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Pride Cafe, Saigon: Where All Genders & Sexualities Can Chill Under Cozy Neon Lights

Pride Cafe – mundane entrance gives way to a chic, modern space

LGBT+ friendly spaces, such as nightly gay bars with drag shows, are one of the more exciting places to hang for queers in the city. But everyone needs to wind down after some intensive moments.

Perhaps Pride Cafe might be the change of pace that you’re looking for, a queer-owned community space that has a relaxing vibe and hosts a variety of fun events for the LGBT community in Saigon.

Bright neons and modern decor all around

Image credit: Pride Cafe

The cafe is located on Trần Hưng Đạo street sitting by a Viettel shop and hidden above an inconspicuous set of stairs, with only a small sign on the front entrance signaling the shop’s location.

You’ll first notice an eye-catching yellow-and-purple neon sign inside. It hangs over a spacious balcony, with swings, sofas, and bar stools serving as seating.

Cozy, modernist decor also creates a relaxing experience.

Image credit: Pride Cafe

Even though it is not restricted to any sexuality, the chic bar has a color scheme resembling the black, grey, white, and purple asexual flag, with its similarly colored couches, signs, and decor.

Image credit: Pride Cafe

Not just a space to relax, the cafe is also a great place to do remote work thanks to its comfy sofas and chill choice of music. If you’re up for a lunch break, there are a good number of restaurants nearby for a quick bite.

Sweet drinks and rainbow cakes, with a dash of colorful souvenirs

Though this place is more for socializing and relaxation rather than food-and-drinks-centric, the signature Tiramisu Frappe (VND 80,000, ~USD3.38), packed with espresso, crunchy ladyfinger biscuits, custard, cocoa, and coffee ice cream can power up your day.

Tiramisu Frappe.
Image credit: Pride Cafe

There are a few sweet selections, such as the Rainbow Cake (VND 65,000, ~USD2.75), quite fitting for a queer-focused establishment.

Rainbow Cake.
Image credit: Pride Cafe

Besides food and drinks, the shop also sells a dazzling array of rainbow-colored souvenirs, such as lanyards, pins, and stickers.

Image credit: Pride Cafe

Fun and wholesome events to join

Image credit: Pride Cafe

Pride Cafe also hosts a variety of LGBT-themed events and activities on a bi-weekly basis, from comedy shows, movie nights, tarot reading, to live music, drag shows, and many more to come. They promise a fun time and the chance to meet fellow queers in Saigon.

Check out upcoming events on Pride Cafe’s Facebook.

Pride Cafe, a chill space for people of all backgrounds

Pride Cafe has a chill vibe and gorgeous decor, ideal for a great hangout spot on a Friday night. The cafe is also ideal as a makeshift office for those looking to change their working environment thanks to its relaxing environment and great selections of nearby restaurants for a quick lunch.

Check it out, and you might even make friends who share similar interests at one of the bi-weekly events.

Pride Cafe Saigon
Address: 166E Trần Hưng Đạo Street, Nguyễn Cư Trinh Ward, District 1, Hồ Chí Minh City
Opening hours: 10am-10.30pm, Daily
Contact: 033 279 4179 | Pride Cafe Facebook page

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Cover image adapted from: Pride Cafe

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