Hanoi Resident Applies For Travel Permit, Listing “Being Bored At Home” As Reason

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Hanoi resident applies for travel permit for “being bored”

For the past few weeks, Hanoi has been placed under the highest Covid-19 restrictions, meaning citizens are required to stay home. Security posts have been set up on the streets to monitor commuters, and those found going out unnecessarily are issued heavy fines.

Under the new rules, companies that are still allowed to operate must contact authorities to obtain travel permits for their staff. The paper is for the workers to present to security guards on their way to work and back to prove they have a valid reason to be out.

But an individual in Hanoi seems to have a different definition of “a valid reason to be out” than most. They applied for a travel permit simply because they were bored of being cooped up at home.

Here’s what happened.

A resident was bored of staying home and applied for a travel permit

hanoi travel permit application
Hanoi residents lining up to apply for travel permits

Image credit: Dân Trí

On 7th August, Hanoi published Document 2562/UBND-KT, tightening the issuance and use of travel permits in the city.

The document directs the People’s Committees of each ward and commune to monitor and verify travel permits for local companies. This means only companies can apply for travel permits for their workers. Individuals can’t obtain one for personal use.

However, many people don’t seem to understand this part of the document, so they contact authorities hoping to get a travel permit anyway, sometimes for random reasons.

As an official at the People’s Committee of Hoàng Liệt Commune, Hoàng Mai District, Hanoi, told Dân Trí, on 9th August, there was even a person who applied because they were “bored at home.” When questioned, this person said they worked as a freelancer.

Dân Trí didn’t say how that attempt worked out for this individual, but it’s safe to assume their application was declined.

Hanoi citizens only need personal papers and a travel permit to go out

A police officer checking commuters’ papers

Image credit: Lao Động

Originally, Document 2562/UBND-KT also required citizens going to work to carry their work schedule in addition to their personal papers and travel permit.

However, as certain definitions are not uniformly agreed upon, the requirement caused a lot of confusion in terms of execution.

Taking in feedback from citizens after a couple of days implementing the new regulations, yesterday morning, Hanoi authorities issued an urgent notice to deal with the issues, stating that only an ID card and a travel permit are required.

Pick up new hobbies to avoid boredom at home

To be fair, we understand the unnamed applicant’s frustration at having to stay home all the time. Still, rules are rules, and for now, we all must forgo some of our personal comfort for the good of the community.

And even without going out, there are still many activities we can do to occupy our free time. Netflix is always available, and perhaps try picking up a new book, or learn some new cooking recipes.

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Cover image adapted from Dân Trí

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