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Man Wears Full-Faced Hood To Covid-19 Test, Because You Can Never Be Too Careful

Man goes to Covid-19 test wearing full-faced hood

Many Vietnamese cities are mass-testing residents to detect and quarantine Covid-19 patients as soon as possible, minimizing the chances of them spreading the virus.

However, many are concerned that Covid-19 test locations carry risks of infection themselves despite their health and hygiene precautions, as a lot of people often gather at these spots.

It is precisely because of this concern that a man decided to take extra measures to protect himself. He showed up to his Covid-19 test in a hood that covered his entire face.

Pictures of the man’s funny appearance have entertained the online community, and we’ve included them below.

The man wore a hood to his Covid-19 test to avoid exposing himself to infection

hood covid-19 test 1
Image credit: Nguyễn Hà

Yesterday, a series of pictures credited toward a person named Ngọc Diễm went viral on Ở Nhà Vui Thấy Bà – a Facebook group where netizens share funny home-related idle stories – as they portray a hilarious occurrence.

In the pictures, several people were seen waiting in a line leading up to a medical worker. It’s not hard to see that they were queuing to get their samples taken for Covid-19 testing. After all, such scenes have become commonplace in Vietnam of late.

What makes this one particular testing session special is was a citizen waiting for his turn. Indeed, the man surely stands out with a hood covering his entire face, leaving only openings for his eyes and mouth.

Apparently, the man didn’t want to be exposed to other people at the test location, fearing that they could carry the virus.

While the hood did leave his mouth exposed, we can presume the man wore a mask underneath as well, given the great lengths he’d gone through to protect his health.

He gives his sample through a hole in his hood

hood covid-19 test 2
Image credit: Nguyễn Hà

However, when netizens are entertained by the photos’ quirkiness, the medical worker present at the scene didn’t seem amused. One of the pictures shows the worker standing next to the hooded man with their arms crossed, seemingly uncertain of how to take his sample through the hood.

Image credit: Nguyễn Hà

But it appears the man had everything figured out from the start. A later pic shows him giving his sample, seemingly from one of his eyeholes.

Exercise caution to protect yourself and others

While we can’t help but crack a smile at the man’s rather drastic action, his reasoning is understandable. It’s not exactly the best of time to be close to a group of strangers right now.

Of course, all Covid-19 test locations exercise precaution measures to prevent infections between citizens coming to give their samples, but one can never be too sure.

So, perhaps we can take a page out of this man’s book and be extra careful, for our own safety. Perhaps it doesn’t have to be as drastic as he has done, but actions such as sanitizing your hands and changing your clothes as soon as you get home are never redundant.

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Cover image adapted from Nguyễn Hà

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