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Ollin: Spacious Scandi-Style Coffeehouse In Saigon Where You Can Pick Your Beans & Brewing Method

Ollin Café – spacious Scandi-style Saigon cafe with specialty coffee

In a packed city like Saigon, cafés and tearooms are often limited in space and choices.

That’s why since Ollin Café appeared, it has appealed to many coffee lovers thanks to its roominess, airy atmosphere, as well as many types of specialty coffee meticulously made by well-trained baristas.

Spacious cafe divided into three different sections

The glasshouse area of Ollin is roomy, clean, and filled with sunshine.
Image credit: Ollin Café

Ollin looks like a typical Scandinavian house filled with natural style, a white tone, and simplistic designs. As most of the walls are made of glass, you can easily recognise how large Ollin is just by looking from the outside. 

In fact, the whole place is divided into three sections: the glasshouse, the villa, and the open-air area. Though all of them have white as their primary colour, each of them has a different style to meet your preferences.

You can sit along the long counter to watch the barista prepare your drinks.
Image credit: Ollin Café

The glasshouse area is the largest of all. A big counter is set up on one side, so you can sit around it to watch the baristas preparing your drinks. Otherwise, you can pick another table to enjoy yourselves in the bright and airy ambience. 

On the other side is a big stone sculpture which will be a stylish background for your pictures.

Behind the glasshouse are the villa and the open-air area. The former is ideal for study or work and the latter is the place where you can have friendly convos with your buddies.
Image credit: Ollin Café

Ollin was built on the site of an old villa, some parts of which have been renovated to be the second section of the café. This area is very quiet, so it’s ideal for you to stay focused on your work or study. In contrast, if you prefer exciting chit-chats with your friends, the open-air section is for you.

You can pick the coffee beans and how to brew them

Ollin specialises in Western-style coffee. Coming here, you can pick from five types of coffee beans, namely Cầu Đất, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Guatemala, for your drink. Plus. it’s up to you to decide the brewing method using Vietnamese filters, syphons, pour-over kits, French presses, or Moka pots.

In addition to the well-trained baristas taking charge of the brewing, Ollin also has experienced roasters to control the quality of their coffee beans.
Image credit: Ollin Café

Apart from the original coffee, you can also try affogato, egg coffee, and coconut milk coffee made with Ollin’s special recipes.

Good place for coffee and space

Resembling minimalist and airy Scandinavian houses, Ollin is a wonderful choice if you are looking for an enjoyable, spacious café. 

Also. you can enjoy tasty coffee made from the coffee beans and the brewing method of your choice at Ollin Café.

Ollin Café

Address:  300 Nguyễn Thị Thập Street, Tân Quy Ward, District 7, Hồ Chí Minh City
Opening hours: 7AM – 10PM, Daily
Telephone: 0906 059644

Ollin Café will be closed for the Tet holidays from 27th January to 1st February 2022.

Cover image adapted from Ollin Café

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