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Man Hides Drugs In Bread To Be Delivered To Quarantine Area, Gets Caught

Man delivers bread to quarantine area, turns out he hides drugs inside it

Those living in Covid-19 quarantine zones probably know it’s not easy to always get the items we’re used to consuming on a regular basis. Often, we just have to learn to live without them for a while, but if we can help it, it’s not uncommon to ask for supplies to be delivered in from the outside.

And for the most part, there’s no shame in that, as long as we adhere to disease prevention protocols. That is, unless the supplies in question are illegal substances, as was the case for this man in Hanoi. To send drugs into a quarantined area, he disguised the substances in bread.

Here’s how the man ended up getting caught.

Police officers noticed his suspicious behavior and checked on him

hides drugs in bread 1
The man displayed suspicious behaviors and was questioned

Image adapted from Kinh Tế Đô Thị

On the evening of 4th August, police officers on patrol spotted a young man on a motorbike lurking around a quarantine area in Hanoi, displaying suspicious behavior, Dân Trí reported.

As the police conducted a check on the man, he produced a pack of bread and claimed he was delivering it to an acquaintance inside the quarantine area.

hides drugs in bread 2
He brought a pack of bread to deliver into the quarantine area

Image credit: Kinh Tế Đô Thị

However, if he thought he could trick the law that easily, he was sorely mistaken.

He admitted to hiding drugs in the bread

hides drugs in bread 3
There’s a pack of drugs inside the bread
Image credit: Kinh Tế Đô Thị

One simple search of the bread pack, and the police easily found that there was a pack of white substances hidden inside.

With his scheme busted, the man couldn’t remain elusive any longer and had to admit he was delivering drugs.

The man was detained and the materials confiscated. Further investigation is now ongoing.

Stay clear of drug-related activities

Prolonged use of addictive drugs has been proven to have detrimental effects on the user’s health, and there’s a good reason these substances are outlawed in most countries.

But that hasn’t stopped many people from dabbling in the trafficking and consumption of these substances. Let’s hope that reports of instances like these will make some of them realize nothing good awaits them down this path, and that they can turn back before it’s too late.

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Cover image adapted from Kinh Tế Đô Thị

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