Man Makes Incredibly Realistic Models Of Vietnam’s River Houses From Cardboard Boxes & Ice Cream Sticks

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Man creates river houses models from cardboard boxes & ice cream sticks

When many activities in Vietnam were suspended due to Covid-19, some residents picked up new hobbies to pass their free time. And sometimes, they come up with amazing feats that leave us in awe.

This man from Hải Phòng, for instance, turns the most basic of materials, from cardboard boxes to ice cream sticks, into amazingly detailed models of Vietnam’s river houses, which he uses as budget-friendly decorations for his aquariums at home.

Pictures of his works he shares online have impressed many netizens, and we’ve collected some below. Let’s check them out.

Realistic models of Vietnam’s river houses from basic materials

river houses models 1
Image credit: Vũ Thạch Dương

21-year-old Vũ Thạch Dương, from Hải Phòng, Vietnam, has wowed netizens on several Facebook groups with his river house models.

Indeed, at a glance, shots of his creations can very well be mistaken for pictures of actual rustic shacks often seen dotting riverside areas in southern Vietnam. They are topped by what appears to be iron roofing sheets, while the floors are seemingly made from wooden planks.

river houses models 2
Image credit: Vũ Thạch Dương

Various complementing elements, such as clothes hanging from makeshift drying racks, vases, stools, flower pots, and street signs, serve to complete the illusion. Arranged together, the models look straight out of a floating street you’d expect to see in any suburban area in southern Vietnam.

Image credit: Vũ Thạch Dương

In truth, however, they are made from nothing but cardboard boxes, ice cream sticks, and of course, the creator’s sheer creativity.

They’re meant as budget-friendly decorations for aquariums

Image credit: Vũ Thạch Dương

Speaking to Thanh Niên, Dương shared that he liked aquariums, but didn’t have the budget to buy expensive decorations at the stores. So, he thought of making his own decorative models at home from the materials he had at hand.

Image credit: Vũ Thạch Dương

As for why he chose these types of river houses, Dương said he wanted to aim for something simple and endearing to the Vietnamese people, adding an emotional value to his creations.

“These floating shacks are slowly disappearing over time, so I want to recreate them for nostalgia’s sake,” the young man said.

Take on new projects to stay inspired

Concluding his interview with Thanh Niên, Dương says focusing on the models helps him fight off boredom during his days practicing social distancing. “I keep experimenting to refine my old models and make new, better ones to share on social media for everyone to see. It improves my mood, and hopefully helps spread positive energy to others as well,” he said.

Perhaps we can all take a page out of his book and pick up some new projects we’ve never had time for before. In the meantime, if you want to see what Dương has in store for the future, and maybe draw inspiration from his works, follow his Facebook page.

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Cover image adapted from Vũ Thạch Dương

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