Cú Trên Cây Coffee & Beer, Saigon: Enjoy Drinks & Check Out Potted Plants In A Verdant Cafe

Cú Trên Cây Coffee & Beer – a cooling, plant-themed cafe in Saigon

In Saigon, the number of cafes with green aesthetics are aplenty – as many city-dwellers enjoy their cool comfort in the dusty, exhausting city.

And that’s why Cú Trên Cây Coffee and Beer has become a favored spot among plantholics. Not only is it a nice place to chill, but it also lets customers browse for cute, adorable potted plants to bring home.

A place to relax on hot, bustling days

Situated on Saigon’s Ung Van Khiem Street, the cafe and plant shop is not that hard to find thanks to its bright green appearance – a breath of fresh air amidst the concrete.

First established by its owner as a way to bring the cool air and vibrant plant life of Da Lat City to the people of Saigon, Cú Trên Cây quickly became a place to escape from the intense heat.

Right on the front door are lines of succulents and tillandsias which are also known as air plants. These are some of the more popular plant varieties among new plant owners, thanks to their being low-maintenance.

Further indoors, you will find a wider variety of flora to enjoy. You can purchase them to bring home and make them a part of your living space. 

Image credit: Cú Trên Cây Garden

Besides plants and trees, Cú Trên Cây also features a cozy, refreshing atmosphere through the usage of wooden panelling and furniture, as well as woody plants. Juxtaposed with the painted metal decor, the interior is perfect for some instagrammable moments. 

Drinks and plants to go

It’s not just the plant life here that is diverse, but the drinks as well. Besides your typical coffee, Cu Tren Cay also offers a variety of other delicious concoctions such as Lychee Rose Tea (VND 55,000, ~USD2.32), with an elegant, aromatic blend of juicy lychee and rose petals.

For guests who want something heavier at the end of the day, the shop also offers beer and cocktails for boozier gatherings. We think most will enjoy the Passion Fruit Beer (VND 125,000, ~USD5.28).

Guests looking for something to fill their bellies can enjoy the shop’s homemade Baked Flan Dusten in Cocoa (VND 35,000, ~USD1.48), while those looking for a savory alternative can munch on the Chicken and Green Pepper Stew paired with bread (VND 55,000, ~USD2.32).

Image credit: Cú Trên Cây Garden

Besides being a cafe, Cu Tren Cay is also a plant shop that sells a variety of potted plants for guests to bring home and take care of.

Be sure to do some research, or ask employees on how to best take care of these little green babies before you bring them to their new home.

Green cafe for plant lovers

With the arrival of frequent rain, the air of Ho Chi Minh City during the afternoon has cooled down a bit, making the cafe a perfect setting for those who want to enjoy a warm cup of coffee and lush, verdant plants.

If you have time to spare and want to immerse in nature, give Cú Trên Cây a chance.

Address: 262 Ung Văn Khiêm, Ward 25, Bình Thạnh District, Ho Chi Minh City
Opening hours: 8AM-10PM, Daily
Telephone: 028 6271 4757
Cu Tren Cay’s website | Facebook

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Cover image adapted from: Cú Trên Cây Coffee & Beer

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