Family hosts birthday party for beloved pet cat

Smart, adorable, and obedient, pets are seen as family members in many households. Many let pets sleep on the same beds, cuddle them when possible, and drive them on scooters around town.

To show their cat how much she’s loved and appreciated, a pet-loving family in Bac Ninh threw her a fancy birthday party – an elaborate celebration with a cake, drinks and song.

Adorable cat thrown a lavish birthday party

birthday party for cat
Image adapted from: Phượng Dần

On 14th May, photos showing a family celebrating the birthday of a cat were shared on a Facebook group Cháo Hành Miễn Phí by user Hà Anh Nguyễn.

According to Phượng Dần, her husband and brother were the host of this unique birthday party. 

As we can see from her post, this birthday party was as happening as any hooman’s celebration.

birthday party for cat
Image adapted from: Phượng Dần

On a table surrounded by family members lay a birthday cake, topped with Marie the cat from the Disney movie Aristocats, and a line of frosting that read, “Happy Birthday Miss Cat”.

Besides a cake dedicated to their pet, sweets and beer accompanied the main dish.

In her caption, Phượng Dần mentioned that her husband was in charge of the cake while her brother prepared fried fish snacks and sweets. 

birthday party for cat
Image adapted from: Phượng Dần

As if a sumptuous meal was not the sweetest display of affection, the family even sang the cat a happy birthday song.

Man saved room for the cat at the table

birthday party for cat
Image adapted from: Phượng Dần

Another thing we noticed from the footage is how blurred the lines between children and the kitty are in this funny household.

To show everyone who was the real queen of the party, a man was seen putting his child off of his lap to save room for the cat as the camera turned towards him. 

birthday party for cat
Man feeding his cat a piece of cake while the child was watching on the side
Image adapted from: Phượng Dần

While the man was busy showering love on his cat, the child was sitting on the side looking confused.

Phượng Dần’s cheeky caption shed some light on the situation, “My brother can’t even remember which day his child was born, yet he never forgets his cat’s birthday.”

Let’s hope that the child in the footage didn’t get jealous of her lovely fur friend, as she’s not the only child who may feel slightly marginalized in an increasingly pet-loving society. 

Family threw their pet cat a birthday party

Many households in Vietnam own pets, treat them well, and even refer to them as children. In pet-loving families, pets are elevated above the status of animals and given privileges reserved for hoomans. 

Perhaps the only difference between them is that pets don’t have exam pressures and chore obligations.

We hope that Miss Cat had a happy birthday and will continue to bring joy to her family. 

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Cover image adapted from: Phượng Dần

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