Covid-19 violator accuses stranger of violating rules

Since the Covid-19 mobility restrictions began on 9th July, Saigon police officers have detected and dealt with numerous violations. There are people who have to be out on emergent trips, but there are also those who can’t explain why they’re out.

In cases like these, it’s better to just pay the penalty and go home in peace.

However, a Covid-19 violator that went viral this morning reacted in a manner that couldn’t have been more embarrassing. Instead of standing corrected, she decided to bring another person down with her by telling the police that a lady nearby was also violating the rules for being outdoors. It turns out that the wrongly accused lady was a cleaning worker and had every right to be out.

Here’s how the story unfolded.

Covid-19 violator attempts to call out a violation

Covid-19 violator
Image adapted from: SG News

In a clip by TikTok user Việt Hoàng that went viral this morning, a young lady was seen being pulled over by patrol officers on Nguyen Hue Street in District 1.  She said that she was on her way to buy some fruits.

While explaining her case to the officers, she suddenly looked to the other side of the street and pointed to a lady who was walking. 

Covid-19 violator
Image adapted from: SG News

“That auntie is also walking around,” she told the officer. 

The lady is a cleaning worker in the area

Covid-19 violator
Image adapted from: SG News

In response to her tip, which was not so subtle, the officer motioned his colleague to approach the walking lady nearby.

Seeing a police officer coming her way for an investigation, the lady was flustered. 

She explained to the officer that she was a cleaning worker in the area and was rightfully out on the streets to do her cleaning job.  

What a twist!

Covid-19 violator
Image adapted from: SG News

The violator’s attempt to take a stranger down with her failed terribly. She had no alternative but to pay her penalty, while the lady who was falsely reported must have breathed a sigh of relief, or had a good laugh if she knew why the police noticed her.

Netizens are angry at the violator’s behavior

Since the footage of the girl went live this morning, it has garnered 2 million views and thousands of comments. Most viewers criticize the girl’s unlawful behavior and unusual reaction.

Image adapted from: Việt Hoàng 

TikTok user Tuấn Anh commented, “If you have bad luck, you endure it alone. The other lady looks like she’s in reduced circumstances. It will be terrible for her if she really has to pay a penalty.”

Image adapted from: Việt Hoàng

“Her friends who watch the clip must be like: I swear I’ll never hang out with her again. If she goes down, she makes sure that we’re going down with her.” TikTok user Hoa Giấy commented.

Hurt people hurt people

As a famous phrase goes, “Hurt people hurt people.”

This can’t be any truer for this story, in which a violator wanted to take someone down with her. 

We can totally relate to the girl’s wish to see justice being equally served, but in this case, it turned out to be her undoing.

Hopefully, this story reminds everyone to not emerge on the streets without a valid reason. Otherwise, you might get yourself into some very awkward situations. 

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