a man working on his laptop in an office when heavy smoke suddenly started to emit from his trousers’ pocket, apparently from his phone.

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Video credit: Zing News

The man hurried to remove the phone. Good thing he did too, as the moment he got it out, the phone burst into flames, much to the shock of his co-workers around him.

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Video credit: Zing News

The man quickly stepped on the flames with his feet to put it out. Thanks to his timely reaction, the situation didn’t escalate, and no one was harmed.

The incident happened at a real estate agency in Hanoi, Zing News reported. The timestamp on the video shows that it occurred last Monday, on 21st June.

Phones can combust due to old, worn-out batteries

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Image credit: Thanh Niên

According to VTV, cases in which cellphones start burning all of a sudden are uncommon, but not unheard of. Indeed, there have been multiple reports of similar occurrences in the past.

Most often, they are caused by a problem in the battery, which contains chemical compounds. If these compounds somehow get mixed up – which could happen if the battery is worn out or damaged – it could lead to a short circuit and eventual combustion.

Though we can’t be sure that this incident was caused by the same phenomena, we hope that the case will be investigated thoroughly to prevent future incidents.

Take good care of your phone to ensure safety

We have to commend the man in the video for his quick reaction to snuff out a potential disaster. But to safeguard our time spent with mobile phones, experts warn against using them while charging.

If your phone’s battery displays alarming signs such as swelling or emitting abnormally high heat, it’s best to have it checked out ASAP.

Let this incident be a timely reminder for us to pay more attention to our cellphones’ condition to ensure our own safety.

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Cover image adapted from Zing News

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